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Australia Internationally
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WNBL Standings
 1. Perth 15-6 
 2. Sydney 14-7 
 3. Townsville 14-7 
 4. Melbourne 12-9 
 5. Adelaide 11-10 
 6. UC Capitals 7-14 
 7. Dandenong 7-14 
 8. Bendigo 4-17 
State Standings
Big V
 1. Knox R. 11-2 
 2. Waverley F. 10-2 
 3. Ringwood H. 9-4 
 4. Sunbury J. 7-5 
 5. S.Peninsula S. 6-5 
 6. Hume City B. 5-6 
 7. Keilor T. 4-7 
 8. Bulleen B. 3-9 
 9. McKinnon C. 3-10 
 10. Eltham W. 2-10 
Premier League
 1. N.Adelaide R. 13-0 
 2. Sturt S. 10-3 
 3. Norwood F. 9-4 
 4. Forestville E. 7-6 
 5. Southern T. 7-6 
 6. W.Adelaide B. 7-6 
 7. Eastern M. 5-8 
 8. Woodville W. 4-9 
 9. C.Districts L. 3-10 
 10. S.Adelaide P. 0-13 
 1. Townsville F. 9-1 
 2. Sunshine CP 9-2 
 3. Ipswich F. 6-1 
 4. SW Metro P. 6-2 
 5. SD Spartans 5-1 
 6. NGC Seahawks 5-4 
 7. Sunshine CR 5-4 
 8. Rockhampton C. 5-4 
 9. Mackay M. 5-5 
 10. Brisbane C. 3-5 
 11. Cairns D. 3-6 
 12. Logan T. 3-7 
 13. Gold Coast R. 1-7 
 14. Gladstone PCP 1-8 
 15. Toowoomba M. 0-9 
 1. Lakeside L. 14-1 
 2. Rockingham CF 11-4 
 3. Perth R. 11-4 
 4. Kalamunda E.S. 11-6 
 5. Willetton T. 10-4 
 6. Mandurah M. 7-7 
 7. Stirling S. 7-10 
 8. SW Slammers 6-8 
 9. Perry Lakes H. 6-9 
 10. Cockburn C. 5-10 
 11. Joondalup W. 4-12 
 12. East Perth E. 0-17 
 1. Nunawading S. 10-3 
 2. Kilsyth LC 10-3 
 3. Sandringham S. 9-5 
 4. Geelong S. 7-6 
 5. Sydney Uni S. 6-7 
 6. Canberra C. II 5-7 
 7. Albury LB 3-11 
 8. BA CoE 2-14 
 1. Bendigo LB 11-0 
 2. Dandenong R. 9-4 
 3. Melbourne T. 8-5 
 4. Launceston T. 7-6 
 5. Diamond VE 7-7 
 6. Hobart C. 5-7 
 7. Ballarat R. 4-8 
 8. Frankston B. 2-12 
 1. Hornsby S. 9-2 
 2. Newcastle H. 9-2 
 3. Norths Bears 8-1 
 4. Sutherland S. 8-3 
 5. Sydney C. 5-6 
 6. Bankstown B. 4-6 
 7. Cent.Coast C. 3-7 
 8. Hills H. 1-10 
 9. Penrith P. 1-11 
Full Standings
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Avg: 24.5
 1. Batkovic-B., Adelaide24.5 
 2. Denson, Sydney21.0 
 3. Macleod, Dandenong19.5 
 4. Richards, Bendigo18.3 
 5. Madgen, Bendigo18.3 
 6. Francis, Logan T.17.5 
 7. Richards, Melbo.17.5 
 8. Dowdell, Townsville17.0 
 9. Snell, Sydney15.7 
 10. Foley, Townsville15.5 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 14
 1. Batkovic-B., Adelaide14.0 
 2. Francis, Logan T.12.0 
 3. Tolo, UC Capitals12.0 
 4. Cox, Perth10.0 
 5. Thompson, AIS10.0 
 6. Bishop, Adelaide9.5 
 7. Wilson, UC Capit.9.5 
 8. Kunek, Melbourne9.0 
 9. Dowdell, Townsville9.0 
 10. Richards, Bendigo8.3 
Assists Per Game
 Belinda SNELL
  Avg: 8.7
 1. Snell, Sydney8.7 
 2. Macleod, Dandenong7.5 
 3. Poto, Sydney7.0 
 4. Marino, Adelaide6.5 
 5. Richards, Melbo.6.0 
 6. Cole, AIS6.0 
 7. Veal, Logan T.5.5 
 8. Harrower, Bendigo4.3 
 9. Flanagan, Townsville4.0 
 10. Hunt, UC Capitals4.0 
Steals Per Game
 Belinda SNELL
  Avg: 3
 1. Snell, Sydney3.0 
 2. Leedham, Melbourne2.5 
 3. Dowdell, Townsville2.5 
 4. Poto, Sydney2.3 
 5. Thompson, AIS2.0 
 6. Cunningham, Dande.2.0 
 7. Denson, Sydney2.0 
 8. Madgen, Bendigo2.0 
 9. Cole, AIS2.0 
 10. Batkovic-B., Adelaide2.0 
Blocks Per Game
 Marianna TOLO
  UC Capitals
  Avg: 3.5
 1. Tolo, UC Capitals3.5 
 2. Cambage, Melbourne3.0 
 3. Martin, Perth2.0 
 4. Snell, Sydney2.0 
 5. Lewis, UC Capitals2.0 
 6. Dowdell, Townsville1.5 
 7. Richards, Bendigo1.3 
 8. Cumming, Dandenong1.0 
 9. Frieson, Townsville1.0 
 10. Jarry, Melbourne1.0 


Next Round Schedule

Round 16 (Regular Season)

Keilor T. Jun.24 Sunbury J. 54%
Ringwood H. 69% Jun.24 McKinnon C.
Waverley F. 65% Jun.24 S.Peninsula
Sunbury J. Jun.23 Waverley F. 51%
Eltham W. Jun.23 Hume City B 55%
S.Peninsula 56% Jun.23 Bulleen B.
Premier League
Southern T. 75% Jun.23 C.Districts
Sturt S. Jun.23 N.Adelaide R 63%
W.Adelaide B 63% Jun.23 Eastern M.
Norwood F. 96% Jun.23 S.Adelaide P
Forestville Jun.23 Woodville W 51%
Ipswich F. 71% Jun.24 Sunshine CR
SD Spartans 85% Jun.24 Brisbane C.
Brisbane C. Jun.23 NGC Seahawk 63%
Sunshine CP 63% Jun.23 SD Spartans
SW Metro P. 77% Jun.23 Logan T.
Toowoomba M Jun.23 Sunshine CR 91%
Cairns D. 79% Jun.23 Gladstone P
Mackay M. 78% Jun.23 Gold Coast R
Rockhampton 77% Jun.22 Gold Coast R
Townsville F 97% Jun.22 Gladstone P
Perry Lakes Jun.23 Perth R. 63%
SW Slammers 74% Jun.23 Joondalup W
Lakeside L. 86% Jun.23 Mandurah M.
Cockburn C. Jun.23 Kalamunda E 68%
Perth R. 58% Jun.22 Willetton T
Rockingham 79% Jun.22 SW Slammers
Kilsyth LC 54% Jun.24 Geelong S.
Nunawading S 88% Jun.24 Ballarat R.
BA CoE Jun.24 Hobart C. 57%
Dandenong R 52% Jun.23 Nunawading S
Sandringham 71% Jun.23 Launceston T
Geelong S. 82% Jun.23 Frankston B
Canberra C 57% Jun.23 Hobart C.
Melbourne T 65% Jun.23 Diamond VE
Albury LB Jun.23 Bendigo LB 94%
Ballarat R. 51% Jun.23 Sydney Uni S
BA CoE Jun.22 Launceston T 73%
Bendigo LB 87% Jun.22 Sydney Uni S
Hornsby S. 58% Jun.23 Newcastle H
Cent.Coast C Jun.23 Bankstown B 59%
Norths Bears 61% Jun.23 Sutherland S
Farnworth inspires Perry Lakes to seventh women's SBL championship - Sep 3, 2017

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Antonia Farnworth wasn't going to be denied her first championship in Australia leading the Perry Lakes Hawks to a 59-48 Women's SBL Grand Final victory over the Mandurah Magic at Bendat Basketball Centre on Friday night. The Lady Hawks and Magic had been the two dominant teams in the SBL throughout the 2017 season setting the stage for a tantalising Grand Final. Mandurah was searching for its maiden championship and started promisingly with co-captain Rachel Halleen (G-90) flying under the radar and hitting three opening quarter triples. With seven straight points to start the second quarter the Magic threatened to open a big lead but it only got to seven and remained just two at half-time. A combination of Antonia Farnworth being unstoppable offensively for the Hawks and then defensive specialist Janique Kautsky (178-G/F-90, college: Tulane) only really playing in the fourth quarter and shutting down Magic dynamo Nici Gilday (174-G, college: Santa Clara) saw Perry Lakes come away with the seven-point Grand Final victory. It is Perry Lakes' seventh Women's SBL championship and first since 2008 in what was their 13th Grand Final appearance. It is the Hawks' first title since Bendat Basketball Centre was built as well. Unfortunately for Mandurah in its fifth Grand Final appearance the Magic are still yet to win that elusive SBL championship. Antonia Farnworth took out the Grand Final MVP award after her dominant performance, particularly in the second half where she had 18 of her 26 points. She shot 8-of-18 from the field, 3-of-7 from downtown and 7-of-8 at the foul line. Remarkably it is the first championship she has won at any level since coming to Australia from Christchurch in 2009. She has since played in the WNBL for the Dandenong Rangers, Bendigo Spirit, Adelaide Lightning and West Coast Waves/Perth Lynx and at state league level for the Albury Wodonga Raiders, Bendigo Braves, Willetton Tigers, Joondalup Wolves and now in her second season at Perry Lakes, she finally broke through. Lauren Jeffers (170-G-88) did a terrific job as point guard for the Lady Hawks with 16 points, seven rebounds and five assists while Janique Kautsky's 10 minutes of defence in the last quarter on Nici Gilday was brilliant. She also had four points. Natalie Burton (194-C/F-89, college: W.Virginia, agency: LBM Management) scored her only two points in the last quarter but she fought hard for 15 rebounds and four steals. Sarah Donovan (188-F/C-93) also had seven points, eight rebounds and three steals for Perry Lakes. Perry Lakes coach Deanna Smith, in her first season in charge since retiring as a player 12 months earlier, was blown away by her team's performance. 'Oh my goodness, wow I don't know how to describe the feeling. I'm just really proud of the girls and it's not a relief now, I'm just stoked. They played their butts off, they played hard, they fought and to come out with the win was fantastic,' Smith said. 'Credit to Mandurah, they are a solid team and we've been really big on defence all season and that was our focus tonight. That was a big factor in getting us over the line.' Despite being shut down in the last quarter, Nici Gilday top-scored for the Magic with 20 points and five rebounds. Magic co-captain Rachel Halleen had 10 points on the back of those three first quarter triples while Carly Boag finished with seven points, 12 rebounds and four steals despite not scoring until there was a minute left in the third period. One of the SBL's all-time greats Casey Mihovilovich had seven points and three assists but unfortunately has now played in all five of Mandurah's losing Grand Finals in the club's history. The first score of the Grand Final came to Perry Lakes guard Lauren Jeffers but each time Magic captain Rachel Halleen a three-pointer in the first term the Lady Hawks went back in front. That happened three times and the Magic led 16-15 by quarter-time. Kasey Miegel then hit two free-throws to start the second quarter before Gilday went on an inspired run with three jumpers in three minutes to give the Magic their game-high lead of seven points. But it was Sarah Donovan who gave the Perry Lakes a spark with six points in the last three minutes to cut Mandurah's lead to two points by the main break. Remarkably star WNBL bigs Natalie Burton and Carly Boag both went into half-time scoreless for their respective sides. Gilday stretched Mandurah's lead back to four to start the third quarter but then Perry Lakes went on its best run of the game so far with nine straight points punctuated by a triple from Toni Antonia Farnworth. When Antonia Farnworth hit another three the Hawks' lead grew to six but Mandurah did stead before three quarter-time with the last six points with that run started with a triple from Boag that was her first points of the game. Boag then put the Magic back in front to start the fourth term but then Natalie Burton got her first and only points of the game level things up. A basket from Antonia Farnworth and free-throws from Janique Kautsky then saw the Hawks go up by four. Then after a basket for Mandurah from Boag, it was all Antonia Farnworth as she scored the game's next six points to put the result beyond doubt with the Lady Hawks up by eight with a minute to go, and going on to win by 11. The Men's SBL Grand Final will now take place on Saturday night between the Joondalup City Wolves and Perth Redbacks.
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