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Hugh McAuliffe

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Australian Basketball (Men)

NBL Standings
 1. United 18-10 
 2. Wildcats 18-10 
 3. Hawks 17-11 
 4. Breakers 16-12 
 5. 36ers 14-14 
 6. Taipans 12-16 
 7. Crocodiles 11-17 
 8. Kings 6-22 
State Standings
Big V
 1. Corio Bay S. 11-2 
 2. Knox R. 10-1 
 3. Waverley F. 8-3 
 4. Hume City 8-4 
 5. Diamond V.E. 8-4 
 6. Ringwood H. 7-4 
 7. McKinnon C. 7-4 
 8. Eltham W. 4-8 
 9. Werribee D. 3-10 
 10. Hawthorn M. 2-9 
 11. Whittlesea City 2-10 
 12. Bulleen B. 0-11 
Premier League
 1. Southern T. 10-1 
 2. Norwood F. 9-2 
 3. Woodville W. 8-3 
 4. Sturt S. 7-4 
 5. Forestville E. 7-4 
 6. W.Adelaide B. 5-6 
 7. N.Adelaide R. 4-7 
 8. S.Adelaide P. 2-9 
 9. C.District L. 2-9 
 10. Eastern M. 1-10 
 1. Townsville H. 5-0 
 2. Brisbane 5-3 
 3. Suncoast PC 4-0 
 4. Logan T. 4-2 
 5. Gladstone P. 3-2 
 6. Rockhampton 3-3 
 7. SW Metro P. 2-2 
 8. Mackay M. 2-3 
 9. Sunshine CR 1-2 
 10. Ipswich F. 1-3 
 11. Bundaberg B. 1-3 
 12. Cairns M. 1-3 
 13. Gold Coast R. 1-3 
 14. Toowoomba M. 1-4 
 1. Joondalup Wolves 11-2 
 2. Cockburn C. 11-3 
 3. Willetton T. 10-4 
 4. Geraldton B. 10-5 
 5. Rockingham F. 10-6 
 6. Stirling S. 10-6 
 7. Perth Redbacks 7-7 
 8. Perry Lakes H. 7-8 
 9. Goldfields G. 6-9 
 10. East Perth E. 5-9 
 11. SW Slammers 4-9 
 12. Lakeside L. 4-9 
 13. Mandurah M. 4-11 
 14. Kalamunda E.S. 1-12 
 1. Geelong S. 8-4 
 2. Brisbane S. 7-4 
 3. Nunawading S. 7-6 
 4. Albury W.B. 6-6 
 5. Canberra G. 6-7 
 6. Ballarat M. 5-4 
 7. Dandenong R. 5-7 
 8. Melbourne T. 2-10 
 1. Hobart C. 9-2 
 2. Bendigo B. 8-4 
 3. Mt Gambier 7-4 
 4. N W Tasmania 7-4 
 5. Kilsyth C. 5-5 
 6. Sandringham S. 4-7 
 7. Frankston 3-8 
 8. BA CoE 0-7 
 1. Norths Bears 12-1 
 2. Sydney Comets 8-3 
 3. Newcastle H. 8-5 
 4. Cent.Coast C. 7-3 
 5. Hornsby S. 7-5 
 6. Bankstown B. 6-5 
 7. Maitland M. 5-6 
 8. Manly Warr. 3-8 
 9. Sutherland S. 3-8 
 10. Illawarra H. 2-9 
 11. Hills H. 2-10 
Points Per Game
 Jerome RANDLE
  Avg: 23
 1. Randle, Zalgiris23.0 
 2. Childress, Kings21.0 
 3. Penney, Hawks20.4 
 4. Webster, Breakers19.9 
 5. Lisch, Hawks19.4 
 6. Goulding, Auxilium.18.4 
 7. Harrington, Kings17.7 
 8. Ogilvy, Hawks16.4 
 9. Prather, Wildcats16.3 
 10. Beal, Wildcats15.6 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 9.3
 1. Johnson, 36ers9.3 
 2. Samhan, San German8.9 
 3. Ogilvy, Hawks8.5 
 4. Knight, Wildcats7.9 
 5. Jackson, Breakers7.8 
 6. Childress, Kings7.8 
 7. Vukona, Breakers7.5 
 8. Khazzouh, Kings7.5 
 9. Majok, United7.1 
 10. Kay, Southland S.6.8 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 6.4
 1. Jackson, Breakers6.4 
 2. Randle, Zalgiris5.2 
 3. Martin, Hawks4.2 
 4. Gibson, 36ers4.1 
 5. Beal, Wildcats3.6 
 6. Holt, Andorra3.6 
 7. Cadee, Bankstow.3.5 
 8. Lisch, Hawks3.3 
 9. Jett, Southland S.3.3 
 10. Martin, Wildcats3.3 
Steals Per Game
 Damian MARTIN
  Avg: 1.8
 1. Martin, Wildcats1.8 
 2. Lisch, Hawks1.8 
 3. Ogilvy, Hawks1.5 
 4. Jackson, Breakers1.3 
 5. Childress, Kings1.2 
 6. Prather, Wildcats1.2 
 7. Creek, 36ers1.1 
 8. Webster, Breakers1.1 
 9. Jett, Southland S.1.1 
 10. Khazzouh, Kings1.1 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.8
 1. Khazzouh, Kings1.8 
 2. Ogilvy, Hawks1.7 
 3. Childress, Kings1.7 
 4. Pledger, Breakers1.5 
 5. Brandt, Neptunas1.2 
 6. Jervis, Wildcats1.2 
 7. Samhan, San German1.1 
 8. Craig, Wellington1.1 
 9. Jackson, Breakers1.1 
 10. Vandenberg, Kings0.8 

Play-Off bracket
Next Round Schedule

Round 13 (Regular Season)

Eastern M. Jun.4 Woodville W 91%
S.Adelaide P Jun.4 Norwood F. 90%
Southern T. 90% Jun.4 N.Adelaide R
W.Adelaide B 78% Jun.4 C.District L
Forestville 56% Jun.4 Sturt S.
Big V
Corio Bay S 94% Jun.5 Whittlesea C
Waverley F. 59% Jun.5 Hume City
Diamond V.E Jun.5 Knox R. 57%
Werribee D. 76% Jun.5 Bulleen B.
Hawthorn M. Jun.5 Ringwood H. 82%
McKinnon C. 87% Jun.4 Hawthorn M.
Eltham W. Jun.4 Hume City 67%
Knox R. 59% Jun.4 Corio Bay S
Brisbane 75% Jun.5 Mackay M.
Toowoomba M 54% Jun.5 Bundaberg B
Gold Coast R Jun.5 SW Metro P. 66%
Logan T. 86% Jun.4 Gold Coast R
Ipswich F. Jun.4 Toowoomba M 53%
SW Metro P. 63% Jun.4 Bundaberg B
Cairns M. Jun.4 Gladstone P 79%
Sunshine CR 69% Jun.4 Mackay M.
Suncoast PC 88% Jun.3 Mackay M.
Townsville H 75% Jun.3 Gladstone P
SW Slammers Jun.5 Stirling S. 75%
Geraldton B 75% Jun.4 Goldfields G
Perry Lakes Jun.4 Willetton T 64%
Joondalup Wo 91% Jun.4 Mandurah M.
Lakeside L. Jun.4 Cockburn C. 85%
Rockingham F 66% Jun.3 Perth Redbac
Kalamunda E Jun.3 E.Perth E. 66%
Dandenong R 55% Jun.5 Ballarat M.
BA CoE Jun.5 Melbourne T 78%
Albury W.B. 72% Jun.4 Sandringham
Canberra G. 69% Jun.4 Melbourne T
Ballarat M. Jun.4 Hobart C. 56%
Brisbane S. 70% Jun.4 Bendigo B.
Nunawading S 50% Jun.4 Dandenong R
Kilsyth C. Jun.4 Geelong S. 64%
Frankston Jun.4 N W Tasmania 67%
BA CoE Jun.3 Hobart C. 96%
Mt Gambier 62% Jun.3 N W Tasmania
Hills H. Jun.5 Manly Warr. 64%
Cent.Coast C 69% Jun.5 Maitland M.
Sutherland S Jun.4 Sydney Comet 82%
Illawarra H Jun.4 Bankstown B 72%
Hornsby S. Jun.4 Norths Bears 66%
Maitland M. 50% Jun.4 Newcastle H
NBL All-Star Reserves named - Dec 12, 2012

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The National Basketball League has revealed the ten bench players who will participate in the 2012 NBL All-Star Game to be played in Adelaide on 22 December, with former number six NBA Draft pick Jonny Flynn of the Melbourne Tigers and Australian Boomers star Adam Gibson of the hometown Adelaide 36ers included amongst the selections.

The ten starters for the event were revealed last week and were chosen by a fan vote, whilst the 10 bench players were selected by the League office.

The North All-Stars bench will consist of Gary Ervin (Townsville Crocodiles), Corin Henry (Sydney Kings), Lance Hurdle (Wollongong Hawks), Clint Steindl (Cairns Taipans) and Ian Crosswhite (Sydney Kings).

The Souths bench will be made up of Jonny Flynn (Melbourne Tigers), Adam Gibson (Adelaide 36ers), Chris Goulding (Melbourne Tigers), Anthony Petrie (Adelaide 36ers) and Shawn Redhage (Perth Wildcats).

The selection is a just reward for Townsvilles Gary Ervin, who actually garnered more fan votes than two of the players who will start for the North but missed out on selection as he was the third guard to feature in the popular vote.

London Olympian Adam Gibson will join South fellow reserve Anthony Petrie and starter Daniel Johnson as the three Adelaide 36ers representatives who will take the floor at Adelaide Arena before their home crowd in the All-Star Game.

The selection of Jonny Flynn should also meet with approval, as he finished tenth in fan voting amongst all South players despite only being added to the ballot late in the voting process after joining the Tigers mid-season.

New Zealands Andrej Lemanis will coach the South All-Stars, while Wollongongs Gordie McLeod will coach the North after the pair finished Round Nine with the best records in the NBL.



PG: Adris Deleon (Wollongong Hawks)
SG: Ben Madgen (Sydney Kings)
SF: Oscar Forman (Wollongong Hawks)
PF: Darnell Lazare (Sydney Kings)
C: Cameron Tragardh (Cairns Taipans)

Corin Henry (Sydney Kings)
Gary Ervin (Townsville Crocodiles)
Lance Hurdle (Wollongong Hawks)
Clint Steindl (Cairns Taipans)
Ian Crosswhite (Sydney Kings)

Coach: Gordon McLeod (Wollongong Hawks)


PG: Cedric Jackson (New Zealand Breakers)
SG: Kevin Lisch (Perth Wildcats)
SF: Thomas Abercrombie (New Zealand Breakers)
PF: Seth Scott (Melbourne Tigers)
C: Daniel Johnson (Adelaide 36ers)

Jonny Flynn (Melbourne Tigers)
Adam Gibson (Adelaide 36ers)
Chris Goulding (Melbourne Tigers)
Shawn Redhage (Perth Wildcats)
Anthony Petrie (Adelaide 36ers)

Coach: Andrej Lemanis (New Zealand Breakers)

Ari Stewart
Tigers tab Ari Stewart - May 28, 2016

Melbourne Tigers (SEABL) inked 26-year old American forward Ari Stewart (200-93kg-90, college: USC). He moved there from Sandringham Sabres (SEABL-South) where he started the season, having recently left the team. In 9 SEABL games he averaged impressive 20.0ppg and 7.3rpg this season. Stewart has played also professionally in Japan (Saitama Broncos). He attended University of Southern California until 2014 and it will be his second season in pro basketball. By Eurobasket Data Center Che...   [read more]

Corin Henry
Sabres land Corin Henry, ex Jamtland - May 27, 2016

Sandringham Sabres (SEABL) tabbed 28-year old American point guard Corin Henry (180-88, college: Tarleton State, agency: Octagon Europe). He moved there from KFUM Jamtland Basket in Swedish Basketligan where he started the season. In 32 games he was the best scorer with impressive 20.6ppg and recorded 4.3rpg, 5.7apg (top 4) and 2.1spg (in top 2) this season. He can count that year as a very successful as was selected to Swedish Basketligan All-Imports Team and Honorable Men...   [read more]

Courtney Belger (ex Itzehoe) signs at Suns - May 27, 2016

Kalamunda Eastern Suns (SBL) landed 27-year old American guard Courtney Belger (187-89, college: Quincy). He moved there from Itzehoe Eagles in German ProB where he started the season. In 24 games he averaged 12.6ppg, 5.3rpg, 4.5apg and 1.7spg this season. It was a very successful year in his career as he was selected to All-German 2.Bundesliga Pro B Honorable Mention. Among other achievements Belger won German 2.Regionalliga (West-2 Group) championship title in 2014. He re...   [read more]

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