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Australia Internationally
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WNBL Standings
 1. Perth 15-6 
 2. Sydney 14-7 
 3. Townsville 14-7 
 4. Melbourne 12-9 
 5. Adelaide 11-10 
 6. UC Capitals 7-14 
 7. Dandenong 7-14 
 8. Bendigo 4-17 
State Standings
Big V
 1. Knox R. 14-2 
 2. Waverley F. 13-3 
 3. Sunbury J. 11-5 
 4. S.Peninsula S. 10-6 
 5. Hume City B. 9-7 
 6. Ringwood H. 9-8 
 7. Keilor T. 5-10 
 8. McKinnon C. 4-12 
 9. Bulleen B. 3-13 
 10. Eltham W. 2-14 
Premier League
 1. N.Adelaide R. 17-0 
 2. Sturt S. 12-5 
 3. Norwood F. 12-5 
 4. Forestville E. 11-6 
 5. W.Adelaide B. 10-7 
 6. Southern T. 9-8 
 7. Eastern M. 7-10 
 8. Woodville W. 4-13 
 9. C.Districts L. 3-14 
 10. S.Adelaide P. 0-17 
 1. Townsville F. 13-1 
 2. SW Metro P. 11-2 
 3. Sunshine CP 11-3 
 4. Ipswich F. 10-2 
 5. Rockhampton C. 10-5 
 6. SD Spartans 9-2 
 7. Mackay M. 8-6 
 8. NGC Seahawks 8-7 
 9. Sunshine CR 7-8 
 10. Cairns D. 5-8 
 11. Brisbane C. 5-9 
 12. Logan T. 3-11 
 13. Gold Coast R. 2-12 
 14. Gladstone PCP 1-13 
 15. Toowoomba M. 0-14 
 1. Lakeside L. 18-1 
 2. Perth R. 16-5 
 3. Rockingham CF 14-5 
 4. Kalamunda E.S. 13-7 
 5. Willetton T. 12-7 
 6. Stirling S. 9-11 
 7. Mandurah M. 9-11 
 8. Perry Lakes H. 9-11 
 9. SW Slammers 8-12 
 10. Cockburn C. 6-14 
 11. Joondalup W. 5-15 
 12. East Perth E. 0-20 
 1. Kilsyth LC 14-5 
 2. Nunawading S. 13-6 
 3. Sandringham S. 12-7 
 4. Geelong S. 10-9 
 5. Sydney Uni S. 9-9 
 6. Canberra C. II 6-11 
 7. Albury LB 4-15 
 8. BA CoE 4-16 
 1. Bendigo LB 18-0 
 2. Launceston T. 12-7 
 3. Diamond VE 11-8 
 4. Melbourne T. 11-8 
 5. Hobart C. 10-9 
 6. Dandenong R. 9-10 
 7. Ballarat R. 5-13 
 8. Frankston B. 2-17 
 1. Norths Bears 11-2 
 2. Hornsby S. 10-4 
 3. Newcastle H. 10-4 
 4. Sutherland S. 9-5 
 5. Bankstown B. 7-6 
 6. Sydney C. 7-7 
 7. Cent.Coast C. 4-9 
 8. Hills H. 3-11 
 9. Penrith P. 1-14 
Full Standings
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Avg: 24.5
 1. Batkovic-B., Adelaide24.5 
 2. Denson, Sydney21.0 
 3. Macleod, Dandenong19.5 
 4. Richards, Bendigo18.3 
 5. Madgen, Bendigo18.3 
 6. Francis, Logan T.17.5 
 7. Richards, Melbo.17.5 
 8. Dowdell, Townsville17.0 
 9. Snell, Sydney15.7 
 10. Foley, Townsville15.5 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 14
 1. Batkovic-B., Adelaide14.0 
 2. Francis, Logan T.12.0 
 3. Tolo, UC Capitals12.0 
 4. Cox, Perth10.0 
 5. Thompson, AIS10.0 
 6. Bishop, Adelaide9.5 
 7. Wilson, UC Capit.9.5 
 8. Kunek, Melbourne9.0 
 9. Dowdell, Townsville9.0 
 10. Richards, Bendigo8.3 
Assists Per Game
 Belinda SNELL
  Avg: 8.7
 1. Snell, Sydney8.7 
 2. Macleod, Dandenong7.5 
 3. Poto, Sydney7.0 
 4. Marino, Adelaide6.5 
 5. Richards, Melbo.6.0 
 6. Cole, AIS6.0 
 7. Veal, Logan T.5.5 
 8. Harrower, Bendigo4.3 
 9. Flanagan, Townsville4.0 
 10. Hunt, UC Capitals4.0 
Steals Per Game
 Belinda SNELL
  Avg: 3
 1. Snell, Sydney3.0 
 2. Leedham, Melbourne2.5 
 3. Dowdell, Townsville2.5 
 4. Poto, Sydney2.3 
 5. Thompson, AIS2.0 
 6. Cunningham, Dande.2.0 
 7. Denson, Sydney2.0 
 8. Madgen, Bendigo2.0 
 9. Cole, AIS2.0 
 10. Batkovic-B., Adelaide2.0 
Blocks Per Game
 Marianna TOLO
  UC Capitals
  Avg: 3.5
 1. Tolo, UC Capitals3.5 
 2. Cambage, Melbourne3.0 
 3. Martin, Perth2.0 
 4. Snell, Sydney2.0 
 5. Lewis, UC Capitals2.0 
 6. Dowdell, Townsville1.5 
 7. Richards, Bendigo1.3 
 8. Cumming, Dandenong1.0 
 9. Frieson, Townsville1.0 
 10. Jarry, Melbourne1.0 


Next Round Schedule

Round 20 (Regular Season)

McKinnon C. Jul.22 Knox R. 90%
Keilor T. Jul.22 Waverley F. 79%
Eltham W. Jul.21 Keilor T. 68%
S.Peninsula 57% Jul.21 Hume City B
Bulleen B. Jul.21 Sunbury J. 86%
Premier League
Eastern M. 60% Jul.21 Woodville W
N.Adelaide R 97% Jul.21 C.Districts
Sturt S. 96% Jul.21 S.Adelaide P
W.Adelaide B 72% Jul.21 Southern T.
Forestville 59% Jul.21 Norwood F.
Ipswich F. 74% Jul.22 NGC Seahawk
Rockhampton Jul.22 Townsville F 56%
Gold Coast R Jul.22 Cairns D. 68%
Logan T. Jul.21 Cairns D. 65%
Brisbane C. Jul.21 SD Spartans 73%
Sunshine CP 60% Jul.21 Mackay M.
SW Metro P. 61% Jul.21 Ipswich F.
Gladstone P Jul.21 Townsville F 96%
Toowoomba M Jul.20 Logan T. 66%
Sunshine CR Jul.20 Mackay M. 61%
SW Slammers 51% Jul.22 Stirling S.
Cockburn C. Jul.21 Mandurah M. 63%
Joondalup W Jul.21 Rockingham 85%
Lakeside L. 99% Jul.21 E.Perth E.
Willetton T 52% Jul.21 Perry Lakes
Rockingham Jul.20 Lakeside L. 61%
Kalamunda E 58% Jul.20 Willetton T
Dandenong R Jul.21 Canberra C 55%
Sandringham 61% Jul.21 Sydney Uni S
Nunawading S Jul.21 Bendigo LB 72%
Diamond VE 82% Jul.21 Ballarat R.
Albury LB Jul.21 Kilsyth LC 87%
Bendigo LB 97% Jul.20 Frankston B
Geelong S. 64% Jul.20 Canberra C
Sydney Uni S 55% Jul.20 Melbourne T
Norths Bears 83% Jul.22 Cent.Coast C
Bankstown B 59% Jul.21 Newcastle H
Cent.Coast C Jul.21 Sutherland S 66%
Sydney C. Jul.21 Norths Bears 71%
Malpass the hero as Tigers win Women's SBL Grand Final - Sep 2, 2016

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Kate Malpass
TIME will tell if it was the perfect farewell but Kate Malpass (176-G-88) delivered the winning basket with two seconds remaining as the Willetton Tigers beat the Joondalup Wolves 60-58 in a heart stopper of a Women's SBL Grand Final Friday night at Bendat Basketball Centre. Little separated the two teams all evening in the second straight thrilling Grand Final the Tigers have taken part in but this time they were on the winning end thanks to Malpass. The Willetton captain had a huge night and made sure her team made up for the heartbreak of 12 months ago when Samantha Whitcomb (178-G/F-88, college: Washington) and the Rockingham Flames denied her and the Tigers. Malpass ended up scoring her team's final eight points in the Grand Final but it was the last two that truly mattered. After already scoring with just under two minutes left to tie scores at 58-apiece, Malpass remained the only player to score in the last two minutes initially missing a mid-range jumper under huge pressure from the Wolfpack defence. But she managed to get the rebound near the basket and put it in off the glass as Joondalup called time-out with two seconds left. They couldn't get a shot off and the Tigers celebrated an outstanding Women's Grand Final for 2016 with the Wolfpack left shattered after a season where they were tremendous finishing as minor premiers with a 19-3 record. Willetton won its eighth Women's SBL championship in what is the Tigers' 12th Grand Final. The Lady Wolfpack were playing in a fifth Grand Final. Malpass was named Grand Final MVP as she celebrated her fifth championship with the Tigers. She finished with 28 points, eight rebounds and two blocked shots shooting 13-of-19 from the field. Zoe Harper (191-C-88, college: Minnesota) (16 points, eight rebounds) and Louella Tomlinson (193-F-88, college: St.Mary's, CA, agency: Regeneracom Sports) (nine points, six boards, four assists, three blocks) were able to have a significant impact for the Tigers with the Wolves without centre Ellyce Ironmonger (193-F/C-89, college: Oregon). Harper is now a six-time SBL championship winner while Tomlinson caps her two years with Willetton with an SBL championship following last year's losing Grand Final and also losing this year's WNBL decider with the Perth Lynx. Ebony Antonio (173-G-91) also went out a winner for the Tigers winning a fourth championship before she now focuses full-time on an AFL career. She might not have scored but worked tirelessly for 13 rebounds and three assists. Lara Napier also had four points and six rebounds for Willetton and Desiree Kelley three points and three boards. The Lady Wolfpack delivered a tremendous season to claim the minor premiership and only losing the Grand Final in a heart stopper under new coach Craig Friday. Klara Wischer capped her outstanding season with the Wolves finishing with 20 points, 13 rebounds, four steals and three assists. Nikita-Lee Martin (184-G/F-88) also had 12 points, three boards, three steals, two assists and two blocked shots. Shanice Swain (165-G-93) backed up her starring role in Game 3 of the semi finals last Saturday with another standout performance with eight points including two of her team's four three-pointers. Joondalup captain Shani Amos was playing her 200th SBL game and finished with seven points, two rebounds and two steals. The Wolves started the Grand Final well with the first four points thanks to Wischer, but the Tigers then hit the next six. Malpass hit eight first quarter points to help the Tigers to a 14-12 advantage at quarter-time. Another score inside from Harper and then a three to Kelley saw Willetton open up a 19-12 advantage. The Wolves got back into the game on the back of triples to Amos and Wischer and by half-time had cut Willetton's lead to just three. An 8-0 run early in the third period saw the Wolves take a three-point lead and have all the momentum, but just as quickly the Tigers responded with the next six points to Malpass and Harper to lead by three. But a wide open Swain nailed a triple on the three quarter-time buzzer to tie scores up at 46. Swain then hit another three to start the fourth quarter but scores to Malpass, Napier and Tomlinson again had Willetton lead by one. A three-point play from Wischer put Joondalup back on top and another score of hers had them leading 56-54. But Malpass wasn't going to be denied and hit the only two scores of the final two minutes to deliver the Tigers another championship.
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RUVANNA CAMPBELL American Ruvanna Campbell (189-F-93) had a great game in the last round for Mackay M. and that's her to receive a Interperformances State League Player of the Week award for round 19. The 25-year old forward had a double-double of 22 points and seventeen rebounds, while her team beat Gladstone PCP (#14, 1-13) 79-74. Mackay M. is placed at 7th position in their group in Australian State League. They would have been even better if they hadn't lost a few games earlier this...   [read more]

State Leagues Round-Up - 2 days ago
The Regular Season in State League is slowly approaching the end. But there may be still some important changes in the final standings in the last 3 rounds. The round was rather attractive and full of interesting results. The round ended with favorites losing the games and games ending by tiny margin. Here is the last round review presented by LBM Management. The biggest surprise of round 19 was guest Spectres' (#2) road victory over Sabres (#3) 79-72 on Saturday evening. The guests trai...   [read more]

Australian State League round 18 best performance: Lauren Nicholson - 3 days ago
Guard Lauren Nicholson (183-G-93) put on an extraordinary performance in the last round for second-ranked Launceston T., receiving a Interperformances State League Player of the Week award for round 18. The 25-year old player had a double-double of 32 points and 12 rebounds, while her team crushed Melbourne T. (#4, 11-8) with 22-point margin 94-72. Launceston T. is placed at 2nd position in their group in Australian State League. They would have been even better if they hadn't lost a few...   [read more]

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