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Australia Internationally

Hugh McAuliffe

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Players/Coaches Movement in Australia in summer 2017
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Updated on: December 17, 2017

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Players Joined
 Justin Browning  USA (196-F)  from Kouvot (Finland)  
 Darcy Harding  (200-F-94)  from Kings (NBL)  
 Mitchell Newton  New Zealand (198-F-95)  from Sunbury (Big V D1)  
 J.T. Terrell  (193-G-91)  from Raptors 905 (NBA G League)  
Players Left
 T.J. Robinson  USA (203-F-89)  to Orchies (France)  
 Joel Spear  (192-G-94)  to Nidaros Jets (Norway)  
Free Agents
 Justin Browning  USA (196-F)
 Kailu George  (180-PG)
 Darcy Harding  (200-F-94)
 Mitchell Newton  New Zealand (198-F-95)
 J.T. Terrell  USA (193-G-91)
 Jack Duck  (183-PG-92)
 Josh Morgan  (187-G)
 Deba George  (183-PG-85)
 Sawyer Dearborn  (190-G-94)
 Mohamed Ntumba  DR Congolese (200-C-85)

Players Joined
 Francisco Caffaro  (213-C-0)  from ARG NT U16 (Argentina)  
 Angus Glover  (192-G-98)  from Hawks (NBL)  
 Daniel Grida  (195-G/F)  from Lakeside L. (State League)  
 Aiden Krause  (193-F/G-0)  from Mackay M. (State League)  
Players Left
 Adam Lulka  (203-F-98)  to Albany (NCAA)  
 Makuach Maluach  Sudanese (196-G/F-98)  to N.Mexico (NCAA)  
 Lat Mayen Nai  (203-F-98)  to TCU (NCAA)  
 Kyle Zunic  (188-F-99)  to Winthrop (NCAA)  
Free Agents
 Callum Beard  (0)
 Francisco Caffaro  Argentinian (213-C-0)
 H Clarke
 A Ducas
 Angus Glover  (192-G-98)
 Daniel Grida  (195-G/F)
 Aiden Krause  (193-F/G-0)
 Nicholas Stoddart  (0)
 Wani Lodu Swaka
 J Tchamwa
 A Verma
 T Wigness
 Callum Dalton  (204-C-0)
 Samson Froling  (207-F/C-0)
 Owen Hulland  (212-C-99)
 Matthew Johns  (99)
 Alexander Mudronja  (99)
 Mate Colina  (208-C-99)

Players Joined
 Leon Henry  (200-F-85)  from Wellington S. (New Zealand)  
 Marvin King-Davis  USA (201-F-93)  from Boncourt (Switzerland)  
 Cameron McCallum  (203-F-89)  from Derbyshire A. (United Kingdom)  
 Davon Usher  (198-G-92)  from Delaware 87ers (NBA G League)  
Players Left
 Tim Coenraad  (201-F/G-85)  to Hawks (NBL)  
 Peter Hooley  (193-G-92)  to United (NBL)  
 Craig Moller  (203-F-94)  to United (NBL)  
 Samuel Short  (195-G-98)  to United (NBL)  
Free Agents
 Leon Henry  New Zealand (200-F-85)
 Marvin King-Davis  USA (201-F-93)
 A Kuel
 Cameron McCallum  (203-F-89)
 Davon Usher  USA (198-G-92)
 Curtis Brooks
 Ashley Constable  (188-G-93)
 Ross Weightman  (190-G-97)
 Tristan Fisher  (183-G-98)
 Chris Smith  (208-C-89)

Players Joined
 Andre Boykin  USA Australian (196-F/C)  from Hornsby S. (State League)  
Players Left
 Grant Anticevich  (203-F)  to California (NCAA)  
 Nic Pozoglou  Greek Australian (198-F-96)  to Hawks (NBL)  
Free Agents
 Andre Boykin  USA Australian (196-F/C)
 Andrew Urigwe
 Svetomir Gavrilovic
 Steven Markovic  Serbian Australian (190-G-85)
 Ryan Morgan  (190-G)
 Alexandar Opacic  Croatian Australian (208-F-86)
 Christian Petrovski
 Fletcher Mullen
 Mark Franco
 Petar Cvjeticanin  (196-F/C)
 Nemanja Kovacina  (201-G/F)
 Paull Labua  (190-G)
 Brok Bywater  (195-F)
 Greg Barnes  (190-G/F)

Players Joined
 Dyami Starks  USA (188-G-92)  from Kaspiy Aktau (Kazakhstan)  
Players Left
 C.J. Aiken  USA (206-C/F-90)  to Czarni (Poland)  
 Adam Doyle  (176-PG-91)  to 36ers (NBL)  
Free Agents
 Lewis Beks
 Dyami Starks  USA (188-G-92)
 Matthew Andronicos  Cypriot Australian (208-C/F-91)
 Jake Lloyd
 Tanner Rayner  (189-G-97)
 Daniel Hansen  (192-G-92)
 David Hogan  (190-G-89)
 Chris Adkins  (192-G/F-88)
 Chris Hogan  (202-F-83)
 Jake Cowling  (196-F/C-91)
 Taylor Bell  (203-C/F-87)

Players Joined
 Jackson Greene  from Warrnambool (Big V D1)  
Players Left
 Josh Leaney  (203-F/C)  to Loyola, LA (NAIA)  
 Princeton Onwas  Nigerian USA (198-G-93)  to Westchester K. (NBA G League)  
Free Agents
 Stefano Di Lorio  (203-F/C)
 Jackson Greene
 Tim Soong  (193-F/G)
 Lachlan Venus
 Jacob Davis  (189-G-95)
 Andrew Olechnowicz
 Aaron Anderson  USA (178-PG)
 Zac Carter  New Zealand Australian (203-F/G-89)
 Anthony Kopcikas  Greek Australian (189-G-92)
 Brenton Mackie  (196-F-84)
 Dusty Rychart  USA Australian (201-F-78)
 Sebastian Windsor  (183-PG)
 Christian Lam

Players Joined
 Ryan Jeffries  (192-G/F-86)  from Brisbane C. (State League)  
 Mitch Philp  (184-G-89)  from Rockhampton (State League)  
 Ryan Stolberg  (201-F/G-75)  from Ipswich F. (State League)  
 Ben Volkman  (206-C)  from Maryville, MO (NCAA2)  
Players Left
 Adam Gibson  (188-G-86)  to Bullets (NBL)  
 Tom Jervis  (211-C-87)  to Bullets (NBL)  
 Darryl McDowell-White  (183-PG-97)  to Master's (NAIA)  
 William McDowell-White  (195-G-98)  to Brose Bask. (Germany)  
Free Agents
 Matthew Campbell
 Aidan Graham
 Ryan Jeffries  (192-G/F-86)
 Mitch Philp  (184-G-89)
 Dan Quigley
 Wesley Rowe
 Ryan Stolberg  (201-F/G-75)
 Ben Volkman  (206-C)
 Nick Dickinson  (186-G)
 Glenn Scott  (194-G/F-85)
 Andre Ugrinic

Players Left
 Anthony Fisher  (187-G-94)  to Taipans (NBL)  
 Damon Heuir  (189-G-91)  to Taipans (NBL)  
 Tevin Jackson  (201-G/F-94)  to Taipans (NBL)  
 Denzel Kennedy  (193-F)  to Valley City St. (NAIA)  
 Kuany Kuany  (201-G)  to Taipans (NBL)  
 Alexander Loughton  (206-F/C-83)  to Taipans (NBL)  
 Jarrad Weeks  (185-G-89)  to Taipans (NBL)  
 Stephen Weigh  (202-F/G-87)  to Taipans (NBL)  
Free Agents
 Lachlan Jennings
 Joel Matysek
 Kody Stattmann  (194-F/G-0)
 Aaron Farmer  Papua New Guinea
 Matthew Mulligan
 Ryan Runnalls
 Micheal Demertze  (196-G/F-94)
 Jaylan Bin Tahal  (99)
 Aaron Bin Tahal  (175-G-92)

Players Joined
 Benjamin Kearins  (188-G)  from Albury W.B. (State League)  
Players Left
 Roy Booker  USA (191-SG-84)  to CD Castro (Chile)  
 Indiana Faithfull  USA Australian (193-G-91)  to Hawks (NBL)  
 Jake Jobling  (188-G-95)  to W.Alabama (NCAA2)  
 Iain Morison  (206-C-95)  to St.Francis, IL (NAIA)  
 James Toohey  (188-G)  to Saginaw Valley (NCAA2)  
Free Agents
 Mitch Brown
 Broderick Doran
 Benjamin Kearins  (188-G)
 Glenn Morison
 Isaac Plunkett
 Nathan Brown
 Ben Allen  (211-C-86)
 Evan Fowler
 Daniel Joyce  (194-G-87)
 Sam Mills  USA (188-G)
 Reece Kaye

Players Joined
 Bryce Arnott  (188-G-90)  from Waverley F. (State League)  
 Mitch Chapman  (187-G-85)  from Sandringham S. (State League)  
 Emmanuel Golong  (191-G-93)  from Waverley F. (State League)  
 Brent Hobba  (205-F/C-82)  from Dandenong R. (State League)  
 Dean Johnson  from Dandenong R. (State League)  
 Raheem Lemons  (196-F-93)  from Orlando L. (ABL)  
 Benjamin Louis  (192-G-88)  from Frankston (State League)  
 Michael McInnes  (189-G-90)  from Frankston (State League)  
 Charles Polk  USA (200-F/C-84)  from Knox R. (State League)  
 Ashley Szalek  from Cranbourne (Big V D2)  
Players Left
 Nathan Guscott  (190-G)  to Baker (NAIA)  
Free Agents
 Bryce Arnott  (188-G-90)
 A Bazzucchini
 Mitch Chapman  (187-G-85)
 N Dodgson
 Emmanuel Golong  (191-G-93)
 J Gooiker
 Brent Hobba  (205-F/C-82)
 Dean Johnson
 Raheem Lemons  USA (196-F-93)
 Benjamin Louis  (192-G-88)
 Hunter Marks
 Michael McInnes  (189-G-90)
 Charles Polk  USA (200-F/C-84)
 Ashley Szalek

Players Joined
 Mitchell Rueter  USA (198-F)  from Maitland M. (State League)  
 James Trustum  (192-F)  from Brisbane S. (State League)  
Free Agents
 J Cracknell
 Mitchell Rueter  USA (198-F)
 James Trustum  (192-F)
 Thomas Akamarmoi  (191-F-96)
 Oliver Robilliard  (188-G)
 Richmond Whitmore  (178-PG)
 Matthew Bateup
 Callum Jenkins  (F)
 Tye McGann
 William Bates
 Tim Hudson  (189-G-77)
 Stephen Mackay
 Noman Shoaib  Saudi Arabian Australian (188-G)

Players Joined
 Ngor Daniel  (193-F/G)  from S.Adelaide P. (State League)  
 Kane Della-Pia  from N.Adelaide R. (State League)  
 David Humphries  (193-G-91)  from Plymouth R. (United Kingdom)  
 Monyjath Makoi  (202-F-96)  from Mt Gambier (State League)  
 Ricardo Martin  (203-F-92)  from Chicago S. (ABA)  
 Adhar Mayen  Sudanese USA (203-F-89)  from Noerdlingen (Germany)  
 Sai'Quon Stone  USA (198-G/F-87)  from Warrnambool (Big V D1)  
Players Left
 Brent Hank  (208-F)  to Albany (NCAA)  
 Koen Sapwell  (190-G)  to CS Monterey (NCAA2)  
Free Agents
 Jordan Centenera
 A Cunningham
 Ngor Daniel  (193-F/G)
 Kane Della-Pia
 Tyson Hoffmann
 David Humphries  (193-G-91)
 Monyjath Makoi  (202-F-96)
 Ricardo Martin  USA (203-F-92)
 Adhar Mayen  Sudanese USA (203-F-89)
 Sai'Quon Stone  USA (198-G/F-87)
 Michael Bivone
 Angus Fischer
 Brodie Nathan
 B Skuce
 Jordan Wilson
 David Earl
 Ramiah Simpson

Players Joined
 Seva Chan  (187-G-94)  from Lakeside L. (State League)  
 Lochlan Cummings  (183-PG)  from Hope International (NAIA)  
 Julian Pesava  (193-G/F-95)  from Wayland Baptist (NAIA)  
Players Left
 Jalen Billups  USA (198-F-92)  to Glasgow Rocks (United Kingdom)  
Free Agents
 C Angus
 Seva Chan  (187-G-94)
 Lochlan Cummings  (183-PG)
 Julian Pesava  (193-G/F-95)
 C Citrigno
 Rhett Della Maddalena  (200-F-81)
 Jake Harris  (190-G-97)
 Jaarod Holmes  (198-F-94)
 J Knight
 Daniel Thomas  Croatian Australian (180-G-85)
 Gavin Field  (202-F/G-89)
 Guy Arrowsmith  (196-F-86)
 Steven Van Lit  (184-G-91)

Players Joined
 Cam Baker  (185-PG)  from Cent.Georgia Tech (JUCO)  
 Corey Bennett  from Waverley F. (State League)  
 Jordan Latham  (206-F/C-91)  from DMV Warriors (ABA)  
Players Left
 Cohen Blythe  to Reedley JC (JUCO)  
 Jordan O'Leary  to S.Dakota Mines (NCAA2)  
Free Agents
 Bradley Armstrong
 Cam Baker  USA (185-PG)
 Corey Bennett
 G Erray
 Hamish Goodier
 K Harris
 Lachlan Hart
 James Headlam
 Jordan Latham  USA (206-F/C-91)
 Tristan Rozenfeld
 Aaron Ruiz
 Quentin Walker
 P Goodier
 Joel Mcfall  (189-G-94)
 Tomas Gall
 Mitchell Stoop
 Callum Walsh
 Christopher Eichler
 Michael Rebula  (189-G-90)

Players Joined
 Luke Hughes  from Sandringham S. (State League)  
 Timothy Lang  (206-C-85)  from Kilsyth C. (State League)  
 Chauncey Orr  USA (193-G/F-93)  from Hawaii-Pacific (NCAA2)  
 Joshua Oswald  (201-F-94)  from Frankston (State League)  
 Jorden Page  (185-G-90)  from Suncoast PC (State League)  
 Mitchell Riggs  (196-G-93)  from Frankston (State League)  
Players Left
 Garrett Jackson  USA (201-F-91)  to Wuerzburg (Germany)  
 Brennan McElroy  USA (201-F-91)  to Tokyo HT (Japan)  
 Jack Perry  (188-G-99)  to E.Washington (NCAA)  
 Declan Soukup  (190-G-94)  to Reading R. (United Kingdom)  
 Felix Von Hofe  (196-F-93)  to United (NBL)  
 Michael Wearne  (188-G-96)  to St.Rose, NY (NCAA2)  
Free Agents
 Mitchell Barry
 Luke Hughes
 Timothy Lang  (206-C-85)
 Chauncey Orr  USA (193-G/F-93)
 Joshua Oswald  (201-F-94)
 Jorden Page  (185-G-90)
 Puoch Puoch
 Mitchell Riggs  (196-G-93)
 Lucas Barker  (183-PG-93)
 Liam Gibcus  (206-C-90)
 Nodia Odigie
 Ryley Wood
 Dieuson Biyendolo  (205-C-92)

Players Joined
 Jason Dirkx  from Whittlesea City (State League)  
 Matthew Giampiccolo  from Whittlesea City (State League)  
 Bailey Griffiths  from BA CoE (State League)  
 Raanthony Sanders  (190-G)  from Tulane (NCAA)  
Players Left
 Brandon Conley  USA (201-F-93)  to Zilina (Slovakia)  
Free Agents
 C Conlon
 Jason Dirkx
 Matthew Giampiccolo
 Bailey Griffiths
 Lukas Kafritsas
 Raanthony Sanders  USA (190-G)
 Daniel Girolami
 Harun Kansak  (F)
 Greg Page  (190-G-94)
 J Mcaughtry
 Mitchell Lee  (194-G)
 Matt Reynolds  (183-G)
 Sam Reynolds  (184-G)

Players Joined
 Kevin Anthony  USA (196-F-90)  from Kalamunda E.S. (State League)  
 Kevin Davis  USA (206-C-91)  from Palanga (Lithuania)  
 Corey Easley  USA (206-C/F-83)  from SW Slammers (State League)  
 Ngor Manyang  Sudanese Australian (200-F-93)  from Joondalup Wolves (State League)  
 Dennis Tawhiti  New Zealand (198-F/C-90)  from Perth R. (State League)  
Players Left
 Mason Bragg  (182-G-93)  to Wildcats (NBL)  
Free Agents
 Kevin Anthony  USA (196-F-90)
 Kieran Berry
 Chris Bonnar
 Kevin Davis  USA (206-C-91)
 Corey Easley  USA (206-C/F-83)
 A Guillon
 Ngang Lual
 Ngor Manyang  Sudanese Australian (200-F-93)
 Dennis Tawhiti  New Zealand (198-F/C-90)
 Jermaine Maile
 Aiden Murphy
 Andrej Donlagic  (197-F-97)
 Joe-Alan Tupaea  (190-G-81)
 Drew Williamson  (196-G/F-83)

Players Joined
 Lachlan Barker  (179-G-96)  from NW Tasmania (State League)  
 Michael Hundley  (206-C-93)  from Citadel (NCAA)  
 Dylan Shorne  from W.Adelaide B. (State League)  
Players Left
 Sebastian Vozzo  to Cabrillo CC (JUCO)  
Free Agents
 Rigby Aktanarowicz
 Lachlan Barker  (179-G-96)
 Michael Hundley  USA (206-C-93)
 Dylan Shorne
 D Stock
 Tom Cioffi  (197-F-87)
 Mitchell Kelton
 Zeb Lovell  New Zealand (197-G/F-93)
 Devon Mcgee
 Matthew Stock
 Zachary Lovell
 Nicholas Sbroiavacca
 Daniel Lean  (184-G-90)

Players Joined
 Lincoln Garfirth  from Whittlesea City (State League)  
 Jackson Todd  from Townsville H. (State League)  
Free Agents
 Lincoln Garfirth
 Jackson Todd
 Chris Cameron  (210-F/C-82)
 Jordan Canovan
 Luke Valentine
 Benjamin Waldren
 Samuel Whelan
 Justin Aver  (190-G-89)
 Simon Grant  (195-F-91)
 Simon Bradbury  (215-C-89)
 Kristian Williams  (196-F-88)
 James Malvaso

Players Joined
 Cameron Bell  from SW Slammers (State League)  
 Antonio Garrett  USA (198-F)  from Idaho Coll. (NAIA)  
 Stefan Wright  (203-F-94)  from W.Wyoming CC (JUCO)  
Players Left
 Oliver Megins  (203-F)  to Notre Dame, OH (NCAA2)  
Free Agents
 Cameron Bell
 B Clarke
 J Croxton
 Antonio Garrett  USA (198-F)
 Michael Harris
 I Jurecky
 John Mawut  (198-F)
 L Phillips
 Stefan Wright  (203-F-94)
 S Wright
 Michael Morphett
 Jake Rios  USA (188-G-86)
 Trent Fildes  (197-F-88)
 Charles Newland  (196-F-91)
 Bradley Haydon  (197-F-88)

Players Joined
 Nate Buss  USA (206-F-92)  from Salon Vilpas (Finland)  
 Taylor Dyson  (193-G-93)  from Knox R. (State League)  
 Alex Francis  USA (198-F-91)  from Etzella (Luxembourg)  
 Bennie Lewis  USA Australian (203-F/G-87)  from United (NBL)  
 Sean Preston  (183-PG-93)  from Young Harris (NCAA2)  
Players Left
 James Harland  (188-G)  to Whitworth (NCAA3)  
 Tristan Lloyd  (193-G)  to Westmont (NAIA)  
 Tohi Smith-Milner  New Zealand (206-F/C-95)  to United (NBL)  
Free Agents
 Callan Blackley
 Nate Buss  USA (206-F-92)
 L Doyle
 Taylor Dyson  (193-G-93)
 Alex Francis  USA (198-F-91)
 Mitchel Gaze
 Noah Gown
 O Hayes-brown
 Bennie Lewis  USA Australian (203-F/G-87)
 Sean Preston  (183-PG-93)
 Harry Cheverly
 Tristan De Zwart
 Jake Macaulay

Players Joined
 Ma'Alo Hicks  (201-F/C-89)  from Corio Bay S. (State League)  
Free Agents
 Ma'Alo Hicks  (201-F/C-89)
 Steve Wiasak
 Kris Blicavs  (193-G-89)
 Demarcus Gatlin  USA (193-G)
 Eric Gaff  USA (208-C-87)
 Kristian Rocci  (188-G-93)
 Ash Cannan  (200-F-82)
 Nathan Herbert  (192-G/F-84)
 Liam McInerney  (206-F/C-90)
 Nathan Freind  (186-G-90)
 Jamie Medved  (189-G-82)

Players Joined
 Maurice Barrow  USA (196-F-92)  from Klosterneuburg (Austria)  
 Matt Hancock  (193-G-93)  from United (NBL)  
 Jackson Hussey  (190-G-92)  from Wildcats (NBL)  
 James Paringatai  New Zealand (201-F-86)  from Mandurah M. (State League)  
Players Left
 Dwayne Benjamin  USA (201-F-93)  to Blokotehna (FYR Macedonia)  
Free Agents
 Maurice Barrow  USA (196-F-92)
 W Galvin
 Matt Hancock  (193-G-93)
 O Haste
 Jackson Hussey  (190-G-92)
 L Papertalk
 James Paringatai  New Zealand (201-F-86)
 Alex Ducas  (180-G-0)
 Coby Ryan  (175-PG-99)
 Isaac Smith  New Zealand (196-F/C)
 Joseph Iaria
 Dylan Myers  (190-G)
 Charles Thurkle  (189-G-94)
 Aaron Ralph  (200-G/F-89)
 Matthew Wundenberg  (200-F/C-83)

Players Joined
 Patrick Ciganovic  (198-F)  from Mount Marty (NAIA)  
 Willie Shackleford  USA (198-F-85)  from Bundaberg B. (State League)  
 Jonathan Voltz  (193-G-92)  from Rockhampton (State League)  
 Joshua Walters  British Australian (189-G-92)  from Hannover Korb. (Germany)  
Players Left
 Nathaniel Musters  (208-C-93)  to Leeuwarden (Holland)  
Free Agents
 Patrick Ciganovic  (198-F)
 Samuel Jenkins
 Scott Russell
 Willie Shackleford  USA (198-F-85)
 Jonathan Voltz  (193-G-92)
 Joshua Walters  British Australian (189-G-92)
 Tyler Allen
 Remy Lawyer  (191-G)
 Ray Willis  USA (198-G-89)
 Lachlan Wilmot
 Botond Hajos  (G)
 Declan King
 Mitchell Knight
 Dylan Owen  (183-G)
 Troy Robinson  (189-F-89)
 Chris Tucker  (185-G-85)

Players Joined
 Shaun Gleeson  (189-G-86)  from Rockhampton (State League)  
 Matt Gullotta  (193-F)  from N.Country CC (JUCO)  
 Darcy Malone  (213-C-95)  from CS Fullerton (NCAA)  
Players Left
 Tobias Cameron  New Zealand (193-G-99)  to Abil.Christian (NCAA)  
 Torrey Craig  (198-F-90)  to Denver N. (NBA)  
 Levi Frankland  (193-G)  to Notre Dame, OH (NCAA2)  
 Charlton Offermans  (183-G)  to Rockhurst (NCAA2)  
Free Agents
 Shaun Gleeson  (189-G-86)
 Matt Gullotta  (193-F)
 Darcy Malone  (213-C-95)
 Kallum Marks
 Jalen Patton Croker  (193-G-99)
 Flynn Cameron  New Zealand (191-G-0)
 Thalo Green  USA (200-F-78)
 Dwayne Vale  (193-F/G-85)
 Zachariah Bourne  (F91)
 Devon Sullivan  USA (201-F/G-86)
 Jaze Morris
 Jason Aucoin  (200-F/C-81)
 Adam Darragh  (181-PG-79)
 Scott McGregor  (202-F-76)

Players Joined
 Atem Atem  South Sudanese (203-F-91)  from NW Tasmania (State League)  
 Jacob Holmen  USA (202-F/C-91)  from Balkan (Bulgaria)  
 Luke Pike  (194-G/F-90)  from N.Adelaide R. (State League)  
 JB Pillard  (201-F)  from Z*Seattle M. (ABA)  
Free Agents
 Atem Atem  South Sudanese (203-F-91)
 Justyn Beattie  (198-F)
 Nathan Burrow  (188-G)
 Jacob Holmen  USA (202-F/C-91)
 Luke Pike  (194-G/F-90)
 JB Pillard  USA (201-F)
 Maui Dela Cruz  (172-G-99)
 Brock Gadd  (194-F)
 Daniel Goodluck  (188-G-91)
 Dion Gulley  (197-F)
 Nathan Vince  (188-G/F)
 Daniel Forlano  (180-G)
 Jerome Reid  (195-G/F-96)
 Miles Tierney  (188-G-92)
 Mike Exell  (200-F-91)
 Billy Hicks  (178-G)
 Brandon Holloway  (183-G-93)
 Lordan Franich  (201-F-85)
 Russell Hurst  (200-F/C-85)

Players Joined
 Alex Bogart-King  (200-F)  from McKinnon C. (State League)  
 Craig Dent  from Sherbrooke S. (State League)  
 Anthony Dickerson  (180-PG-90)  from Toowoomba M. (State League)  
 Daniel Kusnyer  USA (193-G)  from Bulleen B. (State League)  
 Daniel Mareels  from Sherbrooke S. (State League)  
 Joshua Morrison  USA (198-G/F-91)  from Recklinghausen (Germany)  
Players Left
 Riley Johnson  (208-C)  to Indianapolis B. (CBA)  
Free Agents
 Alex Bogart-King  (200-F)
 E Delzoppo
 Craig Dent
 Anthony Dickerson  (180-PG-90)
 R Johnson
 Daniel Kusnyer  USA (193-G)
 Daniel Mareels
 Joshua Morrison  USA (198-G/F-91)
 Pravin Chelvan
 Patrick McBrearty
 Kirk Smith  (178-PG)
 Jack Barry  (94)
 Luke Sist

Players Joined
 Krenz Carlos  from Penrith P. (State League)  
 Jordan Gregg  USA (201-F/C-88)  from Hobart C. (State League)  
 Goran Veg  Croatian Australian (205-C/F)  from Maitland M. (State League)  
Free Agents
 Krenz Carlos
 Jordan Gregg  USA (201-F/C-88)
 Goran Veg  Croatian Australian (205-C/F)
 Paul Brotherson  British Australian (198-F-89)
 Sam McCorkindale
 Jayden Prakash
 Zachary Stosic
 Mitchell Brown  (196-G)
 Benjamin Graham
 Lachlan Urwin
 Michael Claus
 Mitchell Hodgins
 Jason Strong  (191-F/G)
 David Hayman
 Robert Meyrick  (190-F)
 Emils Duselis  Greek Australian (192-G/F)

Players Joined
 Jaylen Howard  from NW Tasmania (State League)  
 Mathiang Muo  South Sudanese Australian (196-G/F-87)  from Brisbane S. (State League)  
 Lewis Thomas  British Australian (203-F-92)  from Glasgow Rocks (United Kingdom)  
 Chris Whitehead  USA (175-PG-92)  from Toowoomba M. (State League)  
Players Left
 Tom Garlepp  (203-F-86)  to Kings (NBL)  
 Robert Heyer  (190-G/F-92)  to South Bay L. (NBA G League)  
 Shane Southwell  USA (201-F/G-92)  to Winterthur (Switzerland)  
Free Agents
 Jaylen Howard
 Mathiang Muo  South Sudanese Australian (196-G/F-87)
 J Stanwix
 Lewis Thomas  British Australian (203-F-92)
 Chris Whitehead  USA (175-PG-92)
 Jarryd Moss
 Dwayne Radcliffe  (205-F/C-90)
 Cameron Brown  (197-F-96)
 Tiri Masunda  (185-PG-89)
 Jordan Hargraves
 Fraser Gehrich  (199-F-87)
 Matthew Young  (189-G-94)
 BJ Radcliffe  (190-G/F-88)

Players Joined
 Daniel Moser  from Sydney Comets (State League)  
Free Agents
 Kwaku Brefo
 K Campling
 James De Botton
 Hayden Forde
 Garang Gabriel
 Hakim Gabriel
 Daniel Moser
 Noah Cleur
 Darcy Emery
 Kulvir Grewal
 Joshua Chapman
 Joshua De Botton
 Patrick Emery  Scottish (185-G)

Players Joined
 Trevon Clayton  USA (198-F)  from Corio Bay S. (State League)  
 Mike Rose  USA (193-G-87)  from Knox R. (State League)  
Players Left
 Justin Schafer  (177-PG-83)  to Crailsheim II (Germany)  
Free Agents
 Bastian Allen
 Trevon Clayton  USA (198-F)
 P Forbes  (165-PG-75)
 W Hassan
 Bailey Kirkman
 D Lual
 J O'Rieley
 Hayden Pinder
 Mike Rose  USA (193-G-87)
 Luke Egan  (200-F-74)
 Lee Jeka  British Australian (193-G-83)
 Shaun Prasad
 Phill Renteria
 Mark Berezdecky  (198-F-93)
 Shaun Prendergast

Players Joined
 Brett Bonham  (190-G)  from Manly Warr. (State League)  
 Tyson Demos  (191-G-88)  from Hawks (NBL)  
 Patrick Lancaster  from BA CoE (State League)  
 Bushiri Nyembo  from N.Adelaide R. (State League)  
Players Left
 Sean Cranney  (188-G-97)  to W.Alabama (NCAA2)  
Free Agents
 Brett Bonham  (190-G)
 Kieren Corbyn
 Tyson Demos  (191-G-88)
 Jack Haddrick
 Patrick Lancaster
 Bushiri Nyembo
 Sean Quinn
 Riley Allen
 Lachlan Dent  (184-PG-0)
 Bailey O'Brien
 Jarrod Sorenson
 Sean Mullan  (198-G-90)
 Keelan Ward
 Alexander Beagley  (G)
 Scott Hunter

Players Joined
 Atem Bior  (201-G/F)  from N.Mexico Highlands (NCAA2)  
 Josh Derksen  (206-F-95)  from Ky Wesleyan (NCAA2)  
 Robert Manson  French Australian (203-F/C-86)  from Brisbane C. (State League)  
 Jason Ralph  (178-PG-95)  from Valley City St. (NAIA)  
 Luke Shelley  USA (188-G-91)  from Sherbrooke S. (State League)  
Players Left
 Kobe Robinson  (173-G)  to Point, GA (NAIA)  
 Jacob Wilson  (188-G)  to Belm.Abbey (NCAA2)  
Free Agents
 Atem Bior  (201-G/F)
 Josh Derksen  (206-F-95)
 Robert Manson  French Australian (203-F/C-86)
 Jason Ralph  (178-PG-95)
 Luke Shelley  USA (188-G-91)
 Jaryd Eustace  (201-G-94)
 Alec Godinet
 Grayson Pedwell
 Mitchell Poulain
 Jarrod Schulte
 Cooper Ward
 Ben Wilson  (198-G)
 Kyle Harvey  USA (196-F-91)
 James Legan  USA (190-G-87)
 Kane Bishop  (192-F-97)
 James Kuon  Sudanese (201-F/G-91)

Players Joined
 Wade Guerin  USA (208-C)  from Wisc.-River Falls (NCAA3)  
 Brendan Tucek  (196-F-95)  from Joondalup Wolves (State League)  
Players Left
 Richard Ross  USA (198-F-92)  to BC Mess (Luxembourg)  
 Ryan Wright  Canadian (206-C/F-87)  to Singapore S. (Singapore)  
Free Agents
 B Basso
 B Gaspar
 Wade Guerin  USA (208-C)
 Jamie Hepburn
 M Mckenna
 J Offereins
 Lachlan Strelein
 Brendan Tucek  (196-F-95)
 D Vlahov
 Bryce Kenny
 Jordan Wellsteed  (194-F/G)
 Sam Curtis  (188-G)
 Robert Huntington  (203-C/F)
 Trian Iliadis  Greek Australian (190-G-89)
 Ben Ironmonger  (186-G)
 Sean Easther  (194-F-89)
 Sebestian Salinas  Filipino (190-G-85)
 Damian Matacz  Irish Australian (204-C-79)
 Reece Maxwell  (186-G-90)
 Rhys Smyth  (176-G-89)

Players Joined
 Rob Brandenberg  USA (188-G-92)  from Naron (Spain)  
 Mitchell Kiernan  from Stirling S. (State League)  
 Jamieson Lewis  (197-F/G-93)  from Perth R. (State League)  
 James Pado  (207-C-96)  from Kalamunda E.S. (State League)  
 Brighton Pass  (192-G-95)  from East Perth E. (State League)  
 Tim Squire  (182-G-91)  from York Buccaneers (ABA)  
Players Left
 Courtney Belger  USA (187-G-89)  to Schalke (Germany)  
 Ryan Blanchett  (203-F/C-96)  to Florida National (USCAA)  
 Brandon McGill  USA (185-G-89)  to Muenster (Germany)  
Free Agents
 Rob Brandenberg  USA (188-G-92)
 Billy Grey
 Mitchell Kiernan
 Jamieson Lewis  (197-F/G-93)
 James Pado  (207-C-96)
 Brighton Pass  (192-G-95)
 Theron Pinker
 Tim Squire  (182-G-91)
 Carl Aylett  (181-G-97)
 Nathan Drown  (180-G-96)
 Anthony Edgar  (200-C-97)
 Billy Gray  (200-F/C-94)
 Cooper Lowe  (200-C-97)
 Kerrod Horn  (186-G/F-93)
 Jake Correia  (182-G-92)
 Jonathan Diaz  (183-G-93)

Players Joined
 Daniel Dillon  Trinidad and Tobago Australian (193-G-86)  from Hiroshima D. (Japan)  
 Gabriel Hadley  (190-G-98)  from Dandenong R. (State League)  
 Nelson Kirksey  USA (190-G-89)  from Woodville W. (State League)  
 Auryn MacMillan  (204-F/C-87)  from Rockhampton (State League)  
 Tariq Naqqash  (185-G)  from Ballarat M. (State League)  
 Owen Odigie  (196-F/G-93)  from United (NBL)  
 Blacio O'Wili  from Diamond V.E. (State League)  
 David Schaffert  from Hawthorn M. (State League)  
 Benjamin Ursich  (198-F-96)  from Augusta (NCAA2)  
Players Left
 Chris Patton  (208-F-91)  to Taipans (NBL)  
Free Agents
 J Ahale
 M Dielemans
 Daniel Dillon  Trinidad and Tobago Australian (193-G-86)
 Gabriel Hadley  (190-G-98)
 Nelson Kirksey  USA (190-G-89)
 Josh Kunen  (201-F-0)
 Auryn MacMillan  (204-F/C-87)
 Tariq Naqqash  (185-G)
 Owen Odigie  (196-F/G-93)
 Blacio O'Wili
 D O'Wili
 David Schaffert
 Benjamin Ursich  (198-F-96)
 J Adnam
 Alex Vanrenen  (188-G-87)
 Kieran Murphy  (202-F-92)

Players Joined
 Christopher Kaba  USA (203-F-88)  from Whittlesea City (State League)  
 Derrick McDonald  (189-G)  from Nunawading S. (State League)  
 Abraham Nyok  (203-C)  from Yellowstone Chr. (USCAA)  
Players Left
 Matt Hodgson  (211-C-91)  to 36ers (NBL)  
 Adam Thoseby  British Australian (198-G/F-91)  to Kings (NBL)  
 Ben Waterhouse  (190-G-95)  to Young Harris (NCAA2)  
Free Agents
 Corey Fiddes
 Christopher Kaba  USA (203-F-88)
 Derrick McDonald  (189-G)
 M Meunier
 Abraham Nyok  (203-C)
 A Munday-rashid
 D Parkinson
 L Parkinson
 Nikolaos Stamatopoulos
 Adrian Tomada
 Jake Eccleston
 Mitchell Unwin
 Dylan Hare  (193-F-93)
 Liam Carroll  (192-F-90)

Players Joined
 Devon Atkinson  USA (185-G)  from Rendsburg (Germany)  
 Michael Garbellini  from WA Metro ()  
 Mathew Schulz  (216-C)  from Lander (NCAA2)  
Players Left
 Andrew Ferguson  (211-C-98)  to San Diego (NCAA)  
 James Padgett  USA (203-C/F-91)  to Lugano Tigers (Switzerland)  
 Corey Shervill  (201-F-88)  to St.Edward's (NCAA2)  
Free Agents
 Devon Atkinson  USA (185-G)
 Nathan Beisley
 Michael Garbellini
 Rowan Mackenzie  (191-G/F)
 C Savill
 Mathew Schulz  (216-C)
 Matthew Vinci  (186-G-97)
 Nicholas Palleschi  (180-G)
 Hayden Bell  (188-G)
 Darrell Morgan  (194-G/F-90)
 Tom Parkinson  (200-F-89)
 Tareq El-Batanouny  (179-G-89)

Players Joined
 Bijan Johnson  USA (185-PG)  from N.Mex.Military (JUCO)  
 Christian Salecich  (190-G)  from Gold Coast R. (State League)  
Players Left
 Thomas Ammar  Australian Lebanese (199-G/F-87)  to Beirut Club (Lebanon)  
 Cameron Goldfinch  (198-G)  to Newman (NCAA2)  
 Samuel Johns  (193-G/F-95)  to 36ers (NBL)  
 Nelson Kahler  Australian Maltese (206-C-94)  to Itzehoe (Germany)  
 Keanau Post  Canadian (211-F-92)  to Beirut Club (Lebanon)  
 Mitch Young  (206-F-90)  to Bullets (NBL)  
Free Agents
 Dylan Harrison
 Bijan Johnson  USA (185-PG)
 Christian Salecich  (190-G)
 James Brackenbury
 Michael Cedar  (190-G/F-86)
 Ben Lealofi
 Brad Saul
 Sean Carroll  (180-PG-87)
 Jared Thompson  (F87)

Players Joined
 Lukass Blicavs  (192-G/F-93)  from Mt Gambier (State League)  
 Cameron Tragardh  (209-C/F-83)  from Cairns M. (State League)  
Players Left
 Shaun Bruce  (190-G-91)  to Bullets (NBL)  
 Lucas Walker  (202-F-84)  to Wildcats (NBL)  
Free Agents
 Lukass Blicavs  (192-G/F-93)
 Cameron Tragardh  (209-C/F-83)
 Chris Cedar  (188-G-88)
 Brayden Collins
 Tidjane Diop  (203-F-90)
 Jed Zupanovich
 Matt Gange  (190-PG-86)
 Hayden Wicks  (180-G-94)
 Mitchell Gamblin  (184-G-92)
 Luke Harvey  (204-F/C-91)
 Bradley Rasmussen  (196-F-84)

Players Joined
 Tyler Monroe  (201-F)  from Stanislaus Kats (ABA)  
Free Agents
 L Beavis
 Taiga Cantor
 Tyler Monroe  USA (201-F)
 Isaac Tieman
 Vili Foketi
 Daniel Millburn
 Nicholas Scott
 Philippe Danet  (180-PG-95)
 Terrell Turner
 Jack Edwards
 Samuel Huggins
 Joshua Clifford  (196-G-88)
 Luke Boyle  (189-G)

Players Joined
 Andrew Bowman  (185-G-85)  from Rockingham F. (State League)  
 Curtis Curtis  (206-F-95)  from Alaska-Anch. (NCAA2)  
 Akau Deng  (200-F-93)  from Hawthorn M. (State League)  
 Ricky Kreklow  USA (201-G/F-92)  from Bayer Giants (Germany)  
 Will McNeill  USA (185-G-90)  from Washburn (NCAA2)  
 Pal Ruot  (188-G/F-96)  from Rockingham F. (State League)  
Free Agents
 Damon Ballantyne
 Andrew Bowman  (185-G-85)
 Akau Deng  (200-F-93)
 Marshall Kearing
 Ricky Kreklow  USA (201-G/F-92)
 Cousteau Kyle
 Will McNeill  USA (185-G-90)
 C Miegel
 Pal Ruot  (188-G/F-96)
 Sam Julitz  (198-F)
 Daniel Munday  (191-G-85)
 Thomas Remmerswaal  (199-F/C-86)
 Chad Simpson  (200-F/C-96)
 Fletcher Klasztorny  (193-G/F-98)
 Taylor Mullenax  USA (200-F-86)
 Caiel Van Sambeeck  (193-G/F-93)

Players Joined
 Callaghan Charge  (193-G/F)  from Mars Hill (NCAA2)  
 Blake Gallatly  Canadian (193-G/F)
 Jermaine Maybank  USA (193-G-82)  from Hume City (State League)  
 Luke Neilson  (F)  from Waverley F. (State League)  
 Ivan Platenik  Croatian Australian (201-F-83)  from Waverley F. (State League)  
 Dillon Stith  USA (200-F-92)  from Belfast Star (Ireland)  
 Dondray Walker  USA (196-F-92)  from Corio Bay S. (State League)  
Players Left
 Max Cody  (185-G)  to Minot St. (NCAA2)  
Free Agents
 Callaghan Charge  (193-G/F)
 Blake Gallatly  Canadian (193-G/F)
 A Klas
 Jermaine Maybank  USA (193-G-82)
 Luke Neilson  (F)
 Ivan Platenik  Croatian Australian (201-F-83)
 Dillon Stith  USA (200-F-92)
 Dondray Walker  USA (196-F-92)
 Daniel Borbajo
 Neal Mueller  (192-G-89)
 Benji Tamir  Israeli Australian (192-G/F-91)
 Axel Dench  (211-C-76)
 Adrian Mueller

Players Joined
 Daryl Corletto  British Australian (193-G-81)  from Plymouth R. (United Kingdom)  
 Ben Dixon  (184-G-93)  from Perry Lakes H. (State League)  
 Ryan Oirbans  (208-F-92)
 Livai Smith  from Norths Bears (State League)  
 Sam Sykes  (206-F-93)  from Lamar CC (JUCO)  
 Nate Tomlinson  (192-G-89)  from United (NBL)  
Players Left
 Hugh Baxter  (203-F/C)  to Colgate (NCAA)  
 Ari Stewart  USA (200-F-90)  to Cape Breton H. (Canada)  
 Tom Wilson  (195-G-97)  to Partizan NIS (Serbia)  
Free Agents
 Daryl Corletto  British Australian (193-G-81)
 Ben Dixon  (184-G-93)
 Ryan Oirbans  (208-F-92)
 Livai Smith
 Sam Sykes  USA (206-F-93)
 Nate Tomlinson  (192-G-89)
 Paul Elderkin  British (196-G-87)
 Billy Hughes  (G94)
 James Todd

Players Joined
 Luke Jamieson  (200-F-94)  from Hawks (NBL)  
 Jack Madgen  (196-G-93)  from Taipans (NBL)  
 Matthew Sutton  (196-F-84)  from Steel City YJ (ABA)  
Players Left
 Daniel Alexander  (206-F-91)  to Austin S. (NBA G League)  
Free Agents
 Z de Wit
 Luke Jamieson  (200-F-94)
 John Jones
 Jack Madgen  (196-G-93)
 Matthew Sutton  (196-F-84)
 Brad Hill  (196-G/F-86)
 Lachlan Hunter
 Tom Daly  (182-G-91)
 Dellon Brown  (194-G-95)
 Erik Burdon  (190-G-85)
 Kane DeWit  (190-G-96)

Players Joined
 Thibaud Fraisse  from Maitland M. (State League)  
 Dane Suttle  USA (198-G/F-89)  from Brisbane C. (State League)  
Free Agents
 B Eather
 Jacob Foy
 Thibaud Fraisse
 Lachlan Jackson
 L Mason
 Joel Rauch
 Dane Suttle  USA (198-G/F-89)
 Laurence York
 Jacob Rauch
 Michael Wilson
 Jakob Dorricott
 Benjamin Hawkesley  (194-F)
 Nathan Ruprecht  (201-F/C)
 Cameron Springall  (182-PG)

Players Joined
 Mills Harrison  from Eastern M. (State League)  
 Robert Linton  (193-G)  from Nunawading S. (State League)  
 Luke Schenscher  (216-C-82)  from Singapore S. (Singapore)  
Players Left
 Anthony Drmic  Croatian Australian (198-G/F-92)  to 36ers (NBL)  
 Michael Nwelue  USA (195-F-93)  to Musel Pikes (Luxembourg)  
Free Agents
 J Adcock
 Mills Harrison
 Robert Linton  (193-G)
 Luke Schenscher  (216-C-82)
 Marko Bancevic
 Jordan Dodman  (203-F/C-88)
 Joseph Paxinos
 Brett Pinder
 Andrew Barton  (195-G/F)
 Craig Catford
 Daniel Peacock  (197-F/C-89)
 Timothy Smyth  (190-G/F-91)
 Hamish Staude  (183-G)
 Reece Turner  (182-G-90)
 Matthew Williams  (195-C-90)

Players Joined
 Darcy Aistrope  (191-G/F)  from Eastern M. (State League)  
 Aric Miller  USA (190-G-90)  from Los Mochis (Mexico)  
 Alexander Starling  USA (198-F-89)  from Southern T. (State League)  
Players Left
 Josh Graetz  (198-F)  to Fisher (NAIA)  
Free Agents
 Darcy Aistrope  (191-G/F)
 N Furse
 N Marshall
 Aric Miller  USA (190-G-90)
 S Parry
 Alexander Starling  USA (198-F-89)
 M Trandafil
 Raymond Harding
 G Saldavia
 Jake Crammond
 Brad Jonnek
 John Wernham  (200-F/C-88)
 Adam Schild
 Luke Mapunda  (194-G/F-85)
 Jordan Murphy  (G90)

Players Joined
 Sean Albert  from Penrith P. (State League)  
 Josh Garlepp  (203-F/C-89)  from Perry Lakes H. (State League)  
 Michael Golding  (198-F)  from Adrian College (NCAA3)  
 David Hazzard  (196-F)  from Hornsby S. (State League)  
 Ben Knight  British Australian (203-F-76)  from Kings (NBL)  
Players Left
 Brennan Rymer  (183-G)  to Alaska-Anch. (NCAA2)  
 Dan Trist  (206-F-92)  to Ourense (Spain)  
Free Agents
 Sean Albert
 A Bose
 Josh Garlepp  (203-F/C-89)
 Michael Golding  (198-F)
 David Hazzard  (196-F)
 Ben Knight  British Australian (203-F-76)
 Filip Andric
 Thomas Giles  New Zealand (180-G-88)
 Daniel Young  (205-C)
 Erik Dorbek  Estonian (196-F/G-82)
 Linden Smith-Hyde  (188-G)
 James Maccann
 Nick Blair  (185-G-87)

Players Joined
 Ben Mrowka  (196-F)  from Castleton State College (NCAA3)  
 Jerrell Sanders  USA (201-F)  from Goldfields G. (State League)  
 Kellen Smith  USA (185-G-93)  from Saginaw Valley (NCAA2)  
 James Spurritt  (193-F-92)  from Sturt S. (State League)  
 Nick Wurm  (183-G)  from North Iowa Area Community College (JUCO)  
Free Agents
 Luke Burford  (191-G/F)
 B Feirclough
 Benjamin Janssan  (193-F/G)
 Ben Mrowka  (196-F)
 Jerrell Sanders  USA (201-F)
 Kellen Smith  USA (185-G-93)
 James Spurritt  (193-F-92)
 E Steele
 Nick Wurm  (183-G)
 Jordan Girardi
 Shaun Pontifex
 Lachlan Cotton
 Adrian Blom
 Matthew Long
 Matthew Lycett  (194-G-90)
 Andrew Webber  (180-G-85)
 Daniel Webber  (191-G-87)

Players Joined
 Dyson King-Hawea  New Zealand (200-F-92)  from Ballarat M. (State League)  
 Sam McDonald  (84)  from Melbourne T. (State League)  
 Jack Saunders  from Dandenong R. (State League)  
 Dain Swetalla  USA (206-C-86)  from Frankston (State League)  
 Thomas Wright  from Kilsyth C. (State League)  
Free Agents
 Daniel Baxter
 Jack Gandolfo
 C Hronopoulos
 Dyson King-Hawea  New Zealand (200-F-92)
 Sam McDonald  (84)
 Jack Saunders
 Dain Swetalla  USA (206-C-86)
 Thomas Wright
 Maverick Clissold
 Ambros Eugster
 Jonathan Cooke  (205-F)
 Matt O'Hea  (196-G-82)
 Andrew Steel  (200-F-91)
 Jesse Caspersz  (201-G/F-89)
 Simon Conn  (206-F/C-83)

Players Joined
 Jeremiah Ingram  USA (201-F-93)  from Saarlouis/Dillingen (Germany)  
 Chudier Pal  (205-C/F-91)  from Rockingham F. (State League)  
 Ben Richmond  (194-SG-93)  from Canberra G. (State League)  
 Daniel Sepokas  (190-G-90)  from Logan T. (State League)  
Players Left
 Ahmad Starks  USA (175-PG-92)  to KW Titans (Canada)  
Free Agents
 Brady Armostrong
 Tre Armostrong
 Nicholas Bingham
 Jeremiah Ingram  USA (201-F-93)
 Kobe Jackson
 Chudier Pal  (205-C/F-91)
 Ben Richmond  (194-SG-93)
 Daniel Sepokas  (190-G-90)
 Ben Woolley
 Brady Armstrong
 Akeem Richmond  USA (185-PG-91)
 Bradley Simpson  (198-F-90)
 Joe Chilcott  (193-G/F-96)
 Emmitt Smith
 Joel Beveridge  (183-G-92)

Players Joined
 Matthew Adekponya  (194-G-90)  from Naestved (Denmark)  
 Travis Hayto  (192-G/F-90)  from Cockburn C. (State League)  
 Robert Waters  (185-PG-93)  from North Lake CC (JUCO)  
 Luke Wilson  from Cockburn C. (State League)  
Players Left
 Bryton Hobbs  USA (183-G-91)  to Teuta (Albania)  
Free Agents
 Matthew Adekponya  (194-G-90)
 Mitchell Clarke  (185-G-99)
 Travis Hayto  (192-G/F-90)
 Jack McDonald
 H Warden
 Robert Waters  USA (185-PG-93)
 Luke Wilson
 Brian Carlwell  USA (211-C-87)
 Trent Criddle  (190-G)
 C Hamilton
 Jordan Hickert  (206-F/C-90)
 F Hombergen
 Bailey Cole-Heath  (202-F)
 Ryan Smith  (192-G-92)
 Jake Cannell  (183-G)
 Robert Cassir  (195-G-91)
 Ben Purser  (201-F-90)
 Jackson Simkovic  (196-F/G-94)
 Ryan O'Sullivan  (194-G/F)

Players Joined
 Kyle Bowen  (200-F-0)  from BA CoE (State League)  
 Diing Mawein  (193-F/G-98)  from N.S.Wales C. ()  
 Geordie Murray  (194-G/F-92)  from Kalamunda E.S. (State League)  
 Marshall Nelson  (188-G-94)  from Wayland Baptist (NAIA)  
 Shawn Redhage  USA Australian (203-F-81)  from Wildcats (NBL)  
 Tyler Viskovich  (203-F/C)  from Wayland Baptist (NAIA)  
Players Left
 Lee Roberts  USA (201-F/C-87)  to Virtus Roma (Italy)  
 Michael Vigor  (206-F/C-90)  to Bristol AF (United Kingdom)  
Free Agents
 Kyle Bowen  (200-F-0)
 Riley Chappell  (198-G)
 J Collard
 Matthew Giorgi  (178-PG-98)
 Neema Kazemi
 Diing Mawein  (193-F/G-98)
 Geordie Murray  (194-G/F-92)
 Marshall Nelson  (188-G-94)
 Shawn Redhage  USA Australian (203-F-81)
 Tyler Viskovich  (203-F/C)
 F Doyle
 Isaac Gattorna-Hargrave
 Jordan Herbert
 Jayden Stone  (185-G-0)
 Benjamin Smith  (192-G-89)
 Jack Wagner  (185-G)
 Joel Wagner  (181-G-87)

Players Joined
 Jacob Gibson  USA (198-G-93)  from Harding (NCAA2)  
 Mike McCahey  USA (196-F)  from St.Anselm (NCAA2)  
 Stefan Osborne  (183-G-92)  from Coker (NCAA2)  
Free Agents
 Kaide Fittolani
 Jacob Gibson  USA (198-G-93)
 T Martin
 Mike McCahey  USA (196-F)
 Stefan Osborne  (183-G-92)
 Matthew Roberts
 Matthew Fennell  (F)
 Nathan Truman  (187-G-82)
 Trevor Latham  (203-C)
 Maxwell Sutton
 Shaun Clarke  (204-F/C)
 Matthew Snowball  (G)

Players Joined
 Jack Lopez  (196-F-94)  from Montana (NCAA)  
 James Mitchell  (194-G/F-91)  from Cairns M. (State League)  
 Luke Pickard  from Bundaberg B. (State League)  
 David Wagner  Canadian (206-F-92)  from UBC ()  
 Taylor Young  (193-G-90)  from Bellevue (NAIA)  
Players Left
 Chris Fowler  USA (185-G-93)  to Baunach (Germany)  
 Rashad Hassan  USA (203-C/F-89)  to RAC Basket (France)  
 Demond Watt  USA (200-F-89)  to Gries/Oberhoffen (France)  
Free Agents
 Jack Lopez  (196-F-94)
 James Mitchell  (194-G/F-91)
 Luke Pickard
 David Wagner  Canadian (206-F-92)
 Taylor Young  USA (193-G-90)
 J Zulian
 K Zulian
 Connor Austin
 Leon Christensen
 Jayden Kenny
 Mylique Prior
 Damon Christensen
 Jared Blanchard  (188-G/F-97)
 Trevor Corrigan  (199-F)

Players Joined
 Beau Samuelson  (183-PG)  from Geraldton B. (State League)  
 Vincent Zollo  (206-F-92)  from NW Florida St. JC (JUCO)  
Players Left
 Donovon Jack  USA (206-F-93)  to Bayer Giants (Germany)  
 Dexter Kernich-Drew  (201-G-91)  to Wildcats (NBL)  
Free Agents
 Beau Samuelson  (183-PG)
 L Travers
 Vincent Zollo  USA (206-F-92)
 Dain Samuelson  (179-G)
 Kyle Beard  (201-F/C)
 Ryan Godfrey  (187-G-90)
 Justin Beard  (200-G/F)
 Matthew Honey  (183-G-94)
 Luke Roberts  (185-G-96)
 Dylan Jeffrey
 Jarryd Griffin  (186-G/F-87)
 Ryan Jeffrey  (194-G)

Players Joined
 Jamie Batish  (193-G-93)  from Cheshire P. (United Kingdom)  
 Daniel Florance  (194-G-93)  from Mandurah M. (State League)  
 Justin Gordon  (198-F-93)  from Z*Chattanooga (Eurobasket S.League)  
 Igor Hadziomerovic  Bosnia and Herzegovina Australian (193-G-92)  from Araberri (Spain)  
Players Left
 Aquill Baynard  (203-F)  to Houston X. (NEBA)  
 Jerry Evans  USA (203-F-90)  to Taipans (NBL)  
 Ethan O'Day  USA (206-F)  to Uni Baskets (Germany)  
Free Agents
 Jamie Batish  British (193-G-93)
 Daniel Florance  (194-G-93)
 Justin Gordon  USA (198-F-93)
 Igor Hadziomerovic  Bosnia and Herzegovina Australian (193-G-92)
 Cameron Taylor
 Finn Kenny
 Lachlan Lemons
 Alister Macdonald  (186-G-92)
 James Cigognini
 Nathan Crosswell  (190-G-79)
 Alex Lemons
 Stefan Uzelac  (191-G-92)

Players Joined
 Adam Blight  (199-F/C-83)  from Woodville W. (State League)  
 Eian Davis  (185-G-90)  from Baltimore Hawks (ABA)  
 Cameron Myles  (185-G-88)
 William Pongrac  (187-G)  from Barstow CC (JUCO)  
Players Left
 Caleb Davis  (206-F-95)  to 36ers (NBL)  
 Jarmal Reid  USA (201-F-93)  to Toros (Mexico)  
Free Agents
 Adam Blight  (199-F/C-83)
 Adam Brown
 Kristian Ciabattoni
 Eian Davis  USA (185-G-90)
 J Hoppo  (201-F)
 Cameron Myles  (185-G-88)
 William Pongrac  (187-G)
 Patrick Jonczyk
 S Lawson  (199-F)
 Matthew Walls  USA (190-G-88)
 Elijah Minear-Kulpinski  (198-F)
 Ben Regester  (191-G/F)
 Shane Boal  (183-PG-86)
 Ryan Gardner  (195-F/G-93)
 Jay O'Brien
 Jeremy Read  (202-F-88)
 Thomas McKenzie  (195-F-86)

Players Joined
 Jake Allen  (193-F)  from Gladstone P. (State League)  
 Jarred Bairstow  (201-F-92)  from Bullets (NBL)  
 Jarrod Gamble  (206-C)  from Gold Coast R. (State League)  
 William Sinclair  (203-C-92)  from Kilsyth C. (State League)  
 Robert Sullivan  (193-F/G-94)  from Brisbane S. (State League)  
 Verle Williams Jr.  (180-G-97)  from SW Metro P. (State League)  
Players Left
 Tyrell Harrison  (213-C-99)  to Bullets (NBL)  
 Daniel Kickert  Dutch Australian (208-C/F-83)  to Bullets (NBL)  
 Tanner McGrew  USA (203-F-93)  to Saint-Chamond (France)  
 Brendan Teys  (188-G-90)  to 36ers (NBL)  
Free Agents
 Jake Allen  (193-F)
 Jarred Bairstow  (201-F-92)
 Jarrod Gamble  (206-C)
 Max Kerle
 Tendakai Machado
 William Sinclair  (203-C-92)
 Robert Sullivan  (193-F/G-94)
 Verle Williams Jr.  (180-G-97)
 Callum Bennie
 Alexander Boardman  (198-F-95)
 Christian Pang  (193-F/G)
 Jackson Pollock  (185-G-96)
 Ryan Vines  (178-G-91)
 Verle Williams  (176-G-76)

Players Joined
 Chris Douglas  (201-F)  from Knox R. (State League)  
 Michael Lay  USA (180-G-83)  from Perry Lakes H. (State League)  
 Cory Richardson  (186-G-93)
 Tim Vogel  (185-G/F-87)  from Mainz (Germany)  
Players Left
 Tre Nichols  USA (180-G-89)  to Uhud (Saudi Arabia)  
 Brian Voelkel  USA Irish (196-F-92)  to Kongsberg (Norway)  
Free Agents
 Chris Douglas  (201-F)
 Brody England
 Lucas Goff
 K Hutton
 Michael Lay  USA (180-G-83)
 P O'Neill
 Cory Richardson  (186-G-93)
 Tim Vogel  German (185-G/F-87)
 Travis Durnin
 Teny Puot  South Sudanese (180-G-91)
 Daniel Woods
 Ty Harrelson  USA Australian (193-G-80)
 Clive Weeden  USA Australian (206-C/F-87)

Players Joined
 Jesse Dixon  (192-G-89)  from Lakeside L. (State League)  
 Logan Thwaites  (198-F)  from Joondalup Wolves (State League)  
 Corban Wroe  (185-G-92)  from Wildcats (NBL)  
Players Left
 Cody Ellis  (203-F-90)  to Hawks (NBL)  
 Andrew Naymick  USA (209-C-85)  to Tochigi Brex (Japan)  
 Joshua Throns  (196-G-93)  to Wayland Baptist (NAIA)  
 Rhys Vague  (204-F-96)  to Wildcats (NBL)  
Free Agents
 Oliver Cross
 Jesse Dixon  (192-G-89)
 Majier Garang
 J Gartlan
 Alier Riak
 Logan Thwaites  (198-F)
 Corban Wroe  (185-G-92)
 Jay Thwaites  (193-G/F)
 Jayden Coburn  (191-G)
 Ashley Litterick  (202-F/C)
 Thomas Witts  (194-G/F-84)
 Austin Bruton  (173-G-80)

Players Joined
 Claybrin McMath  (203-F/C-90)  from Albury W.B. (State League)  
 Daniel Nash  from Frankston (State League)  
Players Left
 Harry Reemst  to Lake Region CC (JUCO)  
 Jacob Rigoni  (198-G-98)  to Quinnipiac (NCAA)  
 Jack Turnbull  (190-G)  to Mayville St. (NAIA)  
 Isaac White  (185-G-98)  to Stanford (NCAA)  
Free Agents
 Ben Carter  (99)
 Claybrin McMath  (203-F/C-90)
 Daniel Nash
 Hamish Burns  (190-G)
 Nikolas Desantis
 Cale Matthews
 Josh Owen-Thomas  British (185-PG-92)
 Jan Warbout  (201-F-91)
 Max Calligeros  Greek Australian (197-F/C-92)
 Tim Klaosen  (196-G/F-89)
 Mark Bauer  (187-G-83)

Players Joined
 Illiwa Baldwin  Papua New Guinea Australian (212-F/C-86)  from Logan T. (State League)  
 Matthew Donaldson  (194-F-93)  from Sunshine CR (State League)  
 Jeromie Hill  (203-F-91)  from Kings (NBL)  
 Breland Hogan  USA (185-G)  from Nunawading S. (State League)  
 Sioutu Maiava  (189-G-89)  from Northside W. (State League)  
 CJ Massingale  USA (191-G-82)  from Northside W. (State League)  
 Hayden Reed  (190-G-89)  from Sunshine CR (State League)  
 Bradley Williamson  (196-F/G-81)  from Rockhampton (State League)  
 Toby Zaremba  (198-G/F-78)  from Northside W. (State League)  
Players Left
 Tom Fullarton  (200-G/F-99)  to Bullets (NBL)  
 Matthew Kenyon  (195-G-98)  to Bullets (NBL)  
Free Agents
 Illiwa Baldwin  Papua New Guinea Australian (212-F/C-86)
 Matthew Donaldson  (194-F-93)
 Jeromie Hill  (203-F-91)
 Breland Hogan  USA (185-G)
 Sioutu Maiava  (189-G-89)
 CJ Massingale  USA (191-G-82)
 Hayden Reed  (190-G-89)
 Bradley Williamson  (196-F/G-81)
 Toby Zaremba  (198-G/F-78)
 Bede Hooper
 Connor Ward
 Michael Goff  (185-G-77)

Players Joined
 Filipo Eliseo  (194-G/F-92)  from Caboolture S. (State League)  
 Zane Meehl  New Zealand Australian (188-G-86)  from Suncoast PC (State League)  
 Zeke Meehl  New Zealand Australian (181-G-88)  from Suncoast PC (State League)  
 Malakai Mitchell  (195-G/F-83)  from Suncoast PC (State League)  
 Joshua Tueta  (202-F/C-89)  from Brisbane S. (State League)  
Players Left
 Jack Ocwieja  (211-C-93)  to Stella Azzurra (Italy)  
 Isaih Tueta  (187-G-91)  to Bullets (NBL)  
Free Agents
 Tom Cordwell
 Filipo Eliseo  (194-G/F-92)
 Zane Meehl  New Zealand Australian (188-G-86)
 Zeke Meehl  New Zealand Australian (181-G-88)
 Malakai Mitchell  (195-G/F-83)
 Nelson Rames
 Joshua Tueta  (202-F/C-89)
 Josh Walters
 Connor Bloom  (200-F-0)
 Riley Cordwell
 Lance Hurdle  USA (188-G-87)
 Louis Ilton  (191-G)
 Rory Sutton  (200-F/C-89)

Players Joined
 Josh Biber  (196-G/F-91)  from Z*Portugal (Eurobasket S.League)  
Players Left
 Geoff Gerlach  (203-F)  to Concordia Irvine (NCAA2)  
Free Agents
 Josh Biber  USA (196-G/F-91)
 Marcus Duffy
 Ethan-james Laudato  (188-G-0)
 Ateir Manzl
 Patrick Williamson
 Evan Apolony
 Joshil Wallis
 Daniel Berends  (205-C)
 Bailey Musulin
 Isaac Turner  USA (191-SG-92)
 Jake Wilson  (193-F/G-88)
 Dejan Marjanovic  (183-G)
 Robert Simonovski
 Daniel Hill  (173-G-93)
 Daniel Richardson  (192-G/F-75)

Players Left
 Christian Jurlina  (196-F)  to Kings (NBL)  
Free Agents
 D Carniel
 Reece Craigie  (188-G)
 N Henty-brown
 Will McPhee
 Nate Sutton
 Z Tosic
 J Weldon
 Louis Brandt  (F)
 William Pearce
 Adrian Cabrera
 Luke Overs  USA (198-F)
 Sam Hyman  (190-G)
 Alex Overs
 Tom Dawson  (197-F/C)
 Johnny Jovine  (193-G-86)

Players Joined
 Jay Washington  USA (183-G)  from Northumbria (United Kingdom)  
Players Left
 Jalil Abdul-Bassit  USA (193-G)  to SK Tirana (Albania)  
Free Agents
 Mitchell Davis
 Volonte Mbaiornon
 Marty Nolen
 Joshua Ozegovic  (198-F-0)
 Joel Seaby
 Jay Washington  USA (183-G)
 Sam Boon
 Stiephanos Dokshen
 Jack Gallagher
 Adam Gehrig
 Sydney Hume  (203-F/C-93)
 Jason Ebneter  (183-G-95)
 Manylok Malek  (201-F-94)
 Cameron Weber  (190-G-88)
 Marshall Adams
 Paul Aleer  Sudanese Australian (213-C-94)

Players Joined
 Ethan Betts  (188-G)  from Umpqua College (JUCO)  
Players Left
 Jamell Anderson  British (200-F-90)  to La Roda (Spain)  
 Justin Baker  USA (203-F/C-89)  to Apoel (Cyprus)  
 Todd Blanchfield  (200-F/G-91)  to Kings (NBL)  
 Joshua Wilcher  British Australian (178-PG-91)  to Itzehoe (Germany)  
Free Agents
 Ethan Betts  (188-G)
 Jeremy Myles
 Leonard Warrington
 Peter Crawford  (193-G/F-79)
 Matthew Wight
 Luke Brennan  (201-F/C-81)
 Jarrad Figg
 Jordan Baleikatuba  (196-F-93)
 Keegan Tudehope  (195-G-88)
 Brendan McCully  (191-G-84)
 Max Murray  (192-G/F-86)
 Matthew Rees  (205-C-87)

Players Joined
 Brandon Beasley  USA (196-F-88)  from Sparta (Luxembourg)  
 Michael Harper  (193-G/F)  from Melbourne T. (State League)  
 Dean Neville  (206-C)  from Ark.-Fort Smith (NCAA2)  
 Jason Reardon  (189-G-83)  from Corio Bay S. (State League)  
Players Left
 Desmond Simmons  USA (198-F-92)  to Marin (Spain)  
Free Agents
 Brandon Beasley  USA (196-F-88)
 K Benn
 Pat Golong
 Michael Harper  (193-G/F)
 James Italia
 Dylan Larkin
 Timothy Liesting
 Dean Neville  (206-C)
 Jason Reardon  (189-G-83)
 Declan Tennent
 Matthew Scammell  (95)
 Chris Arkell  (198-F-90)
 Bradley Kelleher  (182-PG-86)
 Tom Boyle  (203-F)

Players Joined
 Wilson Arob  Sudanese Australian (208-F/C-90)  from Bulleen B. (State League)  
 Deng Majok  from Forestville E. (State League)  
 Nathan Wilson  (201-F-85)  from Nunawading S. (State League)  
Players Left
 Jeremy Smith  USA (190-G)  to Breidablik (Iceland)  
Free Agents
 Blake Allison
 Wilson Arob  Sudanese Australian (208-F/C-90)
 Adetomi Ayilara
 Daniaell Herbert
 Deng Majok
 Nathan Wilson  (201-F-85)
 Fred Hunter  USA (196-F-89)
 Dion Jewell  (180-PG-88)
 Nicholas Morda
 Anthony Luxford
 Jordan Hughes  USA (192-G-92)
 Jonathan Sonda
 Justin Ward  (195-F-81)

Players Joined
 Harold Ridgeway  (203-F/C)  from Kishwaukee CC (JUCO)  
 Patrick Thomas  (190-G)  from Mary (NCAA2)  
Players Left
 Tom Kubank  (201-F)  to Mary (NCAA2)  
 Grantley Mildenhall  (189-G-98)  to Lake Region CC (JUCO)  
 Dee Oldham  USA (193-G-94)  to Al Sadd (Qatar)  
Free Agents
 M Fauser
 Lachlan Haufe  (189-G/F)
 M Hilton
 F Johnson
 Harold Ridgeway  USA (203-F/C)
 Mitchell Squire
 Patrick Thomas  (190-G)
 Jordan West  (203-C)
 C Prider
 Lucas Valk  (181-G)
 Todd Winter  (194-G/F)
 Tristan Braithwaite  (183-G-85)
 Rhys Daddow  (195-F/C-91)
 Paul Rankin  (192-F-84)
 Blake Truslove  (204-C-79)
 Anthony Spadavecchia  (181-G-87)

Players Joined
 Tremaine Dalton  (191-G-83)  from Orange Cnty N. (ABA)  
 Terrance Swayne  USA (201-F)  from Holy Names (NCAA2)  
 Dean Van Lunenburg  (206-F/C)  from Baker (NAIA)  
Players Left
 Ronald Lucas III  (190-G-93)  to Ft.Wayne F. (CBA)  
Free Agents
 T Andersen
 Dominic Bruno
 Tremaine Dalton  USA (191-G-83)
 Nathan Freeman
 Serhan Kalistu
 Aaron Kearing
 Jonathan Maybank
 Emmerson Potts-Broughton
 Taane Samuel  New Zealand (200-F-99)
 Rory Smith
 Terrance Swayne  USA (201-F)
 Dean Van Lunenburg  (206-F/C)
 Thomas Watson
 Aidan Zeverona

Players Joined
 Jay Bowie  USA (196-G/F-92)  from Surrey S. (United Kingdom)  
 Ray Turner  USA (206-F-90)  from Falco-Vulcano (Hungary)  
Free Agents
 Jay Bowie  USA (196-G/F-92)
 M Cook
 Luke Jackson
 B Lee
 Ray Turner  USA (206-F-90)
 Lachlan Evans
 Mitchell Hampson
 Kyle Armour  (183-G-89)
 Nicholas Cody  (202-F/C)
 Michael Collins  (203-F-97)
 Damien Scott  (190-G-92)
 Matt Allen  (200-F)
 Mitchell Clarke  (185-G-93)
 Andrew Black  (190-G-94)
 Hayden Noordhoek  (188-G-93)
 Daniel Casey  (197-F-92)

Players Joined
 Daniel Carlin  (206-C-93)  from C.District L. (State League)  
 Ryan Clark  (203-F-94)  from Woodville W. (State League)  
 Christopher Clausen  (198-G/F-87)  from C.District L. (State League)  
 Jason Luhnow  USA (185-G)  from Lewis & Clark (NCAA3)  
 Sean Richardson  (188-G-93)  from Norwood F. (State League)  
 Myles Thiele  from C.District L. (State League)  
Free Agents
 Daniel Carlin  (206-C-93)
 Ryan Clark  (203-F-94)
 Christopher Clausen  (198-G/F-87)
 Jason Luhnow  USA (185-G)
 R Meldrum
 J Peters
 Matthew Rehbein
 Sean Richardson  (188-G-93)
 Myles Thiele
 Bradley Squire
 Alex Maiorana
 Jack Maiorana
 Daniel McKee
 Darren Ng  (189-G-83)
 Luke Stanbridge  (192-F-90)
 Adam Miller  (187-G/F-84)

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