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Australia Internationally

Hugh McAuliffe

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Players/Coaches Movement in Australia in 2017-2018
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Updated on: March 18, 2018

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Players Joined
 Justin Browning  USA (196-F)  from Kouvot (Finland)  
 Darcy Harding  (200-F-94)  from Kings (NBL)  
 J.T. Terrell  (193-G-91)  from Raptors 905 (NBA G League)  
Players Left
 T.J. Robinson  USA (203-F-89)  to Orchies (France)  
 Joel Spear  (192-G-94)  to Nidaros Jets (Norway)  
Free Agents
 Justin Browning  USA (196-F)
 Kailu George  (180-PG)
 Darcy Harding  (200-F-94)
 J.T. Terrell  USA (193-G-91)
 Jack Duck  (183-PG-92)
 Josh Morgan  (187-G)
 Deba George  (183-PG-85)
 Sawyer Dearborn  (190-G-94)
 Mohamed Ntumba  DR Congolese (200-C-85)

Players Joined
 Francisco Caffaro  (213-C-0)  from ARG NT U16 (Argentina)  
 Angus Glover  (192-G-98)  from Hawks (NBL)  
 Daniel Grida  (195-G/F)  from Lakeside L. (State League)  
 Aiden Krause  (193-F/G-0)  from Mackay M. (State League)  
Players Left
 Deng Gak  (208-F-98)  to Miami, FL (NCAA)  
 Adam Lulka  (203-F-98)  to Albany (NCAA)  
 Makuach Maluach  Sudanese (196-G/F-98)  to N.Mexico (NCAA)  
 Lat Mayen Nai  (203-F-98)  to TCU (NCAA)  
 Kyle Zunic  (188-F-99)  to Winthrop (NCAA)  
Free Agents
 Francisco Caffaro  Argentinian (213-C-0)
 H Clarke
 A Ducas
 Angus Glover  (192-G-98)
 Daniel Grida  (195-G/F)
 Aiden Krause  (193-F/G-0)
 Nicholas Stoddart  (0)
 Wani Swaka  (1)
 Jonathan Tchamwa  Cameroonian (206-C)
 Aashay Verma  Indian (215-C)
 T Wigness
 Callum Dalton  (204-C-0)
 Samson Froling  (207-F/C-0)
 Owen Hulland  (212-C-99)
 Matthew Johns  (99)
 Alexander Mudronja  (99)
 Mate Colina  (208-C-99)

Players Joined
 Leon Henry  (200-F-85)  from Wellington S. (New Zealand)  
 Marvin King-Davis  USA (201-F-93)  from Boncourt (Switzerland)  
 Cameron McCallum  (203-F-89)  from Derbyshire A. (United Kingdom)  
 Davon Usher  (198-G-92)  from Delaware 87ers (NBA G League)  
Players Left
 Tim Coenraad  (201-F/G-85)  to Hawks (NBL)  
 Peter Hooley  (193-G-92)  to United (NBL)  
 Craig Moller  (203-F-94)  to United (NBL)  
 Samuel Short  (195-G-98)  to United (NBL)  
Free Agents
 Leon Henry  New Zealand (200-F-85)
 Marvin King-Davis  USA (201-F-93)
 A Kuel
 Cameron McCallum  (203-F-89)
 Davon Usher  USA (198-G-92)
 Curtis Brooks
 Ashley Constable  (188-G-93)
 Ross Weightman  (190-G-97)
 Tristan Fisher  (183-G-98)
 Chris Smith  (208-C-89)

Players Joined
 Andre Boykin  USA Australian (196-F/C)  from Hornsby S. (State League)  
Players Left
 Grant Anticevich  (203-F)  to California (NCAA)  
 Nic Pozoglou  Greek Australian (198-F-96)  to Hawks (NBL)  
Players Stayed
 Svetomir Gavrilovic
 Ryan Morgan  (190-G)
 Ante Matos
 Alexandar Opacic  Croatian Australian (208-F-86)
 Christian Petrovski
 Chris Christodoulides  Cypriot
 Dalibor Nonkovic  (198-F)
 Mark Franco
Free Agents
 Andre Boykin  USA Australian (196-F/C)
 Andrew Urigwe
 Steven Markovic  Serbian Australian (190-G-85)
 Fletcher Mullen
 Petar Cvjeticanin  (196-F/C)
 Nemanja Kovacina  (201-G/F)
 Paull Labua  (190-G)
 Brok Bywater  (195-F)
 Greg Barnes  (190-G/F)

Players Joined
 Jeremy Kendle  USA (186-G-88)  from Kings (NBL)  
 Ray Turner  USA (206-F-90)  from Willetton T. (State League)  
 Dyami Starks  USA (188-G-92)  from Kaspiy Aktau (Kazakhstan)  
Players Left
 Adam Doyle  (176-PG-91)  to 36ers (NBL)  
Free Agents
 Lewis Beks
 Dyami Starks  USA (188-G-92)
 Matthew Andronicos  Cypriot Australian (208-C/F-91)
 Jake Lloyd
 Tanner Rayner  (189-G-97)
 Daniel Hansen  (192-G-92)
 David Hogan  (190-G-89)
 Chris Adkins  (192-G/F-88)
 Chris Hogan  (202-F-83)
 Jake Cowling  (196-F/C-91)
 Taylor Bell  (203-C/F-87)

Players Joined
 Jackson Greene  from Warrnambool (Big V D1)  
Players Left
 Josh Leaney  (203-F/C)  to Loyola, LA (NAIA)  
 Princeton Onwas  Nigerian USA (198-G-93)  to Westchester K. (NBA G League)  
 Joe Rasmussen  (203-C)  to Seattle Pacific (NCAA2)  
Free Agents
 Stefano Di Lorio  (203-F/C)
 Jackson Greene
 Tim Soong  (193-F/G)
 Lachlan Venus
 Jacob Davis  (189-G-95)
 Andrew Olechnowicz
 Aaron Anderson  USA (178-PG)
 Zac Carter  New Zealand Australian (203-F/G-89)
 Anthony Kopcikas  Greek Australian (189-G-92)
 Brenton Mackie  (196-F-84)
 Dusty Rychart  USA Australian (201-F-78)
 Sebastian Windsor  (183-PG)
 Christian Lam

Players Joined
 Ryan Jeffries  (192-G/F-86)  from Brisbane C. (State League)  
 Mitch Philp  (184-G-89)  from Rockhampton (State League)  
 Ryan Stolberg  (201-F/G-75)  from Ipswich F. (State League)  
 Ben Volkman  (206-C)  from Maryville, MO (NCAA2)  
Players Left
 Duane Bailey  (198-F-91)  to Southland S. (New Zealand)  
 Adam Gibson  (188-G-86)  to Bullets (NBL)  
 Tom Jervis  (211-C-87)  to Bullets (NBL)  
 Darryl McDowell-White  (183-PG-97)  to Master's (NAIA)  
 William McDowell-White  (195-G-98)  to Brose Bask. (Germany)  
 James Silvie  USA (198-G/F-86)  to Tokyo Z (Japan)  
 James Trustum  (192-F)  to Cent.Coast C. (State League)  
Free Agents
 Matthew Campbell
 Aidan Graham
 Ryan Jeffries  (192-G/F-86)
 Mitch Philp  (184-G-89)
 Dan Quigley
 Wesley Rowe
 Ryan Stolberg  (201-F/G-75)
 Ben Volkman  (206-C)
 Nick Dickinson  (186-G)
 Glenn Scott  (194-G/F-85)
 Andre Ugrinic

Players Joined
 Michael Nwelue  USA (195-F-93)  from Musel Pikes (Luxembourg)  
Players Left
 Anthony Fisher  (187-G-94)  to Taipans (NBL)  
 Damon Heuir  (189-G-91)  to Taipans (NBL)  
 Tevin Jackson  (201-G/F-94)  to Taipans (NBL)  
 Denzel Kennedy  (193-F)  to Valley City St. (NAIA)  
 Kuany Kuany  (201-G)  to Taipans (NBL)  
 Stephen Weigh  (202-F/G-87)  to Taipans (NBL)  
Free Agents
 Lachlan Jennings
 Joel Matysek
 Kody Stattmann  (194-F/G-0)
 Aaron Farmer  Papua New Guinea
 Matthew Mulligan
 Ryan Runnalls
 Micheal Demertze  (196-G/F-94)
 Jaylan Bin Tahal  (99)
 Aaron Bin Tahal  (175-G-92)

Players Joined
 Eric Gaff  USA (208-C-87)  from Geelong S. (State League)  
Players Left
 Ebuka Anyaorah  Nigerian USA (193-G-90)  to Jonava (Lithuania)  
 Roy Booker  USA (191-SG-84)  to CD Castro (Chile)  
 Indiana Faithfull  USA Australian (193-G-91)  to Hawks (NBL)  
 Jake Jobling  (188-G-95)  to W.Alabama (NCAA2)  
 Iain Morison  (206-C-95)  to St.Francis, IL (NAIA)  
 James Toohey  (188-G)  to Saginaw Valley (NCAA2)  
Free Agents
 Mitch Brown
 Broderick Doran
 Glenn Morison
 Isaac Plunkett
 Nathan Brown
 Ben Allen  (211-C-86)
 Evan Fowler
 Daniel Joyce  (194-G-87)
 Sam Mills  USA (188-G)
 Reece Kaye

Players Joined
 Bryce Arnott  (188-G-90)  from Waverley F. (State League)  
 Mitch Chapman  (187-G-85)  from Sandringham S. (State League)  
 Emmanuel Golong  (191-G-93)  from Waverley F. (State League)  
 Brent Hobba  (205-F/C-82)  from Dandenong R. (State League)  
 Dean Johnson  from Dandenong R. (State League)  
 Raheem Lemons  (196-F-93)  from Orlando L. (ABL)  
 Benjamin Louis  (192-G-88)  from Frankston (State League)  
 Michael McInnes  (189-G-90)  from Frankston (State League)  
 Charles Polk  USA (200-F/C-84)  from Knox R. (State League)  
 Ashley Szalek  from Cranbourne (Big V D2)  
Players Left
 Nathan Guscott  (190-G)  to Baker (NAIA)  
Free Agents
 Bryce Arnott  (188-G-90)
 A Bazzucchini
 N Dodgson
 Emmanuel Golong  (191-G-93)
 J Gooiker
 Brent Hobba  (205-F/C-82)
 Charles Polk  USA (200-F/C-84)
 Ashley Szalek

Players Joined
 Thibaud Fraisse  from Newcastle H. (State League)  
 Mitchell Rueter  USA (198-F)  from Maitland M. (State League)  
 James Trustum  (192-F)  from Brisbane S. (State League)  
Players Left
 Thomas Akamarmoi  (188-G-96)  to Iowa Central CC (JUCO)  
Players Stayed
 Oliver Robilliard  (188-G)
 Richmond Whitmore  (178-PG)
 Callum Jenkins  (F)
 Tye McGann
 William Bates
 Stephen Mackay
Free Agents
 Matthew Bateup
 Tim Hudson  (189-G-77)
 Noman Shoaib  Saudi Arabian Australian (188-G)

Players Joined
 Ngor Daniel  (193-F/G)  from S.Adelaide P. (State League)  
 Kane Della-Pia  from N.Adelaide R. (State League)  
 David Humphries  (193-G-91)  from Plymouth R. (United Kingdom)  
 Monyjath Makoi  (202-F-96)  from Mt Gambier (State League)  
 Ricardo Martin  (203-F-92)  from Chicago S. (ABA)  
 Adhar Mayen  Sudanese USA (203-F-89)  from Noerdlingen (Germany)  
 Sai'Quon Stone  USA (198-G/F-87)  from Warrnambool (Big V D1)  
Players Left
 Brent Hank  (208-F)  to Albany (NCAA)  
 Koen Sapwell  (190-G)  to CS Monterey (NCAA2)  
Players Stayed
 Michael Bivone
 Ramiah Simpson
Free Agents
 Jordan Centenera
 A Cunningham
 Ngor Daniel  (193-F/G)
 Kane Della-Pia
 Tyson Hoffmann
 David Humphries  (193-G-91)
 Monyjath Makoi  (202-F-96)
 Adhar Mayen  Sudanese USA (203-F-89)
 Sai'Quon Stone  USA (198-G/F-87)
 Angus Fischer
 Brodie Nathan
 B Skuce
 Jordan Wilson
 David Earl

Players Joined
 Ryan Baumgarten  (198-F-97)  from Geraldton B. (State League)  
 Calvin Kamara  (180-G-98)  from SW Slammers (State League)  
 Brandon Sebirumbi  USA Ugandan (205-C-90)  from Aomori Watts (Japan)  
 Seva Chan  (187-G-94)  from Lakeside L. (State League)  
 Julian Pesava  (193-G/F-95)  from Cockburn C. (State League)  
Players Left
 Travis Hayto  (192-G/F-90)  to Perry Lakes H. (State League)  
Players Stayed
 Jake Harris  (190-G-97)
 Jaarod Holmes  (198-F-94)
 Jakob Knight  (194-G/F-97)
 Gavin Field  (202-F/G-89)
 Guy Arrowsmith  (196-F-86)
 Steven Van Lit  (184-G-91)
Free Agents
 Julian Pesava  (193-G/F-95)
 C Citrigno
 Rhett Della Maddalena  (200-F-81)

Players Joined
 Akeem Marsh  (206-F/C-87)  from Sonics (Barbados)  
 Cam Baker  (185-PG)  from Cent.Georgia Tech (JUCO)  
 Corey Bennett  from Waverley F. (State League)  
 Jordan Latham  (206-F/C-91)  from DMV Warriors (ABA)  
Players Left
 Cohen Blythe  to Reedley JC (JUCO)  
 Trevon Clayton  USA (198-F)  to Hume City (State League)  
 Jordan O'Leary  to S.Dakota Mines (NCAA2)  
Free Agents
 Bradley Armstrong
 Cam Baker  USA (185-PG)
 Corey Bennett
 G Erray
 Hamish Goodier
 K Harris
 Lachlan Hart
 James Headlam
 Jordan Latham  USA (206-F/C-91)
 Tristan Rozenfeld
 Aaron Ruiz
 Quentin Walker
 P Goodier
 Joel Mcfall  (189-G-94)
 Tomas Gall
 Mitchell Stoop
 Callum Walsh
 Christopher Eichler
 Michael Rebula  (189-G-90)

Players Joined
 Luke Hughes  from Sandringham S. (State League)  
 Timothy Lang  (206-C-85)  from Kilsyth C. (State League)  
 Chauncey Orr  (193-G/F-93)  from Bowling Green (NCAA)  
 Joshua Oswald  (201-F-94)  from Frankston (State League)  
 Jorden Page  (185-G-90)  from Suncoast PC (State League)  
 Mitchell Riggs  (196-G-93)  from Frankston (State League)  
Players Left
 Garrett Jackson  USA (201-F-91)  to Wuerzburg (Germany)  
 Dean Johnson  to Casey C. (State League)  
 Brennan McElroy  USA (201-F-91)  to Tokyo HT (Japan)  
 Jack Perry  (188-G-99)  to E.Washington (NCAA)  
 Declan Soukup  (190-G-94)  to Reading R. (United Kingdom)  
 Felix Von Hofe  (196-F-93)  to United (NBL)  
 Michael Wearne  (188-G-96)  to St.Rose, NY (NCAA2)  
Free Agents
 Mitchell Barry
 Luke Hughes
 Timothy Lang  (206-C-85)
 Chauncey Orr  USA (193-G/F-93)
 Joshua Oswald  (201-F-94)
 Jorden Page  (185-G-90)
 Puoch Puoch
 Mitchell Riggs  (196-G-93)
 Lucas Barker  (183-PG-93)
 Liam Gibcus  (206-C-90)
 Nodia Odigie
 Ryley Wood
 Dieuson Biyendolo  (205-C-92)

Players Joined
 Mike Best  USA (208-F-93)  from Apoel (Cyprus)  
 Jason Dirkx  from Whittlesea City (State League)  
 Matthew Giampiccolo  from Whittlesea City (State League)  
 Bailey Griffiths  from BA CoE (State League)  
 Raanthony Sanders  (190-G)  from Tulane (NCAA)  
Players Left
 Brandon Conley  USA (201-F-93)  to Zilina (Slovakia)  
 Ray Sanders  USA (195-F-93)  to Naestved (Denmark)  
Players Stayed
 Matt Reynolds  (183-G)
Free Agents
 C Conlon
 Jason Dirkx
 Matthew Giampiccolo
 Bailey Griffiths
 Lukas Kafritsas
 Raanthony Sanders  USA (190-G)
 Daniel Girolami
 Harun Kansak  (F)
 Greg Page  (190-G-94)
 J Mcaughtry
 Mitchell Lee  (194-G)
 Sam Reynolds  (184-G)

Players Joined
 Jonathan Morse  USA (203-F/C-91)  from Electrico FC (Portugal)  
 Madison Stoveld  (207-F/C-95)  from Kalamunda E.S. (State League)  
 Hamish Warden  (203-F/C-99)  from Perry Lakes H. (State League)  
 Kevin Anthony  USA (196-F-90)  from Kalamunda E.S. (State League)  
 Corey Easley  USA (208-F-83)  from SW Slammers (State League)  
 Ngor Manyang  Sudanese Australian (200-F-93)  from Joondalup Wolves (State League)  
 Dennis Tawhiti  New Zealand (198-F/C-90)  from Perth R. (State League)  
Players Left
 Stefano Simeoli  (201-SF-86)  to Siena Virtus (Italy)  
Players Stayed
 Aiden Murphy  (183-G-98)
 Ned Seery  (195-F-96)
 Brendan Dinardo  (185-G-95)
 Andrej Donlagic  (197-F-97)
 Joe-Alan Tupaea  (190-G-81)
 Drew Williamson  (196-G/F-83)
Free Agents
 Kevin Anthony  USA (196-F-90)
 Chris Bonnar
 A Guillon
 Ngang Lual
 Dennis Tawhiti  New Zealand (198-F/C-90)
 Jermaine Maile

Players Joined
 Lachlan Barker  (179-G-96)  from NW Tasmania (State League)  
 Michael Hundley  (206-C-93)  from Citadel (NCAA)  
 Dylan Shorne  from W.Adelaide B. (State League)  
Players Left
 Sebastian Vozzo  to Cabrillo CC (JUCO)  
Players Stayed
 Mitchell Kelton
 Devon Mcgee
 Matthew Stock
 Zachary Lovell
 Daniel Lean  (184-G-90)
Free Agents
 Lachlan Barker  (179-G-96)
 Michael Hundley  USA (206-C-93)
 Dylan Shorne
 D Stock
 Tom Cioffi  (197-F-87)
 Zeb Lovell  New Zealand (197-G/F-93)
 Nicholas Sbroiavacca

Players Joined
 Lincoln Garfirth  from Whittlesea City (State League)  
 Jackson Todd  from Townsville H. (State League)  
Players Stayed
 Chris Cameron  (210-F/C-82)
 Jordan Canovan
 Benjamin Waldren
 Samuel Whelan
 Justin Aver  (190-G-89)
 Simon Bradbury  (215-C-89)
 Kristian Williams  (196-F-88)
Free Agents
 Lincoln Garfirth
 Luke Valentine
 Simon Grant  (195-F-91)
 James Malvaso

Players Joined
 Cameron Bell  from SW Slammers (State League)  
 Antonio Garrett  USA (198-F)  from Idaho Coll. (NAIA)  
 Stefan Wright  (203-F-94)  from W.Wyoming CC (JUCO)  
Players Left
 Wayne Haydon  (195-F-83)  to KFUM Central (Sweden)  
 Oliver Megins  (203-F)  to Notre Dame, OH (NCAA2)  
Players Stayed
 Michael Morphett
Free Agents
 B Clarke
 Antonio Garrett  USA (198-F)
 I Jurecky
 John Mawut  (198-F)
 Stefan Wright  (203-F-94)
 S Wright
 Jake Rios  USA (188-G-86)
 Trent Fildes  (197-F-88)
 Charles Newland  (196-F-91)
 Bradley Haydon  (197-F-88)

Players Joined
 Nate Buss  USA (206-F-92)  from Salon Vilpas (Finland)  
 Taylor Dyson  (193-G-93)  from Knox R. (State League)  
 Alex Francis  USA (198-F-91)  from Etzella (Luxembourg)  
 Bennie Lewis  USA Australian (203-F/G-87)  from United (NBL)  
 Sean Preston  (183-PG-93)  from Young Harris (NCAA2)  
Players Left
 James Harland  (188-G)  to Whitworth (NCAA3)  
 Brad King  (203-F)  to Carroll, MT (NAIA)  
 Tristan Lloyd  (193-G)  to Westmont (NAIA)  
 Benjamin Louis  (192-G-88)  to Casey C. (State League)  
 Michael McInnes  (189-G-90)  to Casey C. (State League)  
 Daniel Nash  to Sturt S. (State League)  
 Tohi Smith-Milner  New Zealand (206-F/C-95)  to United (NBL)  
Free Agents
 Callan Blackley
 Nate Buss  USA (206-F-92)
 L Doyle
 Taylor Dyson  (193-G-93)
 Alex Francis  USA (198-F-91)
 Mitchel Gaze
 Noah Gown
 O Hayes-brown
 Bennie Lewis  USA Australian (203-F/G-87)
 Sean Preston  (183-PG-93)
 Harry Cheverly
 Tristan De Zwart
 Jake Macaulay

Players Joined
 Ma'Alo Hicks  (201-F/C-89)  from Corio Bay S. (State League)  
Free Agents
 Ma'Alo Hicks  (201-F/C-89)
 Steve Wiasak
 Kris Blicavs  (193-G-89)
 Demarcus Gatlin  USA (193-G)
 Kristian Rocci  (188-G-93)
 Ash Cannan  (200-F-82)
 Nathan Herbert  (192-G/F-84)
 Liam McInerney  (206-F/C-90)
 Nathan Freind  (186-G-90)
 Jamie Medved  (189-G-82)

Players Joined
 Marcus Alipate  Tongan USA (183-G-92)  from Canterbury (New Zealand)  
 Colter Lasher  USA (201-F-94)  from Houston Baptist (NCAA)  
 Gokul Natesan  (196-G-94)  from Cupertino ()  
 Earnest Ross  Guamanian USA (196-G-91)  from Al Wakrah (Qatar)  
 James Paringatai  New Zealand (201-F-86)  from Mandurah M. (State League)  
Players Left
 Dwayne Benjamin  USA (201-F-93)  to Blokotehna (FYR Macedonia)  
 Beau Samuelson  (183-PG)  to Rockingham F. (State League)  
Players Stayed
 Alex Ducas  (194-G-0)
 Coby Ryan  (175-G-99)
 Isaac Smith  New Zealand (195-F/C-84)
 Joseph Iaria  (168-G-97)
 Dylan Myers  (191-G-97)
 Aaron Ralph  (200-G/F-89)
 Matthew Wundenberg  (200-F/C-83)
Free Agents
 W Galvin
 O Haste
 L Papertalk
 Charles Thurkle  (189-G-94)

Players Joined
 Taylor Young  USA (193-G-90)  from Rockhampton (State League)  
 Patrick Ciganovic  (198-F)  from W.Adelaide B. (State League)  
 Willie Shackleford  USA (198-F-85)  from Bundaberg B. (State League)  
 Jonathan Voltz  (193-G-92)  from Rockhampton (State League)  
 Joshua Walters  British Australian (189-G-92)  from Hannover Korb. (Germany)  
Players Left
 Nathaniel Musters  (208-C-93)  to Leeuwarden (Holland)  
 Will O'Neal  Australian USA (199-F-77)  to Chautauqua H. (NABL)  
 Dylan Owen  (183-PG)  to Highland CC, KS (JUCO)  
Free Agents
 Patrick Ciganovic  (198-F)
 Samuel Jenkins
 Scott Russell
 Willie Shackleford  USA (198-F-85)
 Jonathan Voltz  (193-G-92)
 Joshua Walters  British Australian (189-G-92)
 Tyler Allen
 Remy Lawyer  (191-G)
 Lachlan Wilmot
 Botond Hajos  (G)
 Declan King
 Mitchell Knight
 Troy Robinson  (189-F-89)
 Chris Tucker  (185-G-85)

Players Joined
 Matthew Adekponya  (194-G-90)  from Perry Lakes H. (State League)  
 Shaun Gleeson  (189-G-86)  from Rockhampton (State League)  
 Matt Gullotta  (193-F)  from N.Country CC (JUCO)  
Players Left
 Tobias Cameron  New Zealand (193-G-99)  to Abil.Christian (NCAA)  
 Torrey Craig  (198-F-90)  to Denver N. (NBA)  
 Levi Frankland  (193-G)  to Notre Dame, OH (NCAA2)  
 Charlton Offermans  (183-G)  to Rockhurst (NCAA2)  
Free Agents
 Shaun Gleeson  (189-G-86)
 Matt Gullotta  (193-F)
 Kallum Marks
 Jalen Patton Croker  (193-G-99)
 Flynn Cameron  New Zealand (191-G-0)
 Thalo Green  USA (200-F-78)
 Dwayne Vale  (193-F/G-85)
 Zachariah Bourne  (F91)
 Devon Sullivan  USA (201-F/G-86)
 Jaze Morris
 Jason Aucoin  (200-F/C-81)
 Adam Darragh  (181-PG-79)
 Scott McGregor  (202-F-76)

Players Joined
 Jake Martin  USA (198-F-85)  from Luther (NCAA3)  
 Jeylyn Sharpe  USA (194-G/F-91)  from Grengewald (Luxembourg)  
 Kyle Sovine  USA (206-F/C-94)  from Rahoveci (Kosovo)  
 Kostadin Stojanovski  FYR Macedonian Australian (201-F-91)  from Shkupi (FYR Macedonia)  
 Atem Atem  South Sudanese (203-F-91)  from NW Tasmania (State League)  
 Jacob Holmen  USA (202-F/C-91)  from Balkan (Bulgaria)  
 Luke Pike  (194-G/F-90)  from N.Adelaide R. (State League)  
 JB Pillard  (201-F)  from Z*Seattle M. (ABA)  
Players Stayed
 Maui Dela Cruz  (172-G-99)
 Dion Gulley  (197-F-99)
 Daniel Forlano  (180-G-90)
 Jerome Reid  (195-G/F-96)
 Brandon Holloway  (183-G-93)
 Lucas Reschke  (195-F/C-98)
Free Agents
 Atem Atem  South Sudanese (203-F-91)
 Nathan Burrow  (188-G)
 Jacob Holmen  USA (202-F/C-91)
 Luke Pike  (194-G/F-90)
 JB Pillard  USA (201-F)
 Brock Gadd  (194-F)
 Daniel Goodluck  (188-G-91)
 Nathan Vince  (188-G/F)
 Miles Tierney  (188-G-92)
 Mike Exell  (200-F-91)
 Billy Hicks  (178-G)
 Lordan Franich  (201-F-85)
 Russell Hurst  (200-F/C-85)

Players Joined
 Alex Bogart-King  (200-F)  from McKinnon C. (State League)  
 Craig Dent  from Sherbrooke S. (State League)  
 Anthony Dickerson  (180-PG-90)  from Toowoomba M. (State League)  
 Daniel Kusnyer  USA (193-G)  from Bulleen B. (State League)  
 Daniel Mareels  from Sherbrooke S. (State League)  
 Joshua Morrison  USA (198-G/F-91)  from Recklinghausen (Germany)  
Players Left
 Riley Johnson  (208-C)  to Indianapolis B. (CBA)  
Players Stayed
 Pravin Chelvan
 Patrick McBrearty
 Kirk Smith  (178-PG)
 Jack Barry  (94)
 Luke Sist
Free Agents
 E Delzoppo
 Craig Dent
 Anthony Dickerson  (180-PG-90)
 R Johnson
 Daniel Kusnyer  USA (193-G)
 Daniel Mareels
 Joshua Morrison  USA (198-G/F-91)

Players Joined
 Adrian Cabrera  from Sydney Comets (State League)  
 Joshua Chapman  from Hornsby S. (State League)  
 Jamie Newth  (183-G)  from Hornsby S. (State League)  
 Krenz Carlos  from Penrith P. (State League)  
 Jordan Gregg  USA (201-F/C-88)  from Hobart C. (State League)  
 Goran Veg  Croatian Australian (205-C/F)  from Maitland M. (State League)  
Players Stayed
 Paul Brotherson  British Australian (198-F-89)
 Mitchell Brown  (196-G)
 Heath Wiechman  (206-F)
 Jason Strong  (191-F/G)
 David Hayman
 Robert Meyrick  (190-F)
 Emilis Duselis  Greek Australian (192-G/F)
Free Agents
 Krenz Carlos
 Jordan Gregg  USA (201-F/C-88)
 Sam McCorkindale
 Jayden Prakash
 Zachary Stosic
 Benjamin Graham
 Lachlan Urwin
 Michael Claus
 Mitchell Hodgins

Players Joined
 Jaylen Howard  from NW Tasmania (State League)  
 Mathiang Muo  South Sudanese Australian (196-G/F-87)  from Brisbane S. (State League)  
 Lewis Thomas  British Australian (203-F-92)  from Glasgow Rocks (United Kingdom)  
 Chris Whitehead  USA (175-PG-92)  from Toowoomba M. (State League)  
Players Left
 Tom Garlepp  (203-F-86)  to Kings (NBL)  
 Robert Heyer  (190-G/F-92)  to South Bay L. (NBA G League)  
 Shane Southwell  USA (201-F/G-92)  to Winterthur (Switzerland)  
Free Agents
 Jaylen Howard
 Mathiang Muo  South Sudanese Australian (196-G/F-87)
 J Stanwix
 Lewis Thomas  British Australian (203-F-92)
 Chris Whitehead  USA (175-PG-92)
 Jarryd Moss
 Dwayne Radcliffe  (205-F/C-90)
 Cameron Brown  (197-F-96)
 Tiri Masunda  (185-PG-89)
 Jordan Hargraves
 Fraser Gehrich  (199-F-87)
 Matthew Young  (189-G-94)
 BJ Radcliffe  (190-G/F-88)

Players Joined
 Ban Kosei  (168-PG)  from Ehime OV (Japan)  
 Matthew McElhone  from Norths Bears (State League)  
 Daniel Moser  from Northwestern, IA (NAIA)  
Players Left
 Harrison Goodrick  (203-F/C-94)  to Cergy-Pontoise (France)  
Players Stayed
 Noah Cleur
 Darcy Emery
 Kulvir Grewal
 Patrick Emery  Scottish (185-G)
 Jack Larkins
Free Agents
 Kwaku Brefo
 K Campling
 James De Botton
 Hayden Forde
 Garang Gabriel
 Hakim Gabriel
 Joshua De Botton

Players Joined
 Trevon Clayton  USA (198-F)  from Corio Bay S. (State League)  
 Mike Rose  USA (193-G-87)  from Knox R. (State League)  
Players Left
 Jermaine Maybank  USA (193-G-82)  to McKinnon C. (State League)  
 Justin Schafer  (177-PG-83)  to Crailsheim II (Germany)  
Players Stayed
 Luke Egan  (200-F-74)
 Lee Jeka  British Australian (193-G-83)
 Shaun Prendergast
Free Agents
 Bastian Allen
 P Forbes  (165-PG-75)
 W Hassan
 Bailey Kirkman
 D Lual
 J O'Rieley
 Hayden Pinder
 Shaun Prasad
 Phill Renteria
 Mark Berezdecky  (198-F-93)

Players Joined
 Garrett Hall  USA (190-G-94)  from Palmerston (DBA)  
 Josh Derksen  (206-F-95)  from Brisbane S. (State League)  
 Robert Manson  French Australian (203-F/C-86)  from Brisbane C. (State League)  
 Jason Ralph  (178-PG-95)  from Ipswich F. (State League)  
 Luke Shelley  USA (188-G-91)  from Sherbrooke S. (State League)  
Players Left
 Atem Bior  (201-F)  to N.Mex.Military (JUCO)  
 Kobe Robinson  (173-G)  to Point, GA (NAIA)  
 Jacob Wilson  (188-G)  to Belm.Abbey (NCAA2)  
Free Agents
 Josh Derksen  (206-F-95)
 Robert Manson  French Australian (203-F/C-86)
 Jason Ralph  (178-PG-95)
 Luke Shelley  USA (188-G-91)
 Jaryd Eustace  (201-G-94)
 Alec Godinet
 Grayson Pedwell
 Mitchell Poulain
 Jarrod Schulte
 Cooper Ward
 Ben Wilson  (198-G)
 Kyle Harvey  USA (196-F-91)
 Kane Bishop  (192-F-97)
 James Kuon  Sudanese (201-F/G-91)

Players Joined
 Jalen Billups  USA (198-F-92)  from Glasgow Rocks (United Kingdom)  
 Christopher Clausen  (198-G/F-87)  from Woodville W. (State League)  
 Brian Sullivan  USA (180-G-93)  from MMCITE Brno (Czech Rep.)  
 Wade Guerin  USA (208-C)  from Wisc.-River Falls (NCAA3)  
 Brendan Tucek  (196-F-95)  from Joondalup Wolves (State League)  
Players Left
 Ngor Manyang  Sudanese Australian (200-F-93)  to East Perth E. (State League)  
 Richard Ross  USA (198-F-92)  to BC Mess (Luxembourg)  
 Logan Thwaites  (200-F-97)  to Stirling S. (State League)  
Players Stayed
 Jordan Wellsteed  (194-F/G-95)
 Robert Huntington  (203-C/F-90)
 Trian Iliadis  Greek Australian (190-G-89)
 Ben Ironmonger  (185-G-95)
 Sean Easther  (194-F-89)
 Sebestian Salinas  Filipino (188-G/F-85)
 Damian Matacz  Irish Australian (204-C-79)
 Reece Maxwell  (185-G-90)
 Rhys Smyth  (176-G-89)
Free Agents
 B Basso
 B Gaspar
 Wade Guerin  USA (208-C)
 Jamie Hepburn
 M Mckenna
 J Offereins
 Lachlan Strelein
 Brendan Tucek  (196-F-95)
 D Vlahov
 Bryce Kenny
 Sam Curtis  (188-G)

Players Joined
 Kevin Davis  USA (206-C-91)  from East Perth E. (State League)  
 Logan Viskovich  (198-F)  from Perth R. (State League)  
 Mitchell Kiernan  from Stirling S. (State League)  
 Jamieson Lewis  (200-F-93)  from Perth R. (State League)  
 James Pado  (207-C-96)  from Kalamunda E.S. (State League)  
 Brighton Pass  (192-G-95)  from East Perth E. (State League)  
 Tim Squire  (182-G-91)  from York Buccaneers (ABA)  
Players Left
 Courtney Belger  USA (187-G-89)  to Schalke (Germany)  
 Ryan Blanchett  (203-F/C-96)  to Florida National (USCAA)  
 Rob Brandenberg  USA (188-G-92)  to MMCITE Brno (Czech Rep.)  
 Jacopo Marsili  (188-SG-86)  to Perugia (Italy)  
 Brandon McGill  USA (185-G-89)  to Muenster (Germany)  
Players Stayed
 Billy Gray  (197-F-94)
 Cooper Lowe  (200-F/C-97)
 Kerrod Horn  (187-G-93)
 Jonathan Diaz  (183-G-93)
 Bryce Gray  (197-G/F-89)
Free Agents
 Billy Grey
 Mitchell Kiernan
 James Pado  (207-C-96)
 Brighton Pass  (192-G-95)
 Theron Pinker
 Carl Aylett  (181-G-97)
 Nathan Drown  (180-G-96)
 Anthony Edgar  (200-C-97)
 Jake Correia  (182-G-92)

Players Joined
 Daniel Dillon  Trinidad and Tobago Australian (193-G-86)  from Hiroshima D. (Japan)  
 Gabriel Hadley  (190-G-98)  from Dandenong R. (State League)  
 Nelson Kirksey  USA (190-G-89)  from Woodville W. (State League)  
 Auryn MacMillan  (204-F/C-87)  from Rockhampton (State League)  
 Tariq Naqqash  (185-G)  from Ballarat M. (State League)  
 Owen Odigie  (196-F/G-93)  from United (NBL)  
 Blacio O'Wili  from Diamond V.E. (State League)  
 David Schaffert  from Hawthorn M. (State League)  
 Benjamin Ursich  (198-F-96)  from Kilsyth C. (State League)  
Free Agents
 J Ahale
 M Dielemans
 Daniel Dillon  Trinidad and Tobago Australian (193-G-86)
 Gabriel Hadley  (190-G-98)
 Nelson Kirksey  USA (190-G-89)
 Josh Kunen  (201-F-0)
 Auryn MacMillan  (204-F/C-87)
 Tariq Naqqash  (185-G)
 Owen Odigie  (196-F/G-93)
 Blacio O'Wili
 D O'Wili
 David Schaffert
 Benjamin Ursich  (198-F-96)
 J Adnam
 Alex Vanrenen  (188-G-87)
 Kieran Murphy  (202-F-92)

Players Joined
 Christopher Kaba  USA (203-F-88)  from Whittlesea City (State League)  
 Derrick McDonald  (189-G)  from Nunawading S. (State League)  
 Abraham Nyok  (203-C)  from Knox R. (State League)  
Players Left
 Chris Douglas  (201-F)  to SW Slammers (State League)  
 Matt Hodgson  (211-C-91)  to 36ers (NBL)  
 Abraham Nyok  (203-C)  to Knox R. (State League)  
 Mike Rose  USA (193-G-87)  to Hume City (State League)  
 Adam Thoseby  British Australian (198-G/F-91)  to Kings (NBL)  
 Ben Waterhouse  (190-G-95)  to Young Harris (NCAA2)  
Players Stayed
 Nikolaos Stamatopoulos
 Dylan Hare  (193-F-93)
Free Agents
 Corey Fiddes
 Derrick McDonald  (189-G)
 M Meunier
 A Munday-rashid
 D Parkinson
 L Parkinson
 Adrian Tomada
 Jake Eccleston
 Mitchell Unwin
 Liam Carroll  (192-F-90)

Players Joined
 Mason Bragg  (182-G-93)  from East Perth E. (State League)  
 John Isenbarger  USA (188-G-91)  from London Lions (United Kingdom)  
 Devon Atkinson  USA (185-G)  from Rendsburg (Germany)  
 Michael Garbellini  from WA Metro ()  
 Mathew Schulz  (216-C)  from Lander (NCAA2)  
Players Left
 Seva Chan  (187-G-94)  to Cockburn C. (State League)  
 Andrew Ferguson  (211-C-98)  to San Diego (NCAA)  
 James Padgett  USA (203-C/F-91)  to Lugano Tigers (Switzerland)  
 Corey Shervill  (201-F-88)  to St.Edward's (NCAA2)  
Players Stayed
 Matthew Vinci  (184-G-97)
 Nicholas Palleschi  (180-G-95)
 Hayden Bell  (190-G-95)
 Jarrad Prue  (198-C-82)
Free Agents
 Devon Atkinson  USA (185-G)
 Michael Garbellini
 Darrell Morgan  (194-G/F-90)
 Tom Parkinson  (200-F-89)
 Tareq El-Batanouny  (179-G-89)

Players Joined
 Bijan Johnson  USA (185-PG)  from N.Mex.Military (JUCO)  
 Christian Salecich  (190-G)  from Gold Coast R. (State League)  
Players Left
 Thomas Ammar  Australian Lebanese (199-G/F-87)  to Beirut Club (Lebanon)  
 Cameron Goldfinch  (198-G)  to Newman (NCAA2)  
 Samuel Johns  (193-G/F-95)  to 36ers (NBL)  
 Nelson Kahler  Australian Maltese (206-C-94)  to Itzehoe (Germany)  
 Keanau Post  Canadian (211-F-92)  to Beirut Club (Lebanon)  
 Mitch Young  (206-F-90)  to Bullets (NBL)  
 Sergiu Zimbatu  (196-G/F)  to Cent.Methodist (NAIA)  
Free Agents
 Dylan Harrison
 Bijan Johnson  USA (185-PG)
 Christian Salecich  (190-G)
 James Brackenbury
 Michael Cedar  (190-G/F-86)
 Ben Lealofi
 Brad Saul
 Sean Carroll  (180-PG-87)
 Jared Thompson  (F87)

Players Joined
 Lukass Blicavs  (192-G/F-93)  from Mt Gambier (State League)  
 Cameron Tragardh  (209-C/F-83)  from Cairns M. (State League)  
Players Left
 Shaun Bruce  (190-G-91)  to Bullets (NBL)  
 Gareth Dawson  (205-C/F-89)  to Canterbury (New Zealand)  
 Lucas Walker  (202-F-84)  to Wildcats (NBL)  
Free Agents
 Lukass Blicavs  (192-G/F-93)
 Cameron Tragardh  (209-C/F-83)
 Chris Cedar  (188-G-88)
 Brayden Collins
 Tidjane Diop  (203-F-90)
 Jed Zupanovich
 Matt Gange  (190-PG-86)
 Hayden Wicks  (180-G-94)
 Mitchell Gamblin  (184-G-92)
 Luke Harvey  (204-F/C-91)
 Bradley Rasmussen  (196-F-84)

Players Joined
 James McAnulty  (188-G-91)  from Newcastle H. (State League)  
 Karl Moore  USA (203-PF-87)  from Bohemios (Uruguay)  
Players Left
 Taiga Cantor  (201-F)  to Vermont Tech (USCAA)  
 Mitchell Rueter  USA (198-F)  to Cent.Coast C. (State League)  
 Goran Veg  Croatian Australian (205-C/F)  to Hills H. (State League)  
Players Stayed
 Daniel Millburn
 Terrell Turner
 Isaiah Ryan
 Samuel Huggins
 Joshua Clifford  (196-G-88)
 Luke Boyle  (189-G)
Free Agents
 L Beavis
 Isaac Tieman
 Vili Foketi
 Nicholas Scott
 Philippe Danet  (180-PG-95)
 Jack Edwards

Players Joined
 Duk Makuei  (195-F-91)  from Lakeside L. (State League)  
 Chudier Pal  (205-C/F-91)  from NW Tasmania (State League)  
 Neil Purcell  (190-G-81)  from Kalamunda E.S. (State League)  
 Jamal Shabazz  USA (198-G/F-94)  from Durango (Mexico)  
 Shaun Stewart  (180-G-94)  from Youngstown St. (NCAA)  
 Andrew Bowman  (185-G-85)  from Rockingham F. (State League)  
 Curtis Curtis  (206-F-95)  from Alaska-Anch. (NCAA2)  
 Akau Deng  (200-F-93)  from Hawthorn M. (State League)  
 Ricky Kreklow  USA (201-G/F-92)  from Bayer Giants (Germany)  
 Will McNeill  USA (185-G-90)  from Washburn (NCAA2)  
 Pal Ruot  (188-G/F-96)  from Rockingham F. (State League)  
Players Left
 Fletcher Klasztorny  (201-F-98)  to N.Dakota St. JC (JUCO)  
 James Paringatai  New Zealand (201-F-86)  to Geraldton B. (State League)  
Players Stayed
 Sam Julitz  (198-F-98)
 Caiel Van Sambeeck  (191-F-93)
Free Agents
 Andrew Bowman  (185-G-85)
 Akau Deng  (200-F-93)
 Marshall Kearing
 Ricky Kreklow  USA (201-G/F-92)
 Will McNeill  USA (185-G-90)
 Pal Ruot  (188-G/F-96)
 Daniel Munday  (191-G-85)
 Thomas Remmerswaal  (199-F/C-86)
 Chad Simpson  (200-F/C-96)
 Taylor Mullenax  USA (200-F-86)

Players Stayed
 Mitchell Cullen
 Stefan Blaszczynski  Polish Australian (196-G/F-84)
 Kyle Painter
 Cale Bulgin
 Luke Cooper  (183-PG-84)
 Sam Bresnik  (194-G/F)
 Jacob Braddy  (192-G/F)
Free Agents
 James Asensi
 Matthew Dunsmore
 Adam Fawcett
 K Richmond
 Timothy Hill
 Daniel Hobin  (201-C)

Players Joined
 Callaghan Charge  (193-G/F)  from Mars Hill (NCAA2)  
 Blake Gallatly  Canadian (193-G/F)  from McKinnon C. (State League)  
 Jermaine Maybank  USA (193-G-82)  from Hume City (State League)  
 Luke Neilson  (F)  from Waverley F. (State League)  
 Ivan Platenik  Croatian Australian (201-F-83)  from Waverley F. (State League)  
 Dillon Stith  USA (200-F-92)  from Belfast Star (Ireland)  
 Dondray Walker  USA (196-F-92)  from Corio Bay S. (State League)  
Players Left
 Aaron Blumberg  (196-F)  to Luther (NCAA3)  
 Alex Bogart-King  (200-F)  to Hawthorn M. (State League)  
 Max Cody  (185-G)  to Minot St. (NCAA2)  
Players Stayed
 Neal Mueller  (192-G-89)
 Benji Tamir  Israeli Australian (192-G/F-91)
Free Agents
 Blake Gallatly  Canadian (193-G/F)
 A Klas
 Luke Neilson  (F)
 Dondray Walker  USA (196-F-92)
 Daniel Borbajo
 Axel Dench  (211-C-76)
 Adrian Mueller

Players Joined
 Daryl Corletto  British Australian (193-G-81)  from Plymouth R. (United Kingdom)  
 Ben Dixon  (184-G-93)  from Perry Lakes H. (State League)  
 Ryan Oirbans  (208-F-92)  from Bulleen B. (State League)  
 Livai Smith  from Norths Bears (State League)  
 Sam Sykes  (206-F-93)  from Lamar CC (JUCO)  
 Nate Tomlinson  (192-G-89)  from United (NBL)  
Players Left
 Hugh Baxter  (203-F/C)  to Colgate (NCAA)  
 Shaquille Maharaj  (193-F)  to Camosun (Canada)  
 Dane Pineau  (206-F-94)  to Kings (NBL)  
 Tom Wilson  (195-G-97)  to Partizan NIS (Serbia)  
Free Agents
 Daryl Corletto  British Australian (193-G-81)
 Ben Dixon  (184-G-93)
 Ryan Oirbans  (208-F-92)
 Livai Smith
 Sam Sykes  USA (206-F-93)
 Nate Tomlinson  (192-G-89)
 Paul Elderkin  British (196-G-87)
 Billy Hughes  (G94)
 James Todd

Players Joined
 Luke Jamieson  (200-F-94)  from Hawks (NBL)  
 Jack Madgen  (196-G-93)  from Taipans (NBL)  
 Matthew Sutton  (196-F-84)  from Steel City YJ (ABA)  
Players Left
 Daniel Alexander  (206-F-91)  to Austin S. (NBA G League)  
Free Agents
 Z de Wit
 Luke Jamieson  (200-F-94)
 John Jones
 Jack Madgen  (196-G-93)
 Matthew Sutton  (196-F-84)
 Brad Hill  (196-G/F-86)
 Lachlan Hunter
 Tom Daly  (182-G-91)
 Dellon Brown  (194-G-95)
 Erik Burdon  (190-G-85)
 Kane DeWit  (190-G-96)

Players Joined
 Austin Thornton  USA (195-G-88)  from Michigan St. (NCAA)  
 Dane Suttle  USA (198-G/F-89)  from Brisbane C. (State League)  
Players Stayed
 Steven Davis  (206-C)
 Michael Wilson
 Jakob Dorricott
 Benjamin Hawkesley  (194-F)
 Joshua Morgan  (180-PG-82)
 Nathan Ruprecht  (201-F/C)
 Jonathan Howe  (198-F/C)
Free Agents
 B Eather
 L Mason
 Joel Rauch
 Dane Suttle  USA (198-G/F-89)
 Laurence York
 Jacob Rauch
 Cameron Springall  (182-PG)

Players Joined
 Mills Harrison  from Eastern M. (State League)  
 Robert Linton  (193-G)  from Nunawading S. (State League)  
 Luke Schenscher  (216-C-82)  from Singapore S. (Singapore)  
Players Left
 Anthony Drmic  Croatian Australian (198-G/F-92)  to 36ers (NBL)  
 Alexander Starling  USA (198-F-89)  to N.Adelaide R. (State League)  
Players Stayed
 Jordan Dodman  (203-F/C-88)
 Andrew Barton  (195-G/F)
 Daniel Peacock  (197-F/C-89)
 Timothy Smyth  (190-G/F-91)
 Hamish Staude  (183-G)
Free Agents
 Mills Harrison
 Robert Linton  (193-G)
 Luke Schenscher  (216-C-82)
 Marko Bancevic
 Joseph Paxinos
 Brett Pinder
 Craig Catford
 Reece Turner  (182-G-90)
 Matthew Williams  (195-C-90)

Players Joined
 Darcy Aistrope  (191-G/F)  from Eastern M. (State League)  
 Aric Miller  USA (190-G-90)  from Los Mochis (Mexico)  
 Alexander Starling  USA (198-F-89)  from Southern T. (State League)  
Players Left
 Josh Graetz  (198-F)  to Fisher (NAIA)  
 Raymond Harding  (196-F)  to N.Iowa Area CC (JUCO)  
Players Stayed
 G Saldavia
 Brad Jonnek
 Adam Schild
Free Agents
 Darcy Aistrope  (191-G/F)
 N Furse
 Aric Miller  USA (190-G-90)
 S Parry
 Jake Crammond
 John Wernham  (200-F/C-88)
 Luke Mapunda  (194-G/F-85)
 Jordan Murphy  (G90)

Players Joined
 Sam Hyman  (190-G)  from Sydney Comets (State League)  
 Lampros Tsontzos  Greek (208-C-94)  from Harvard (NCAA)  
 Sean Albert  from Penrith P. (State League)  
 Michael Golding  (198-F)  from Norths Bears (State League)  
 David Hazzard  (196-F)  from Hornsby S. (State League)  
 Ben Knight  British Australian (203-F-76)  from Kings (NBL)  
Players Left
 Michael Golding  (198-F)  to Norths Bears (State League)  
 Brennan Rymer  (183-G)  to Alaska-Anch. (NCAA2)  
 Dan Trist  (206-F-92)  to Ourense (Spain)  
Players Stayed
 Filip Andric
 Thomas Giles  New Zealand (180-G-88)
 Erik Dorbek  Estonian (196-F/G-82)
 Linden Smith-Hyde  (188-G)
 James Maccann
 Nick Blair  (185-G-87)
Free Agents
 Sean Albert
 A Bose
 David Hazzard  (196-F)
 Ben Knight  British Australian (203-F-76)
 Daniel Young  (205-C)

Players Joined
 Jerrell Sanders  USA (201-F)  from Goldfields G. (State League)  
 Kellen Smith  USA (185-G-93)  from Saginaw Valley (NCAA2)  
 James Spurritt  (193-F-92)  from Sturt S. (State League)  
Players Left
 Ben Mrowka  (196-F)  to Castleton St. (NCAA3)  
 Nick Wurm  (183-PG)  to N.Iowa Area CC (JUCO)  
Players Stayed
 Matthew Long
 Matthew Lycett  (194-G-90)
 Andrew Webber  (180-G-85)
 Daniel Webber  (191-G-87)
Free Agents
 Benjamin Janssan  (193-F/G)
 Jerrell Sanders  USA (201-F)
 Kellen Smith  USA (185-G-93)
 E Steele
 Jordan Girardi
 Shaun Pontifex
 Lachlan Cotton
 Adrian Blom

Players Joined
 Dyson King-Hawea  New Zealand (200-F-92)  from Ballarat M. (State League)  
 Sam McDonald  (84)  from Melbourne T. (State League)  
 Jack Saunders  from Dandenong R. (State League)  
 Dain Swetalla  USA (206-C-86)  from Frankston (State League)  
 Thomas Wright  from Kilsyth C. (State League)  
Players Stayed
 Jonathan Cooke  (205-F)
Free Agents
 Daniel Baxter
 Jack Gandolfo
 C Hronopoulos
 Dyson King-Hawea  New Zealand (200-F-92)
 Sam McDonald  (84)
 Jack Saunders
 Dain Swetalla  USA (206-C-86)
 Thomas Wright
 Maverick Clissold
 Ambros Eugster
 Matt O'Hea  (196-G-82)
 Andrew Steel  (200-F-91)
 Jesse Caspersz  (201-G/F-89)
 Simon Conn  (206-F/C-83)

Players Joined
 Jeremiah Ingram  USA (201-F-93)  from Saarlouis/Dillingen (Germany)  
 Ben Richmond  (194-SG-93)  from Canberra G. (State League)  
 Daniel Sepokas  (190-G-90)  from Logan T. (State League)  
Players Left
 Ahmad Starks  USA (175-PG-92)  to KW Titans (Canada)  
Free Agents
 Brady Armostrong
 Tre Armostrong
 Nicholas Bingham
 Jeremiah Ingram  USA (201-F-93)
 Kobe Jackson
 Ben Richmond  (194-SG-93)
 Daniel Sepokas  (190-G-90)
 Ben Woolley
 Brady Armstrong
 Akeem Richmond  USA (185-PG-91)
 Bradley Simpson  (198-F-90)
 Joe Chilcott  (193-G/F-96)
 Emmitt Smith
 Joel Beveridge  (183-G-92)

  PENRITH PANTHERS  (Promoted)  
Players Joined
 Igor Bosnjak  Bosnia and Herzegovina (194-F)  from Maitland M. (State League)  
 Madol Chol  (203-F-94)  from Albury W.B. (State League)  
 Benjamin Kearins  (188-G)  from Canberra G. (State League)  
Players Stayed
 Cameron Day
 Sean Weekes
 Luke Griffith

Players Joined
 Lochlan Cummings  (189-G-95)  from Wildcats (NBL)  
 Josh Garlepp  (203-F/C-89)  from Norths Bears (State League)  
 Tyler Monroe  USA (201-F-90)  from Maitland M. (State League)  
 Daniel Thomas  Croatian Australian (177-G-85)  from Cockburn C. (State League)  
 Travis Hayto  (192-G/F-90)  from Cockburn C. (State League)  
 Robert Waters  (185-PG-93)  from North Lake CC (JUCO)  
 Luke Wilson  from Cockburn C. (State League)  
Players Left
 Michael Lay  USA (179-G-84)  to SW Slammers (State League)  
 Cory Richardson  (186-G-93)  to Lethbridge (Canada)  
Players Stayed
 Brian Carlwell  USA (211-C-87)
 C Hamilton  (192-G/F-98)
 Bailey Cole-Heath  (202-F-97)
 Ryan Smith  (192-G-92)
 Robert Cassir  (195-G-91)
 Ben Purser  (200-F-90)
Free Agents
 Jack McDonald  (197-F-99)
 Robert Waters  USA (185-PG-93)
 Luke Wilson
 Trent Criddle  (190-G)
 Jordan Hickert  (206-F/C-90)
 F Hombergen
 Jake Cannell  (183-G)
 Jackson Simkovic  (196-F/G-94)
 Ryan O'Sullivan  (194-G/F)

Players Joined
 Maurice Barrow  USA (196-F-92)  from Geraldton B. (State League)  
 Majier Garang  from Stirling S. (State League)  
 Jackson Hussey  (190-G-92)  from Wildcats (NBL)  
 Alexander Loughton  (206-F/C-83)  from Cairns M. (State League)  
 Kyle Bowen  (200-F-0)  from BA CoE (State League)  
 Diing Mawein  (193-F/G-98)  from N.S.Wales C. ()  
 Geordie Murray  (194-G/F-92)  from Kalamunda E.S. (State League)  
 Marshall Nelson  (188-G-94)  from Perth R. (State League)  
 Shawn Redhage  USA Australian (203-F-81)  from Wildcats (NBL)  
 Tyler Viskovich  (203-F/C)  from Perth R. (State League)  
Players Left
 Riley Chappell  (201-F)  to Whitman (NCAA3)  
 Jamieson Lewis  (200-F-93)  to Kalamunda E.S. (State League)  
 Lee Roberts  USA (201-F/C-87)  to Virtus Roma (Italy)  
 Michael Vigor  Australian Scottish (206-F/C-90)  to Bristol AF (United Kingdom)  
Players Stayed
 Isaac Gattorna-Hargrave  (203-F/C-99)
 Jordan Herbert  (193-F-0)
 Benjamin Smith  (192-G-89)
 Joel Wagner  (181-G-87)
Free Agents
 Kyle Bowen  (200-F-0)
 J Collard
 Matthew Giorgi  (178-PG-98)
 Neema Kazemi
 Diing Mawein  (193-F/G-98)
 Geordie Murray  (194-G/F-92)
 Marshall Nelson  (188-G-94)
 Tyler Viskovich  (203-F/C)
 F Doyle
 Jayden Stone  (185-G-0)
 Jack Wagner  (185-G)

Players Joined
 Jacob Gibson  USA (198-G-93)  from Harding (NCAA2)  
 Mike McCahey  USA (196-F)  from St.Anselm (NCAA2)  
 Stefan Osborne  (183-G-92)  from Indiana, PA (NCAA2)  
Free Agents
 Kaide Fittolani
 Jacob Gibson  USA (198-G-93)
 T Martin
 Mike McCahey  USA (196-F)
 Stefan Osborne  (183-G-92)
 Matthew Roberts
 Matthew Fennell  (F)
 Nathan Truman  (187-G-82)
 Trevor Latham  (203-C)
 Maxwell Sutton
 Shaun Clarke  (204-F/C)
 Matthew Snowball  (G)

Players Joined
 Ray Willis  USA (198-G-89)  from Gladstone P. (State League)  
 Jack Lopez  (196-F-94)  from Bankstown B. (State League)  
 Luke Pickard  from Bundaberg B. (State League)  
 David Wagner  Canadian (206-F-92)  from UBC ()  
Players Left
 Chris Fowler  USA (185-G-93)  to Baunach (Germany)  
 Rashad Hassan  USA (203-C/F-89)  to RAC Basket (France)  
 James Mitchell  (194-G/F-91)  to Sheffield S. (United Kingdom)  
 Demond Watt  USA (200-F-89)  to Gries/Oberhoffen (France)  
Free Agents
 Jack Lopez  (196-F-94)
 Luke Pickard
 David Wagner  Canadian (206-F-92)
 J Zulian
 K Zulian
 Connor Austin
 Leon Christensen
 Jayden Kenny
 Mylique Prior
 Damon Christensen
 Jared Blanchard  (188-G/F-97)
 Trevor Corrigan  (199-F)

Players Joined
 Callum Beard  (202-F/C-0)  from BA CoE (State League)  
 Dexter Kernich-Drew  (198-G-91)  from Rockingham F. (State League)  
 M Mkhwananzi  (189-G-98)  from Mandurah M. (State League)  
 Josh Ritchart  USA (205-F/C-92)  from Malbas (Sweden)  
 Curtis Washington  USA (208-F-91)  from PEA (Thailand)  
 Beau Samuelson  (183-PG)  from Geraldton B. (State League)  
Players Left
 Donovon Jack  USA (206-F-93)  to Bayer Giants (Germany)  
 Vincent Zollo  USA (206-F-92)  to Bashkimi (Kosovo)  
Players Stayed
 Kyle Beard  (201-F/C)
 Ryan Godfrey  (187-G-90)
 Justin Beard  (196-F-96)
 Matthew Honey  (184-G-94)
 Luke Roberts  (184-G-96)
 Jarryd Griffin  (185-G-86)
Free Agents
 Dain Samuelson  (179-G)
 Dylan Jeffrey
 Ryan Jeffrey  (194-G)

Players Joined
 Anthony Odunsi  Nigerian USA (193-G-92)  from Caen (France)  
 Jamie Batish  (193-G-93)  from Cheshire P. (United Kingdom)  
 Daniel Florance  (194-G-93)  from Mandurah M. (State League)  
 Justin Gordon  (198-F-93)  from Z*Chattanooga (Eurobasket S.League)  
 Igor Hadziomerovic  Bosnia and Herzegovina Australian (193-G-92)  from Araberri (Spain)  
Players Left
 Aquill Baynard  (203-F)  to Houston X. (NEBA)  
 Mitch Chapman  (187-G-85)  to Casey C. (State League)  
 Rayshawn Goins  USA (198-F-89)  to PEA (Thailand)  
 Mike Moore  USA (195-G-89)  to Arcense (El Salvador)  
 Ethan O'Day  USA (206-F)  to Uni Baskets (Germany)  
Free Agents
 Jamie Batish  British (193-G-93)
 Daniel Florance  (194-G-93)
 Justin Gordon  USA (198-F-93)
 Igor Hadziomerovic  Bosnia and Herzegovina Australian (193-G-92)
 Cameron Taylor
 Finn Kenny
 Lachlan Lemons
 Alister Macdonald  (186-G-92)
 James Cigognini
 Nathan Crosswell  (190-G-79)
 Alex Lemons
 Stefan Uzelac  (191-G-92)

Players Joined
 Adam Blight  (199-F/C-83)  from Woodville W. (State League)  
 Eian Davis  (185-G-90)  from Baltimore Hawks (ABA)  
 Cameron Myles  (185-G-88)  from S.Adelaide P. (State League)  
 William Pongrac  (187-G)  from Barstow CC (JUCO)  
Players Left
 Caleb Davis  (206-F-95)  to 36ers (NBL)  
 Jarmal Reid  USA (201-F-93)  to Toros (Mexico)  
Players Stayed
 Elijah Minear-Kulpinski  (198-F)
 Ben Regester  (191-G/F)
 Jeremy Read  (202-F-88)
Free Agents
 Adam Blight  (199-F/C-83)
 Kristian Ciabattoni
 Cameron Myles  (185-G-88)
 William Pongrac  (187-G)
 Patrick Jonczyk
 S Lawson  (199-F)
 Matthew Walls  USA (190-G-88)
 Shane Boal  (183-PG-86)
 Ryan Gardner  (195-F/G-93)
 Jay O'Brien
 Thomas McKenzie  (195-F-86)

Players Joined
 Jake Allen  (193-F)  from Gladstone P. (State League)  
 Jarred Bairstow  (201-F-92)  from Bullets (NBL)  
 Jarrod Gamble  (206-C)  from Gold Coast R. (State League)  
 William Sinclair  (203-C-92)  from Kilsyth C. (State League)  
 Robert Sullivan  (193-F/G-94)  from Brisbane S. (State League)  
 Verle Williams Jr.  (180-G-97)  from SW Metro P. (State League)  
Players Left
 Tyrell Harrison  (213-C-99)  to Bullets (NBL)  
 Daniel Kickert  Dutch Australian (208-C/F-83)  to Bullets (NBL)  
 Tanner McGrew  USA (203-F-93)  to Saint-Chamond (France)  
 Brendan Teys  (188-G-90)  to 36ers (NBL)  
Free Agents
 Jake Allen  (193-F)
 Jarred Bairstow  (201-F-92)
 Jarrod Gamble  (206-C)
 Max Kerle
 Tendakai Machado
 William Sinclair  (203-C-92)
 Robert Sullivan  (193-F/G-94)
 Verle Williams Jr.  (180-G-97)
 Callum Bennie
 Alexander Boardman  (198-F-95)
 Christian Pang  (193-F/G)
 Jackson Pollock  (185-G-96)
 Ryan Vines  (178-G-91)
 Verle Williams  (176-G-76)

Players Joined
 Justin Reynolds  USA (205-F/C-88)  from Hokkaido L. (Japan)  
 Demetrius Robinson  USA (193-G-90)  from Wallan (Big V)  
 Sam Sopolinski  (213-C-90)  from East Perth E. (State League)  
 Chris Douglas  (201-F)  from Knox R. (State League)  
 Michael Lay  USA (179-G-84)  from Perry Lakes H. (State League)  
 Tim Vogel  (185-G/F-87)  from Mainz (Germany)  
Players Left
 Cameron Bell  to Forestville E. (State League)  
 Corey Easley  USA (208-F-83)  to East Perth E. (State League)  
 Tre Nichols  USA (180-G-89)  to Uhud (Saudi Arabia)  
 Brian Voelkel  USA Irish (196-F-92)  to Kongsberg (Norway)  
Players Stayed
 Travis Durnin  (201-F-98)
 Clive Weeden  USA Australian (206-C/F-87)
Free Agents
 Brody England
 K Hutton
 P O'Neill
 Teny Puot  South Sudanese (180-G-91)
 Daniel Woods
 Ty Harrelson  USA Australian (193-G-80)

Players Joined
 Robert Anshila  Nigerian USA (199-F-86)  from Al Shamal (Qatar)  
 Cody Ellis  (202-F-90)  from Stirling S. (State League)  
 Justin King  USA (196-G-89)  from Oakleigh Warriors (State League)  
 Jesse Dixon  (192-G-89)  from Lakeside L. (State League)  
 Logan Thwaites  (200-F-97)  from Joondalup Wolves (State League)  
 Corban Wroe  (185-G-92)  from Wildcats (NBL)  
Players Left
 Alier Riak  (203-F)  to Southeastern CC (JUCO)  
 Joshua Throns  (196-G-93)  to Wayland Baptist (NAIA)  
 Rhys Vague  (204-F-96)  to Wildcats (NBL)  
Players Stayed
 Jay Thwaites  (193-G/F)
 Jayden Coburn  (191-G-97)
 Ashley Litterick  (196-C-96)
 Austin Bruton  (173-G-80)
Free Agents
 Jesse Dixon  (192-G-89)
 J Gartlan
 Thomas Witts  (194-G/F-84)

Players Joined
 Nate Garth  USA (188-PG-89)  from Asker Aliens (Norway)  
 Claybrin McMath  (203-F/C-90)  from Albury W.B. (State League)  
 Daniel Nash  from Frankston (State League)  
Players Left
 Harry Reemst  (193-G)  to Lake Region CC (JUCO)  
 Jacob Rigoni  (198-G-98)  to Quinnipiac (NCAA)  
 James Spurritt  (193-F-92)  to Norwood F. (State League)  
 Jack Turnbull  (190-G)  to Mayville St. (NAIA)  
 Isaac White  (185-G-98)  to Stanford (NCAA)  
Players Stayed
 Cale Matthews
 Jan Warbout  (201-F-91)
 Max Calligeros  Greek Australian (197-F/C-92)
 Tim Klaosen  (196-G/F-89)
Free Agents
 Claybrin McMath  (203-F/C-90)
 Hamish Burns  (190-G)
 Nikolas Desantis
 Josh Owen-Thomas  British (185-PG-92)
 Mark Bauer  (187-G-83)

Players Joined
 Illiwa Baldwin  Papua New Guinea Australian (212-F/C-86)  from Logan T. (State League)  
 Matthew Donaldson  (194-F-93)  from Sunshine CR (State League)  
 Jeromie Hill  (203-F-91)  from Kings (NBL)  
 Breland Hogan  USA (185-G)  from Nunawading S. (State League)  
 Sioutu Maiava  (189-G-89)  from Northside W. (State League)  
 CJ Massingale  USA (191-G-82)  from Northside W. (State League)  
 Hayden Reed  (190-G-89)  from Sunshine CR (State League)  
 Bradley Williamson  (196-F/G-81)  from Rockhampton (State League)  
 Toby Zaremba  (198-G/F-78)  from Northside W. (State League)  
Players Left
 Tom Fullarton  (200-G/F-99)  to Bullets (NBL)  
 Matthew Kenyon  (195-G-98)  to Bullets (NBL)  
 Jordan Rost  (196-F-97)  to Baerum Basket (Norway)  
Free Agents
 Illiwa Baldwin  Papua New Guinea Australian (212-F/C-86)
 Matthew Donaldson  (194-F-93)
 Jeromie Hill  (203-F-91)
 Breland Hogan  USA (185-G)
 Sioutu Maiava  (189-G-89)
 CJ Massingale  USA (191-G-82)
 Hayden Reed  (190-G-89)
 Bradley Williamson  (196-F/G-81)
 Toby Zaremba  (198-G/F-78)
 Bede Hooper
 Connor Ward
 Michael Goff  (185-G-77)

Players Joined
 Filipo Eliseo  (194-G/F-92)  from Caboolture S. (State League)  
 Zane Meehl  New Zealand Australian (188-G-86)  from Suncoast PC (State League)  
 Zeke Meehl  New Zealand Australian (181-G-88)  from Suncoast PC (State League)  
 Malakai Mitchell  (195-G/F-83)  from Suncoast PC (State League)  
 Joshua Tueta  (202-F/C-89)  from Brisbane S. (State League)  
Players Left
 Mitchell Elliott  (190-G)  to Seminole St. (JUCO)  
 Isaih Tueta  (187-G-91)  to Bullets (NBL)  
Free Agents
 Tom Cordwell
 Filipo Eliseo  (194-G/F-92)
 Zane Meehl  New Zealand Australian (188-G-86)
 Zeke Meehl  New Zealand Australian (181-G-88)
 Malakai Mitchell  (195-G/F-83)
 Nelson Rames
 Joshua Tueta  (202-F/C-89)
 Josh Walters
 Connor Bloom  (200-F-0)
 Riley Cordwell
 Lance Hurdle  USA (188-G-87)
 Louis Ilton  (191-G)
 Rory Sutton  (200-F/C-89)

Players Joined
 Adam Stanger  (188-G-86)  from Newcastle H. (State League)  
 Jeff Van Dyke  (188-G-95)  from Pepperdine (NCAA)  
 Josh Biber  (196-G/F-91)  from Z*Portugal (Eurobasket S.League)  
Players Left
 Geoff Gerlach  (203-F)  to Concordia Irvine (NCAA2)  
Players Stayed
 Joshil Wallis
 Jake Wilson  (193-F/G-88)
 Daniel Hill  (173-G-93)
Free Agents
 Josh Biber  USA (196-G/F-91)
 Marcus Duffy
 Ateir Manzl
 Patrick Williamson
 Evan Apolony
 Daniel Berends  (205-C)
 Bailey Musulin
 Isaac Turner  USA (191-SG-92)
 Dejan Marjanovic  (183-G)
 Robert Simonovski
 Daniel Richardson  (192-G/F-75)

Players Joined
 Will Hickey  (183-PG)  from Lethbridge (Canada)  
 Alexander Stalder  from Brisbane C. (State League)  
 Jaden Weldon  (185-G)  from Nicholls St. (NCAA)  
Players Left
 Christian Jurlina  (196-F)  to Kings (NBL)  
Players Stayed
 Alex Overs
 Tom Dawson  (197-F/C)
Free Agents
 D Carniel
 Reece Craigie  (188-G)
 N Henty-brown
 Will McPhee
 Z Tosic
 J Weldon
 Louis Brandt  (F)
 William Pearce
 Luke Overs  USA (198-F)
 Johnny Jovine  (193-G-86)

Players Joined
 Jay Washington  USA (183-G)  from Northumbria (United Kingdom)  
Players Left
 Jalil Abdul-Bassit  USA (193-G-92)  to SK Tirana (Albania)  
Free Agents
 Mitchell Davis
 Volonte Mbaiornon
 Marty Nolen
 Joshua Ozegovic  (198-F-0)
 Joel Seaby
 Jay Washington  USA (183-G)
 Sam Boon
 Stiephanos Dokshen
 Jack Gallagher
 Adam Gehrig
 Sydney Hume  (203-F/C-93)
 Jason Ebneter  (183-G-95)
 Manylok Malek  (201-F-94)
 Cameron Weber  (190-G-88)
 Marshall Adams
 Paul Aleer  Sudanese Australian (213-C-94)

Players Joined
 Ethan Betts  (188-G)  from Townsville H. (State League)  
Players Left
 Jamell Anderson  British (200-F-90)  to La Roda (Spain)  
 Justin Baker  USA (203-F/C-89)  to Apoel (Cyprus)  
 Todd Blanchfield  (200-F/G-91)  to Kings (NBL)  
 Jackson Todd  to Eltham W. (State League)  
 Joshua Wilcher  British Australian (178-PG-91)  to Itzehoe (Germany)  
Players Stayed
 Peter Crawford  (193-G/F-79)
Free Agents
 Ethan Betts  (188-G)
 Jeremy Myles
 Leonard Warrington
 Matthew Wight
 Luke Brennan  (201-F/C-81)
 Jarrad Figg
 Jordan Baleikatuba  (196-F-93)
 Keegan Tudehope  (195-G-88)
 Brendan McCully  (191-G-84)
 Max Murray  (192-G/F-86)
 Matthew Rees  (205-C-87)

Players Joined
 Brandon Beasley  USA (196-F-88)  from Sparta (Luxembourg)  
 Michael Harper  (193-G/F)  from Melbourne T. (State League)  
 Dean Neville  (206-C)  from Ark.-Fort Smith (NCAA2)  
 Jason Reardon  (189-G-83)  from Corio Bay S. (State League)  
Players Left
 Ivan Platenik  Croatian Australian (201-F-83)  to McKinnon C. (State League)  
 Desmond Simmons  USA (198-F-92)  to Marin (Spain)  
Free Agents
 Brandon Beasley  USA (196-F-88)
 K Benn
 Pat Golong
 Michael Harper  (193-G/F)
 James Italia
 Dylan Larkin
 Timothy Liesting
 Dean Neville  (206-C)
 Jason Reardon  (189-G-83)
 Declan Tennent
 Matthew Scammell  (95)
 Chris Arkell  (198-F-90)
 Bradley Kelleher  (182-PG-86)
 Tom Boyle  (203-F)

Players Joined
 Wilson Arob  Sudanese Australian (208-F/C-90)  from Bulleen B. (State League)  
 Deng Majok  from Forestville E. (State League)  
 Nathan Wilson  (201-F-85)  from Nunawading S. (State League)  
Players Left
 Adetomi Ayilara  (208-F)  to Cloud County CC (JUCO)  
 Jeremy Smith  USA (190-G)  to Breidablik (Iceland)  
Free Agents
 Blake Allison
 Wilson Arob  Sudanese Australian (208-F/C-90)
 Daniaell Herbert
 Deng Majok
 Nathan Wilson  (201-F-85)
 Fred Hunter  USA (196-F-89)
 Dion Jewell  (180-PG-88)
 Nicholas Morda
 Anthony Luxford
 Jordan Hughes  USA (192-G-92)
 Jonathan Sonda
 Justin Ward  (195-F-81)

Players Joined
 James Legan  USA (190-G-87)  from Ipswich F. (State League)  
 Patrick Thomas  (190-G)  from Lake Land CC (JUCO)  
Players Left
 Tom Kubank  (201-F)  to Mary (NCAA2)  
 Grantley Mildenhall  (185-G-98)  to Lake Region CC (JUCO)  
 Dee Oldham  USA (193-G-94)  to Al Sadd (Qatar)  
Players Stayed
 Lucas Valk  (181-G)
 Tristan Braithwaite  (183-G-85)
 Paul Rankin  (192-F-84)
 Blake Truslove  (204-C-79)
 Anthony Spadavecchia  (181-G-87)
Free Agents
 M Fauser
 M Hilton
 Mitchell Squire
 C Prider
 Todd Winter  (194-G/F)
 Rhys Daddow  (195-F/C-91)

Players Joined
 Badou Diagne  Senegalese (205-F/C-93)  from Winterthur (Switzerland)  
 Jay Bowie  USA (196-G/F-92)  from Surrey S. (United Kingdom)  
Players Stayed
 Lachlan Evans  (188-G-98)
 Kyle Armour  (183-G-89)
 Michael Collins  (203-F/C-97)
 Damien Scott  (192-G-92)
 Jake Burston  (190-G/F-92)
 Mitchell Clarke  (185-G-92)
 Andrew Black  (190-G-93)
 Hayden Noordhoek  (188-G-93)
 Daniel Casey  (197-F-91)
Free Agents
 M Cook
 B Lee
 Mitchell Hampson
 Nicholas Cody  (202-F/C)
 Matt Allen  (200-F)

Players Joined
 Daniel Carlin  (206-C-93)  from C.District L. (State League)  
 Ryan Clark  (203-F-94)  from Woodville W. (State League)  
 Jason Luhnow  USA (185-G)  from Lewis & Clark (NCAA3)  
 Myles Thiele  from C.District L. (State League)  
Players Left
 Sean Richardson  (178-PG-93)  to Harper CC (JUCO)  
Players Stayed
 Alex Maiorana
 Jack Maiorana
 Daniel McKee
Free Agents
 Daniel Carlin  (206-C-93)
 Ryan Clark  (203-F-94)
 Jason Luhnow  USA (185-G)
 Myles Thiele
 Bradley Squire
 Darren Ng  (189-G-83)
 Luke Stanbridge  (192-F-90)
 Adam Miller  (187-G/F-84)

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