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Play-Off bracket4

Oceania Champs Standings
 1. N.Zealand
 2. Australia

Oceania Tournament Standings
 1. Australia 4-0 
 2. N.Zealand 3-1 
 3. New Caledo. 2-2 
 4. Guam 1-3 
 5. Northern M. 0-4
Oceania Championships 2009

Starting Five in BOLD letters
Alicia Poto
Carly Wilson
Elizabeth Folake Cambage
Elyse Penaluna
Eva Afeaki
Alicia Poto 166-G-78 Sydney Uni Flames Australia
Carly Wilson 181-G-82 Challes-les-Eaux Basket France
Elizabeth Folake Cambage 203-C-91 Bulleen Melbourne Boomers Australia
Elyse Penaluna 193-C-88 Bulleen Melbourne Boomers Australia
Eva Afeaki 183-G-84 Sydney Uni Flames Australia
Hollie Grima 190-C/F-83 Pays d'Aix Basket 13 Provence France
Jessica Bibby 169-G-79 Canberra TransAct Capitals Australia
Jessica Foley 182-G-83 Adelaide Link Lightning Australia
Marianna Tolo 196-C-89 Canberra TransAct Capitals Australia
Natalie Hurst 163-G-83 Canberra TransAct Capitals Australia
Rohanee Cox 182-F-80 Townsville Fire Australia
Samantha Richards 167-G-83 KSSSE AZS PWSZ Gorzow Wlkp. Poland

Australia sweep Oceania Championship series - Sep 2, 2009 
Australia - New Zealand 97:57

Australia booked their ticket to the World Championship. They held off New Zealand in the second game of the Oceania Championship series to secure their presence at the Worlds main event in Czech Republic next year. The Opals dominated every aspect of the encounter and deservedly posted an overwhelming win over their inexperienced opponents. New Zealand team featured eight rookies and looked for necessary experience of the battle at the highest possible level.
Australia stepped on the gas right from the start. They tipped off the game with 17:2 run and scored 27 points in the opening stanza. They built a 12-point advantage after ten minutes and continued to run away in the second frame. The gap grew at 26-point mark at the interval. The Tall Ferns finally held the hosts below 20-point mark in the third quarter but still could not cut the deficit. Australia eased into the fourth stanza ahead by 31 points. New Zealand still remained competitive and burst out with an 11:2 run in the fourth term to sweeten the pill.
Jessica Bibby (169-G-79) scored 19 points for the Opals. Elizabeth Folake Cambage (203-C-91) produced 18 points, while Elyse Penaluna (193-C-88) had 10 points for the winners. Toni Edmondson (180-F-87) responded with 11 points for the Tall Ferns.

Australia: Jessica Bibby 19, Elizabeth Folake Cambage 18, Elyse Penaluna 10
New Zealand: Toni Edmondson 11
Oceania Tournament 2009
Oceania Tournament Closing Ceremony (Photo: sportingpulse)

Day 5. Semifinals and Finals in Saipan - Jun. 26, 2009 
Australia New Zealand 68:45
Australia held off their cross-Tasman rivals New Zealand to celebrate the Oceania Championship crown. Australia finished the tournament undefeated and deservedly clinched the top spot in the ladder. Rebecca Cole scored 18 points and pulled down 9 rebounds to lead the charge in the championship game.
The teams looked well matched in the starting frame as New Zealand answered almost every attempt from the Aussies. The Emerging Tall Ferns trailed by just 2 points at the first intermission but collapsed in the second quarter. They shot just 1/20 from the field and managed 2 points to allow their opponents to run away. Australia cleared off to a 26-point distance at halftime making a huge step towards victory.
Australia stayed focused in the third period keeping the Emerging Tall Ferns at bay. The margin grew at 28 points with ten minutes left and the outcome was obvious from now on. New Zealand won the final quarter with little impact on the final outcome though.
Caitlin Rowe (187-F/C-91) produced 16 points and 11 rebounds for Australia. Hope Terdich (192-F-86) had 11 points and 7 rebounds in the winning case. Jelena Vucinic answered with 9 points for New Zealand. Miriam Slatter tallied 7 points and 7 rebounds in defeat.
Australia outrebounded New Zealand 52:36 and held those to just 21% from the field.

Australia: Rebecca Cole 18, Caitlin Rowe 16+11 boards, Hope Terdich 11
New Zealand: Jelena Vucinic 9, Miriam Slatter 7

Bronze medals game
Guam - New Caledonia 61:59
Guam clinched the third spot at the Oceania Championship in Saipan. They held off New Caledonia in a tight battle to take the bronze medals.
The teams were plagued by low accuracy in the opening frame teaming up for just 14 points tied at 7 apiece. The tempo grew substantially in the second quarter. Guam fired four three-pointers in the period to accumulate a 30:29 lead at halftime. New Caledonia reacted with minor success in the third frame as they drew things level at 45 heading into the final period. Clarissa Passa helped New Caledonia to a 7-point lead midway through the final term. But Guam refused to fold and bounced back. Derin Santos and Maree Pelkey dragged the teams back in the contest denying the deficit. Raelene Tajalle knocked down a decisive free throw late in the encounter to propel Guam to a narrow victory at the end.
Derin Santos stepped up with 13 points to lead Guam. Ritalynn Anderson and Brainna Benito secured 10 points apiece for the winners. Clarissa Passa answered with 13 points for New Caledonia. Yolaine Koteureu and Yolande Luepak notched 12 points apiece in defeat.

Guam: Derin Santos 13, Ritalynn Anderson 10, Brianna Benito 10
New Caledonia: Clarissa Passa 13, Yolaine Koteureu 12, Yolande Luepak 12

Australia - Guam 68:33

Australian selection paved their way into the Oceania championship title game. They eased past Guam in the semifinal earlier today to enter the main game of the competition. Australia thumped their opponents defensively and ensured a decisive lead in the first half. Australia allowed Guam to account for just 3 points in the starting frame and grabbed a 13-point lead. Guam quite unexpectedly outrebounded their opponents in the second frame but shot just 4/22 from the field to trail by 23 points at halftime. Australia continued to keep Guam under the pressure in the second half extending the advantage. The Aussies coasted to a 34-point lead with one quarter remaining. A well-balanced effort saw Australia post a confident victory at the end.
Hope Terdich, Rebecca Campigli (177-G-90) and Emma Lobb (188-F-90) came up with 11 points apiece to propel Australia to the win. Caitlin Rowe knocked down 10 points in the victory. Maree Pelkey responded with 10 points and 6 boards for Guam. Kathryn Castro and Raelene Tajalle had 7 points each in defeat.
Australia will face New Zealand in the title decider. Guam will take on New Caledonia for the Bronze medals.

Australia: Hope Terdich 11, Rebecca Campigli 11, Emma Lobb 11
Guam: Maree Pelkey 10, Kathryn Castro 7, Raelene Tajalle 7

New Zealand - New Caledonia 71:39
New Zealand Emerging Tall Ferns reached the championship game at the 2009 Oceania tournament. Earlier today they held off New Caledonia to make it to the Final. New Zealand will now face Australia in the title decider.
New Caledonia could not cope with nervousness at the start of the game. They committed deadly 16 turnovers in the first period to trail by 13 points after ten minutes. New Caledonia tried to outmuscle New Zealand in the second quarter. They outrebounded the Emerging Tall Ferns 14:9 in the period but could not win the stanza. New Zealand rolled to a 16-point lead at halftime. The Emerging Tall Ferns adjusted their game inside the paint as they grabbed 21 boards in the third stanza en route to a comfortable 21-point cushion with ten minutes to go. New Caledonia had no chance in the final frame and though they notched 15 points New Zealand stormed to the win at the end.
Miranda Caldwell provided 18 points and 11 boards for New Zealand. Philippa Connell added 12 points and 10 boards for the winners. Eugenie Folituu responded with 9 points and 7 boards for New Caledonia. Yolaine Koteureu finished with 8 points and 9 boards in the losing effort.

New Zealand: Miranda Caldwell 18+11 boards, Philippa Connell 12+10 boards, Natalie Moore 11
New Caledonia: Eugenie Folituu 9, Yolaine Koteureu 8

Day 4. The end of preliminary round in Saipan - Jun. 25, 2009 
New Zealand - New Caledonia 101:43
New Zealand claimed the second spot in the preliminary pool. They beat New Caledonia to improve at 3-1 record. New Caledonia slipped at 2-2 record in the third position.
New Caledonia were plagued by turnovers as they committed 61 of those. Eighteen happened in the opening frame as New Zealand took control. The Emerging Tall Ferns cleared off to an 8-point advantage at the first break. New Zealand continued to mount the pressure as they built a 24-point lead at the interval. The third period turned into a real disaster for New Caledonia as they managed just 7 points and entered the final quarter down by 47 points. The Emerging Tall Ferns cruised to the victory in the final stanza as three players completed the encounter with 16 points apiece. Jelena Vucinic, Zoe Kensington and Emma Gillespie led the charge for New Zealand. Miranda Caldwell added 15 points and 8 boards for the winners. Myriam Fenuafanote responded with 16 points and 6 rebounds for New Caledonia.
New Zealand outrebounded their opponents 47:36 and sank 48% from the field.
The semifinal game are slated to be played tomorrow.

New Zealand: Jelena Vucinic 16, Zoe Kensington 16, Emma Gillespie 16
New Caledonia: Myriam Fenuafanote 16, Yolande Luepak 8

Northern Mariana Islands - Australia 24:97
Australia celebrated the fourth consecutive win at the Oceania championship in Saipan. They held off Northern Mariana Islands on the last day of the preliminary round. Australia advanced into the semifinals from the top spot and would now face Guam. Northern Mariana Islands had their backs against wall with no wins before the game. But the difference was overwhelming as Australia started to prove that right after the start. The Aussie team raced to a 15-point lead after ten minutes. Australia maintained the lead and though Northern Mariana Islands played it safe committing not that many turnovers they could not threaten the margin. Australia stretched the gap to as many as 37 points at halftime. The offensive struggled persisted for the hosts in the second half. They accounted for only 12 points in the next two frames allowing Australia to coast to the win. Hope Terdich (192-F-86) and Rebecca Cole came up with 16 points apiece for Australia. Emma Lobb (188-F-90) added 14 points and 18 rebounds in the victory. Concepcion Camacho responded with 10 points for Northern Mariana Islands. Nicole Lebria had 7 points in defeat.
The semifinals are scheduled for tomorrow.

CNMI: Concepcion Camacho 10, Nicole Lebria 7
Australia: Hope Terdich 16, Rebecca Cole 16, Emma Lobb 14+18 boards

Day 3. Results and stats from Saipan - Jun. 23, 2009 
Australia - Guam 92:12
Australian team cruised to the second win at the Oceania tournament. They thumped Guam to climb at 2-0 record on top of the standings. Guam in the meantime slipped at 1-3 record.
Australia entered the game as obvious favorites and did not waste too much time to prove it. They outscored Guam 20:5 in the starting frame to earn a healthy lead. The second term turned into a real disaster for Guam. They missed all of their 10 field goals and came up empty in the quarter. Australia on the other hand accounted for 26 points to extend the margin at 41 points. Guam continued to struggle offensively in the third stanza. They managed just 2 points allowing Australia to run away for good.
Emma Lobb (188-F-90) knocked down 22 points to pace Australia. Caitlin Rowe (187-F/C-91) added 20 points and 16 boards, while Rebecca Cole had 14 points in the victory. Ritalynn Anderson and Kathryn Castro provided 6 points each for Guam in defeat.
Australia outrebounded their opponents 70:17 and forced those to 23 turnovers.

Australia: Emma Lobb 22, Caitlin Rowe 20+16 boards, Rebecca Cole 14
Guam: Ritalynn Anderson 6, Kathryn Castro 6

Northern Mariana Islands - New Zealand 27:139
New Zealand eased to the second straight win at the Oceania championship in Saipan. They crunched the hosts in the third round of action to share the top spot in the ladder with Australia. Northern Mariana Islands fell at 0-3 record at the start.
New Zealand got advantage of 16 turnovers from the home team in the opening frame to account for 31 points as they grabbed a 27-point advantage. New Zealand went on with the onslaught in the second frame. They limited their opponents to just 7 points in the period and piled up a 48-point lead at the interval. New Zealand showed some rare offensive exposure in the third quarter. They knocked down massive 48 points to stun CNMI. The Kiwis cruised to an improbable 139-points mark at the end of the game and celebrated resounding victory.
Miriam Slatter poured in 29 points and 9 boards to lead New Zealand. Miranda Caldwell (174-G-88) had 23 points, 11 boards and 5 assists for the winners. Concepcion Camacho responded with 16 points for Northern Mariana Islands. She however added 16 turnovers to her tally. New Zealand outrebounded the hosts 69:28 and forced those to woeful 60 turnovers.

CNMI: Concepcion Camacho 16, Li'Amwar Ramgamar 3
New Zealand: Miriam Slatter 29, Miranda Caldwell 23+11 boards, Zoe Kensington 21

Australia - New Zealand 77:62
Australia remained a standout team at the Oceania tournament. They posted the third straight win overcoming the archrivals New Zealand today in Saipan. Australia climbed at 3-0 record, leaving New Zealand at 2-1 in the second position.
Australia dominated in the opening frame winning the battle on the boards. They earned a 19:12 advantage at the first intermission. But New Zealand were ready for the challenge. Zoe Kensington stepped up for the Kiwis as they struck back in the second period. New Zealand won the frame trimming the margin to just 4 points at halftime. But Australia proved the strength after the main break. Rebecca Cole and Caitlin Rowe ignited a decisive rally in the third frame that put Australia in charge for good. They built an 11-point cushion into the final frame and never looked back en route to the victory. Caitlin Rowe and Rebecca Cole produced 18 points apiece to lead Australia. Samantha Creed had 14 points in the winning case. Zoe Kensington provided 16 points for New Zealand. Jelena Vucinic had 13 points in the losing effort.
Australia outrebounded their opponents 50:37 and managed to overcome 26 turnovers down the stretch.

Australia: Caitlin Rowe 18, Rebecca Cole 18, Samantha Creed 14
New Zealand: Zoe Kensington 16, Jelena Vucinic 13

New Caledonia - Guam 47:31
New Caledonia recorded the second consecutive victory at the Oceania championship held in Saipan. Earlier today they held off Guam to improve at 2-1 record. Guam suffered the third loss and slipped at 1-3 record in the standings.
The game turned into a physical battle as the teams concentrated on defense. A low-scoring affair saw New Caledonia grab an 11:7 advantage after ten minutes. Guam adjusted their defense in the second quarter outrebounding the opponents 20:15 but had little profit out of the fact. Guam sank just 3/26 from the field and lost the quarter 6:15. Guam fought bravely in the third stanza as they managed to limit New Caledonia to just 7 points and clipped the deficit. But the margin still read double digits and New Caledonia cruised to the victory at the end.
Clarissa Passa and Yolande Luepak secured 11 points apiece for New Caledonia. Diana Moutry had 8 points and 11 rebounds for the winning side. Derin Santos answered with 10 points and 7 rebounds for Guam. Brianna Benito notched 6 points and 7 rebounds in defeat.
New Caledonia will face New Zealand for the second overall spot on Thursday.

New Caledonia: Clarissa Passa 11, Yolande Luepak 11, Diana Moutry 8+11 boards
Guam: Derin Santos 10, Brianna Benito 6

Day 2. Results and stats from Saipan  - Jun. 22, 2009 
New Zealand - Guam 92:27
New Zealand opened their Oceania championship campaign today. They faced Guam in the opener and rallied to a resounding 65-point victory. Guam entered the game having one win in store but could not match a fierce New Zealand team. Kiwis came up with 11 steals in the starting frame forcing their opponents to 14 turnovers at the same time. Guam scored only 5 points in the first frame and appeared trailing by 21 points at the first intermission. Things got little better for Guam in the second frame. New Zealand team got sloppy committing 8 turnovers on their own and scoring only 12 points in the quarter. It did not help Guam though. The gap grew at 25 points at halftime. New Zealand did not waste too much time after the major break before dismantling Guam. The Kiwis fired 28 points in the third stanza to accumulate an insurmountable 48-point buffer after three quarters of action. New Zealand sealed the deal in the fourth quarter celebrating a confident victory at the end.
Natalie Moore and Zoe Kensington stepped up with 15 points apiece for New Zealand. Miriam Slatter had 14 points and 7 boards for the winning team. Ritalynn Anderson responded with 10 points for Guam. Derin Santos notched 8 points in the losing effort.

New Zealand: Natalie Moore 15, Zoe Kensington 15, Miriam Slatter 14
Guam: Ritalynn Anderson 10, Derin Santos 8

CNMI - New Caledonia 48:85
New Caledonia celebrated the first win at the Oceania championship in Saipan. They defeated the hosts today to climb at 1-1 record. Northern Mariana Islands slipped at 0-2 record at the bottom of the ladder.
New Caledonia used an aggressive first half to pile up a decisive lead in this one. The hosts shot just 2/18 from the field in the opening frame to account for only 4 points. New Caledonia capitalized taking a 13:4 lead into the second period. New Caledonia overcame 11 turnovers in the second period to stretch the lead to as many as 24 points at the interval. Northern Mariana Islands gained the tempo in the third frame. They fired 20 points but New Caledonia matched the effort. They maintained the lead and entered the fourth period ahead by 27 points. The home team had little chance of threatening the margin. New Caledonia poured in 26 points and finalized a comfortable victory at the end. Vahiana Fuller nailed 17 points and pulled down 10 boards to pace New Caledonia. Yolaine Koteureu had 15 points, 10 boards and 2 assists, while Myriam Fenuafanote topscored with 21 points for the winners. Li'Amwar Ramgamar responded with 13 points and 6 steals for Northern Mariana Islands. Concepcion Camacho knocked down 12 points in defeat.

CNMI: Li'Amwar Ramgamar 13, Concepcion Camacho 12
New Caledonia: Myriam Fenuafanote 21, Vahiana Fuller 17+10 boards, Yolaine Koteureu 15+10 boards

Day 1. Results and stats from Saipan - Jun. 21, 2009 
Guam - Northern Mariana Islands 70:47
Guam posted the first win at the Oceania tournament in Saipan. They overcame the hosts to improve at 1-0 record. Guam dominated from start to finish to tame pesky Northern Mariana Islands. The teams got to the pretty quick start as they traded baskets early in the game. Guam were more accurate and managed to earn a 4-point lead at the first intermission despite losing the battle on the boards. But the second frame was a different story as Guam increased the tempo and started to get away. They limited the home team to just 6 points in the period and extended the leading margin to as many as 16 points. Northern Mariana Islands could not recover in the third frame. They missed all of their 15 two-point attempts and appeared trailing by massive 30 points heading into the final period. Northern Mariana Islands finally showed some signs of aggressiveness in the fourth stanza as they fired 26 points to trim the distance but Guam were never seriously threatened the coasted to the victory.
Brianna Benito delivered 25 points and 11 boards for Guam. Kathryn Castro had 12 points and 13 boards, while Derin Santos produced 11 points and 14 boards in the winning effort. Concepcion Camacho answered with 24 points for the hosts. Li'Amwar Ramgamar had 12 points in the loss.

Guam: Brianna Benito 25+11 boards, Kathryn Castro 12+13 boards, Derin Santos 11+14 boards
CNMI: Concepcion Camacho 24, Li'Amwar Ramgamar 12

Australia - New Caledonia 77:19
Australian selection got to an impressive start of their Oceania championship campaign on Northern Marianna Islands. They dismantled New Caledonia in the opener to set things rolling. Hope Terdich (192-F-86) nailed 13 points, pulled down 5 boards and issued 5 assists to lift Australia to the first win at the tournament. The Aussies marked their ambitions early as they thumped New Caledonians 20:3 in the starting stanza. Australia continued their onslaught in the next frame. The margin grew at 30-point mark at halftime as the encounter turned into a rather one-way traffic. Australia turned a bit sloppy in the second half slowing down the tempo. They sank just 1/13 from beyond the arc but dominated the boards to keep their opponents at safe distance. Australia drove to a 40-point advantage before the fourth term. They cruised to the victory in the final minutes. Caitlin Rowe (187-F/C-91) provided 12 points for Australia. Rebecca Campigli (177-G-90) and Nicole Seekamp had 8 points each in the win. Marie-Helene Trocas topscored for New Caledonia with 6 points. Yolaine Koteureu and Myriam Fenuafanote delivered 5 points each in the loss.
Australia will next face Guam on June 23, while New Caledonia will try to post the initial win when they take on Northern Marianna Islands tomorrow.

Australia: Hope Terdich 13, Caitlin Rowe 12, Rebecca Campigli 8, Nicole Seekamp 8
New Caledonia: Marie-Helene Trocas 6, Yolaine Koteureu 5, Myriam Fenuafanote 5

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