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Hugh McAuliffe

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NBL Standings
 1. United 20-8 
 2. 36ers 18-10 
 3. Wildcats 16-12 
 4. Breakers 15-13 
 5. Hawks 12-16 
 6. Kings 11-17 
 7. Taipans 11-17 
 8. Bullets 9-19 
Full Standings
State League Standings
Big V
 1. Ringwood H. 18-4 
 2. Waverley F. 17-5 
 3. Knox R. 17-5 
 4. Eltham W. 16-6 
 5. Casey C. 15-7 
 6. McKinnon C. 11-11 
 7. Werribee D. 9-13 
 8. Diamond V.E. 8-14 
 9. Hume City 7-15 
 10. Hawthorn M. 7-15 
 11. Corio Bay S. 4-18 
 12. Whittlesea City 3-19 
Premier League
 1. N.Adelaide R. 14-4 
 2. Southern T. 13-5 
 3. Norwood F. 12-6 
 4. W.Adelaide B. 11-7 
 5. Sturt S. 11-7 
 6. S.Adelaide P. 9-9 
 7. Forestville E. 8-10 
 8. Woodville W. 7-11 
 9. C.District L. 3-15 
 10. Eastern M. 2-16 
 1. Brisbane C. 14-3 
 2. Mackay M. 13-3 
 3. Townsville H. 12-5 
 4. Cairns M. 11-6 
 5. SW Metro P. 11-6 
 6. Sunshine CR 10-7 
 7. Logan T. 9-8 
 8. Rockhampton 8-9 
 9. Brisbane S. 8-9 
 10. Gold Coast R. 6-11 
 11. Suncoast PC 5-10 
 12. Gladstone P. 5-11 
 13. Ipswich F. 4-13 
 14. Toowoomba M. 1-16 
 1. Willetton T. 20-6 
 2. Joondalup Wolves 20-6 
 3. Geraldton B. 19-7 
 4. Perth R. 16-10 
 5. SW Slammers 15-11 
 6. Stirling S. 15-11 
 7. Cockburn C. 15-11 
 8. Perry Lakes H. 12-14 
 9. Lakeside L. 12-14 
 10. Rockingham F. 11-15 
 11. East Perth E. 8-18 
 12. Goldfields G. 8-18 
 13. Kalamunda E.S. 7-19 
 14. Mandurah M. 4-22 
 1. Mt Gambier 21-3 
 2. Nunawading S. 17-7 
 3. Geelong S. 16-8 
 4. Sandringham S. 11-13 
 5. Kilsyth C. 11-13 
 6. Albury W.B. 9-15 
 7. Canberra G. 3-21 
 8. BA CoE 2-14 
 1. Ballarat M. 16-8 
 2. Hobart C. 16-8 
 3. Dandenong R. 16-8 
 4. NW Tasmania 13-11 
 5. Bendigo B. 11-13 
 6. Melbourne T. 7-17 
 7. Frankston 7-17 
 1. Sydney Comets 19-1 
 2. Norths Bears 13-7 
 3. Bankstown B. 13-7 
 4. Hornsby S. 12-8 
 5. Manly Warr. 11-9 
 6. Cent.Coast C. 11-9 
 7. Maitland M. 11-9 
 8. Hills H. 9-11 
 9. Illawarra H. 5-15 
 10. Newcastle H. 3-17 
 11. Sutherland S. 3-17 
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
 Jerome RANDLE
  Avg: 19.8
 1. Randle, Kings19.8 
 2. Conger, Hawks19.7 
 3. Cotton, Wildcats19.3 
 4. Clarke, Hawks18.1 
 5. Johnson, 36ers16.3 
 6. Sosa, Breakers16.2 
 7. Buford, Bullets16.2 
 8. Prather, United16.1 
 9. Ware, United16.1 
 10. Tokoto, Wildcats15.8 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 9.3
 1. Boone, United9.3 
 2. Buford, Bullets8.1 
 3. Johnson, 36ers7.1 
 4. McCarron, Taipans6.8 
 5. Vukona, Breakers6.4 
 6. Childress, 36ers6.3 
 7. Tokoto, Wildcats6.1 
 8. Walker, Wildcats5.9 
 9. Ellis, Kings5.7 
 10. Conger, Hawks5.7 
Assists Per Game
 Jerome RANDLE
  Avg: 5.2
 1. Randle, Kings5.2 
 2. Trice, Bullets5.1 
 3. Ware, United4.8 
 4. Shorter, 36ers4.1 
 5. Sosa, Breakers4.0 
 6. Gibson, Bullets3.5 
 7. Martin, Wildcats3.3 
 8. Newbill, Breakers3.3 
 9. Cadee, Kings3.2 
 10. Newley, Kings3.1 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 1.7
 1. Tokoto, Wildcats1.7 
 2. Martin, Wildcats1.5 
 3. Martin, Hawks1.4 
 4. Gliddon, Taipans1.4 
 5. Newbill, Breakers1.3 
 6. Creek, 36ers1.3 
 7. Kay, Hawks1.3 
 8. Prather, United1.3 
 9. Trice, Bullets1.3 
 10. Cotton, Wildcats1.2 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.4
 1. Abercrombie, Break.1.4 
 2. Ogilvy, Hawks1.3 
 3. Buford, Bullets1.2 
 4. Pledger, Breakers1.1 
 5. Humphries, Kings1.0 
 6. Wesley, United0.9 
 7. Johnson, Hawks0.8 
 8. Jervis, Bullets0.8 
 9. Boone, United0.8 
 10. Cooke-Jr, Wildcats0.8 


Next Round Schedule

Game 1 (Semi-Finals)

United 74% Mar.3 Breakers
36ers 66% Mar.3 Wildcats
Mirko Djeric selected the top Australian playing abroad in last week's games - Oct 2, 2017

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Traditionally, every week we bring you a list of the top performances of Australians who are currently playing abroad.

Mirko Djeric
Mirko Djeric
   #1. This week's number one is former U22 international guard Mirko Djeric (188-95, currently plays in ABA League). Djeric led his Serbian team Vrsac to a triple overtime (!!!) victory against the closely-ranked KK Primorska 109-106 in the ABA League last Wednesday. He scored 16 points. KK Vrsac Swisslionis placed 18th in the ABA League. Djeric has relatively good stats this season: 11.0ppg, 1.7apg, 3FGP: 37.5%. Former Wollongong Hawks starter played for the Australian U22 national team two years ago.

Dan Trist
Dan Trist
   #2. Second place goes to former U22 international forward Dan Trist (206-92, college: Lafayette, currently plays in Spain). He could not help Ourense (0-1) in their last game. Despite Trist's very good performance Ourense lost 71-83 on the road to the second-ranked Leche Rio Breogan. He was the top scorer with 19 points. Trist also added 6 rebounds in 31 minutes. It was his first game for Ourense this season; not bad, considering it's only his third season in pro basketball. But this is still an early stage of the season and everything may happen. Trist played for the Australian U22 national team in 2015.

Anatoly Kolesnikov
Anatoly Kolesnikov
   #3. The Australian player who performed third best last week abroad was former University international swingman Anatoly Kolesnikov (201-88, college: Nicholls St., currently plays in Asia Champions Cup). He contributed to an easy victory against the fifth-ranked Seraeyett (1-3) 69-51 in the Asia Champions Cup in Monday night's game. Kolesnikov recorded 9 points and grabbed 8 rebounds. BK Astana (3-1) is placed first in the Asia Champions Cup. It was his team's third consecutive victory in a row. The Regular Season already ended in the Asia Champions Cup. It's Kolesnikov's sixth season with the team. This year he averages: 5.3ppg, 6.0rpg, 1.1apg, 1.1spg, 2FGP: 52.0%, 3FGP: 25.0% and FT: 33.3%. Kolesnikov has a dual citizenship: Australian and Kazakhstan. Former Sydney Kings starter played for the Australian university national team eight years ago.

Ben Madgen
Ben Madgen
   #4. Swingman Ben Madgen (193-85, college: Augusta, currently plays in Lithuania) managed to help Lietuvos Rytas Vilnius in a victory against the closely-ranked Dzukija (1-3) crushing them 78-54 in the Lithuanian LKL last Saturday. He scored 5 points in 18 minutes. Lietuvos Rytas Vilnius (3-1) is placed third in the LKL. But the season just started, so everything may happen. It's Madgen's first year with the team. This season Madgen's overall stats are: 7.3ppg, 1.3rpg and 1.5apg in four games he played so far. He used to play for the Australian national team back in 2014.

Jordan Vandenberg
Jordan Vandenberg
   #5. Former U18 international center Jordan Vandenberg (216-90, college: N.Carolina St., currently plays in Japan) was not able to help Nishinomiya Storks in their game against Chiba Jets (2-0) in the Japanese B1 League. He scored 5 points and grabbed 4 rebounds in 11 minutes. It was his first game for Nishinomiya Storks this season. The fourth-placed Nishinomiya Storks (0-2) were badly defeated 86-70 in Chiba by the leading Jets in the West group. But there are still lots of games to play and it's a long way to go. Vandenberg used to play for the Australian U18 national team nine years ago.

Joel Spear
Joel Spear
   #6. Guard Joel Spear (192-94, college: S.Oregon, currently plays in Norway) led Nidaros Jets to a victory over one of league's weakest teams Centrum (0-3) crushing them 89-62 in the Norwegian BLNO on Sunday night. Spear was MVP of the game. He recorded 22 points, 4 rebounds, 7 assists and 3 steals in 38 minutes. Nidaros Jets Trondheim (1-2) is placed eighth in the BLNO. It's Spear's first season with the team. Spear has individually a very good year with high stats. He averages: 20.0ppg, 4.5rpg, 4.0apg and 2.5spg in two games. Spear is a former U18 international player as he played for the Australian team five years ago.

Deng Deng
Deng Deng
   #7. Former U22 international forward Deng Deng (203-92, college: Baylor, currently plays in Finland) contributed to a 3-point UU-Korihait's victory against one of league's weakest teams Tampereen Pyrinto (0-1) 92-89 in the Finnish Korisliiga in Friday night's game. He recorded 6 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists and made 3 blocks. UU-Korihait Uusikaupunki (1-1) is placed seventh in the Korisliiga. Deng's total stats this season are: 6.5ppg, 5.0rpg, 1.5apg and 2.0bpg. He used to play for the Australian U22 national team two years ago.

Joshua Wilcher
Joshua Wilcher
   #8. Point guard Joshua Wilcher (178-91, college: Cent.Wyoming, currently plays in Germany) was not able to secure a victory for Itzehoe (0-2) in their last game. Despite Wilcher's very good performance Itzehoe (#11) lost 73-86 in Wolfenbuettel to the higher-ranked (#8) Herzoege in the North group. He was the top scorer with 27 points in 24 minutes. Wilcher has very impressive stats this year: 20.5ppg, 2.0rpg and 2.0apg in two games. He used to play for the Australian national team back in 2009.

The list of other players, who all have Australian passport but never been selected to any of Australian national teams:

   #1. Venky Jois (202-F-93, college: E.Washington, currently plays in Alpe-Adria-Cup) led his Croatian team KK Vrijednosnice Osijek to a 3-point victory over the closely-ranked Dukes (0-1) 85-82 in the Alpe Adria Cup in Saturday night's game. He was MVP of the game. Jois recorded 24 points and added 3 assists in 30 minutes; quite an impressive performance considering it's only his second season in pro basketball. KK Vrijednosnice Osijek (2-0) is placed ninth in the Alpe Adria Cup. There are only four games left until the end of the Alpe Adria Cup Regular Season. So now every game will be critical. Jois has individually a very good year with high stats. He averages: 18.0ppg, 4.0rpg and 2.0apg in two games he played so far.

   #2. Josh Duinker (209-F/C-89, college: Richmond, currently plays in Japan). Duinker could not help Kumamoto Vorters (0-2) to beat Akita Happinets (2-0). He scored 5 points and grabbed 6 rebounds. It was his first game for Kumamoto Vorters this season. The sixth-placed Kumamoto Vorters (0-2) were defeated 69-54 on the road by the leading Akita Happinets in the West group. But the season is still in it's first stage and everything can happen. It's Duinker's first year with the team. Duinker has a dual citizenship: Dutch and Australian.

   #3. Michael Vigor (206-F/C-90, currently plays in United Kingdom) contributed to a Bristol Acadamy Flyers' victory against one of league's weakest teams Plymouth Raiders (0-1) 87-75 in the British BBL last Saturday. He recorded 9 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists. It was his first game for Bristol Acadamy Flyers this season. His team is placed second in the BBL.

   #4. Nelson Kahler (206-C-94, college: Colorado St.-Pueblo, currently plays in Germany) was not able to help Itzehoe (0-2) in their last game on Saturday. Despite Kahler's good performance Itzehoe (#11) was defeated 86-73 in Wolfenbuettel by the higher-ranked Herzoege (#8) in the North group. He was the second best scorer with 13 points. Kahler also added 7 rebounds. This season Kahler has relatively solid stats: 12.5ppg, 9.5rpg, 1.5apg and 1.5spg.

   #5. Matt Donlan (201-F, college: Youngstown St., currently plays in Spain) was not able to secure a victory for Magia Huesca (0-1) in their game against Blancos de Rueda (1-0) in the Spanish LEB Gold (second division). He cannot count Friday's game as one of the best ones. Donlan recorded only 3 points in 5 minutes on the court. It was his first game for Magia Huesca this season. Magia Huesca lost 63-67 in Valladolid to the higher-ranked (#9) Blancos de Rueda. Donlan is another player who holds two passports: Australian and British.

   #6. Jordan Rost (196-F-97, currently plays in Norway) couldn't help Baerum Basket in their game against Gimle BBK in the Norwegian BLNO. He scored only 4 points. It was his first game for Baerum Basket this season. His team was crushed by 24 points 92-68.   

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Stirling Senators (SBL) signed 31-year old American (has also Nigerian passport) swingman Robert Anshila (201-100kg-86, college: Ft.Hays State). He just played at Al Shamal in Qatari D1 league. In four games he had 3.5ppg and 1.8rpg this season. The list of the past achievements is quite long as among others Anshila's team made it to the Saudi Arabian League Semifinals in 2012. He was also voted All-Egyptian Superleague Honorable Mention back in 2015. Anshila is quite exper...   [read more]

Boomers' vital win over the Philippines - 1 day ago
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Australian National Team 2018 - 1 day ago
Starting five
Cameron Gliddon
Jason Cadee
Matt Hodgson
Daniel Kickert
Mitch Creek
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