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Australia Internationally

Hugh McAuliffe

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NBL Standings
 1. 36ers 0-0 
 2. Breakers 0-0 
 3. Bullets 0-0 
 4. Hawks 0-0 
 5. Kings 0-0 
 6. Taipans 0-0 
 7. United 0-0 
 8. Wildcats 0-0 
State Standings
Big V
 1. Knox R. 16-4 
 2. Ringwood H. 16-4 
 3. Waverley F. 16-4 
 4. Eltham W. 15-5 
 5. Casey C. 11-7 
 6. McKinnon C. 10-9 
 7. Werribee D. 9-10 
 8. Diamond V.E. 7-13 
 9. Hawthorn M. 5-13 
 10. Hume City 5-14 
 11. Corio Bay S. 4-14 
 12. Whittlesea City 1-18 
Premier League
 1. N.Adelaide R. 13-4 
 2. Southern T. 12-5 
 3. Norwood F. 11-6 
 4. W.Adelaide B. 10-6 
 5. Sturt S. 10-7 
 6. Forestville E. 9-7 
 7. S.Adelaide P. 8-9 
 8. Woodville W. 6-11 
 9. C.District L. 3-14 
 10. Eastern M. 2-15 
 1. Mackay M. 12-2 
 2. Brisbane C. 10-2 
 3. Townsville H. 9-3 
 4. Sunshine CR 8-4 
 5. Cairns M. 8-5 
 6. SW Metro P. 8-5 
 7. Logan T. 8-6 
 8. Brisbane S. 6-7 
 9. Rockhampton 6-8 
 10. Gladstone P. 4-7 
 11. Suncoast PC 3-8 
 12. Ipswich F. 3-10 
 13. Gold Coast R. 3-10 
 14. Toowoomba M. 1-12 
 1. Willetton T. 19-4 
 2. Joondalup Wolves 19-6 
 3. Geraldton B. 17-6 
 4. Stirling S. 14-9 
 5. Perth R. 14-11 
 6. Cockburn C. 13-9 
 7. SW Slammers 12-9 
 8. Perry Lakes H. 12-11 
 9. Lakeside L. 10-15 
 10. Rockingham F. 9-14 
 11. East Perth E. 8-16 
 12. Goldfields G. 6-16 
 13. Kalamunda E.S. 6-19 
 14. Mandurah M. 4-18 
 1. Nunawading S. 15-5 
 2. Ballarat M. 13-7 
 3. Dandenong R. 12-8 
 4. Geelong S. 12-9 
 5. Albury W.B. 9-11 
 6. Melbourne T. 6-12 
 7. Canberra G. 4-15 
 1. Mt Gambier 16-3 
 2. Hobart C. 11-8 
 3. NW Tasmania 11-9 
 4. Sandringham S. 9-10 
 5. Bendigo B. 9-12 
 6. Frankston 8-13 
 7. Kilsyth C. 8-13 
 8. BA CoE 2-10 
 1. Sydney Comets 16-1 
 2. Bankstown B. 13-5 
 3. Hornsby S. 11-7 
 4. Norths Bears 11-7 
 5. Manly Warr. 10-8 
 6. Maitland M. 10-8 
 7. Cent.Coast C. 8-8 
 8. Hills H. 8-10 
 9. Illawarra H. 5-13 
 10. Newcastle H. 3-15 
 11. Sutherland S. 2-15 
Full Standings
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Avg: 23.1
 1. Cotton, Wildcats23.1 
 2. Ware, United22.1 
 3. Randle, 36ers21.3 
 4. Prather, Wildcats19.5 
 5. Dillard, Breakers18.1 
 6. Newley, Kings17.6 
 7. Clarke, Hawks17.4 
 8. Penney, Breakers17.3 
 9. Goulding, United16.9 
 10. Lisch, Kings16.5 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 9.3
 1. Boone, United9.3 
 2. Craig, Bullets8.0 
 3. Ogilvy, Hawks7.6 
 4. Mitchell, Breakers7.2 
 5. Johnson, 36ers7.1 
 6. Pledger, Breakers6.8 
 7. Bairstow, Bullets6.5 
 8. Whittington, Kings6.4 
 9. McKay, Wildcats6.3 
 10. Knight, Wildcats6.0 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 5.5
 1. Woodside, Breakers5.5 
 2. Jackson, United5.4 
 3. Randle, 36ers5.4 
 4. Dillard, Breakers4.8 
 5. Ware, United4.5 
 6. Stockton, Breakers4.2 
 7. Newley, Kings4.1 
 8. Sobey, 36ers4.1 
 9. Gibson, Bullets3.8 
 10. Lisch, Kings3.7 
Steals Per Game
 Kevin LISCH
  Avg: 1.9
 1. Lisch, Kings1.9 
 2. Martin, Wildcats1.7 
 3. Dillard, Breakers1.6 
 4. Prather, Wildcats1.6 
 5. Whittington, Kings1.5 
 6. Jackson, United1.4 
 7. Cotton, Wildcats1.3 
 8. Ware, United1.3 
 9. Newley, Kings1.2 
 10. Martin, Hawks1.2 
Blocks Per Game
 Andrew James OGILVY
  Avg: 1.5
 1. Ogilvy, Hawks1.5 
 2. McKay, Wildcats1.4 
 3. Pledger, Breakers1.2 
 4. Boone, United1.1 
 5. Whittington, Kings0.9 
 6. Powell, Kings0.8 
 7. Jervis, Bullets0.8 
 8. Carter, Breakers0.7 
 9. Maric, Kings0.7 
 10. Hodgson, 36ers0.7 
Player of the Week

 Casey Prather
  ( 198-F/G-91 )

 Desmond Simmons
  Waverley F.
  ( 198-F-92 )


Australian Basketball (Men)

Play-Off bracket4
First Round Schedule
Breakers 57% Oct.8 Taipans
Wildcats 57% Oct.7 Bullets
Kings 57% Oct.7 36ers
Taipans 57% Oct.6 Hawks
36ers 57% Oct.5 United
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Next Round Schedule

Round 21 (Regular Season)

Big V
Casey C. 85% Jul.23 Corio Bay S
Ringwood H. 80% Jul.23 Diamond V.E
Hawthorn M. 57% Jul.23 Hume City
Whittlesea C Jul.23 Werribee D. 75%
Eltham W. 50% Jul.22 Casey C.
Corio Bay S 54% Jul.22 Hawthorn M.
Hume City 70% Jul.22 Whittlesea C
McKinnon C. Jul.22 Knox R. 60%
Werribee D. Jul.22 Waverley F. 76%
Premier League
Eastern M. Jul.22 Southern T. 86%
N.Adelaide R 65% Jul.22 W.Adelaide B
Sturt S. 65% Jul.22 S.Adelaide P
C.District L Jul.22 Norwood F. 79%
Forestville 61% Jul.22 Woodville W
Sunshine CR Jul.23 Brisbane S. 52%
Logan T. 83% Jul.23 Ipswich F.
Gold Coast R Jul.22 SW Metro P. 79%
Suncoast PC Jul.22 Brisbane S. 64%
Rockhampton Jul.22 Brisbane C. 66%
Cairns M. Jul.22 Gladstone P 51%
Toowoomba M Jul.21 Ipswich F. 55%
Mackay M. 63% Jul.21 Brisbane C.
Townsville H 79% Jul.21 Gladstone P
Mandurah M. 67% Jul.23 Goldfields G
Cockburn C. 64% Jul.23 Geraldton B
SW Slammers 76% Jul.22 Goldfields G
Stirling S. 65% Jul.22 Geraldton B
Lakeside L. Jul.22 Perry Lakes 51%
E.Perth E. Jul.22 Cockburn C. 59%
Willetton T 60% Jul.22 Joondalup Wo
Perth R. 75% Jul.21 Mandurah M.
Perry Lakes 63% Jul.21 SW Slammers
Rockingham F 74% Jul.21 Kalamunda E
Stirling S. 50% Jul.21 Willetton T
Sandringham 82% Jul.22 BA CoE
Nunawading S 63% Jul.22 Albury W.B.
Kilsyth C. Jul.22 Melbourne T 55%
Dandenong R Jul.22 Frankston 52%
NW Tasmania 76% Jul.22 Canberra G.
Bendigo B. Jul.22 Ballarat M. 64%
Melbourne T 76% Jul.22 BA CoE
Hobart C. 65% Jul.21 Canberra G.
Mt Gambier 73% Jul.21 Albury W.B.
Geelong S. 58% Jul.21 Sandringham
Sutherland S Jul.23 Manly Warr. 74%
Bankstown B 52% Jul.22 Norths Bears
Hornsby S. 83% Jul.22 Illawarra H
Hills H. Jul.22 Sydney Comet 84%
Cent.Coast C 74% Jul.22 Newcastle H
Maitland M. 78% Jul.22 Sutherland S
Will Sydney sign the Indian National Team captain? - Jun 29, 2017

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The Sydney Kings are continuing to explore the possibility of signing Indian big man Amritpal Singh (212-C/F-91). After hosting the bruising centre at their two-day Rookie Camp earlier this month, the Kings have invited Singh to join their 'Sydney Kings Invitational' squad at next month's Atlas Challenge in China. Kings GM Jeff Van Groningen has described Sydney's continued interest in Singh as being 'in an exploratory frame of mind.' Singh, the captain of the Indian National Team, impressed at the NBL Combine in April with his combination of size, strength and touch around the basket. And with the NBL expanding its player eligibility rulings to include Indian nationals - as well as those from numerous other Asian countries - as non-restricted players, interest in Singh has been ongoing. 'We invited Amritpal to our Rookie Camp and he was very good, he competed very well and he definitely held his own,' Van Groningen told NBL Media. 'He really looked like he belonged at that setting. Now that setting was not top-flight NBL setting so the next thing that we need to explore is, as the level goes up does he go up with it?' The Atlas Challenge, played in the city of Suzhou, 100km from Shanghai, will feature high-calibre club and national teams from across the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and the United States. The Kings, whom Van Groningen says have 'a strong streak in us that welcomes the international involvement,' became the first NBL team to sign a Chinese-born player when they added Bo Lui as a development player last year. Rumours recently emerged that the Kings were interested in signing Filipino-American Bobby Ray Parks Jr. but Van Groningen confirmed with NBL Media that they are not. Singh, on the other hand, is intriguing. But unlike Lui, if Singh is to be signed he would need to be one of the Kings' eleven rostered players. 'Last year Bo Lui was definitely at a development player level so there was no problem enacting him in that way,' Van Groningen said. 'Now with Amritpal we need to see if he's at a roster level. We'll see if that determination can be made at the Atlas Challenge or at the Atlas Challenge plus preseason. We're happy to explore that.' Singh, a 6-foot-10 'old-school' centre, is attempting to become the first Indian-born player to compete in the NBL since Eban Hyams played for the Singapore Slingers in 2006-07. 'I am very excited to play for the Sydney Kings at the Atlas Challenge and I am focused on playing well,' Singh told NBL Media from India. 'I want to play to my fullest potential, and prove that the Kings were right to give me this opportunity. 'I want to show that I can fit into their team, that I can be useful to the team. I want to showcase my strengths and my ability to play for the team.' The Kings currently lack size on their 2017-18 roster. With Aleks Maric not expected to return and Julian Khazzouh not offered a contract by the team, Sydney are in the market for two centres; a starter and a back-up. 'Amritpal's an extremely big person, those guys are not easy to find,' Van Groningen said. 'He's got legitimate size from an NBL centre point of view. I mean, he'd be one of the biggest men out there, I think he'd probably be able to stand the block against Nathan (Jawai) in terms of size. 'Of course, Nathan has a lot more to his game than just size. So you look at that and you start to go, 'where does he fit in that?'' Singh, who says he's grown in confidence since the Combine, is determined to show that there's more to his game as well. It's all about seizing the moment. 'Chance toh hai (There is always a chance),' he said. 'If I play well, then I am sure I will be selected. It all comes down to my game.'
Courtesy of:   

Jack Ocwieja
Balletti Park Hotel Viterbo adds Ocwieja to their roster, ex Sunshine CR - 1 day ago
Balletti Park Hotel Viterbo (Serie C Gold) added to their roster 24-year old Australian center Jack Ocwieja (211-93, college: Grambling State). He played last summer at Sunshine Coast Rip in Australian QBL. In 13 games he had 4.2ppg and 3.2rpg in 2016 season. Ocwieja has played also professionally for other Australian teams like Tigers and McKinnon Cougars. He attended Grambling State until 2016 and it will be his second season as a professional player. By Eurobasket Data Center (via @el...   [read more]

Australian State League round 20 best performance: Desmond Simmons - 2 days ago
American Forward Desmond Simmons (198-F-92) had a very impressive game in the last round for Waverley F., receiving a State League Player of the Week award for round 20. The 25-year old player had a double-double of 38 points and 18 rebounds, while his team outclassed Hume City (#10, 5-14) with 38-point margin 107-69. Waverley F. maintains the 3rd position in their group in Australian State League. They are still close to the very top. Waverley F. would have been even...   [read more]

State Leagues Round-Up - 3 days ago
Big V McKinnon C. - Whittlesea City 111-91 Very expected game when 12th ranked Whittlesea City (1-18) was crushed on the road by sixth ranked McKinnon C. (10-9) 111-91 on Sunday. McKinnon C. dominated down low during the game scoring 66 of its points in the paint compared to Whittlesea City's 40. They looked well-organized offensively handing out 33 assists comparing to just 12 passes made by Whittlesea City's players. Whittlesea City was plagued by 25 personal fouls down the stretch. W...   [read more]

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