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NBL Standings
 1. Wildcats 7-1 
 2. United 6-3 
 3. Kings 5-2 
 4. Breakers 4-3 
 5. Bullets 4-5 
 6. Hawks 3-5 
 7. 36ers 2-7 
 8. Taipans 1-6 
Full Standings
State Standings
Big V
 1. Ringwood H. 17-5 
 2. Eltham W. 16-6 
 3. Waverley F. 15-7 
 4. Hawthorn M. 14-8 
 5. McKinnon C. 13-9 
 6. Casey C. 13-9 
 7. Knox R. 13-9 
 8. Hume City 10-12 
 9. Keilor T. 8-14 
 10. Werribee D. 6-16 
 11. Blackburn V. 5-17 
 12. Corio Bay S. 2-20 
Premier League
 1. Southern T. 16-2 
 2. W.Adelaide B. 14-4 
 3. Norwood F. 13-5 
 4. N.Adelaide R. 12-6 
 5. Forestville E. 12-6 
 6. Sturt S. 7-11 
 7. S.Adelaide P. 6-12 
 8. Woodville W. 5-13 
 9. C.District L. 3-15 
 10. Eastern M. 2-16 
 1. Mackay M. 15-3 
 2. Townsville H. 15-3 
 3. Logan T. 14-4 
 4. Sunshine CR 13-5 
 5. Brisbane C. 11-7 
 6. Cairns M. 10-8 
 7. Gold Coast R. 9-9 
 8. Rockhampton 9-9 
 9. Ipswich F. 8-10 
 10. SW Metro P. 8-10 
 11. Toowoomba M. 7-11 
 12. Sunshine CP 6-12 
 13. Gladstone P. 4-14 
 14. NGC Seahawks 3-15 
 15. SD Spartans 3-15 
 1. Geraldton B. 24-3 
 2. Joondalup W. 21-5 
 3. Perth R. 19-7 
 4. Perry Lakes H. 18-8 
 5. Lakeside L. 15-11 
 6. Stirling S. 14-12 
 7. Willetton T. 13-13 
 8. Rockingham F. 12-15 
 9. Cockburn C. 11-15 
 10. Kalamunda E.S. 10-16 
 11. East Perth E. 9-17 
 12. SW Slammers 7-19 
 13. Mandurah M. 5-21 
 14. Goldfields G. 5-21 
 1. Nunawading S. 15-5 
 2. Kilsyth C. 15-5 
 3. Geelong S. 13-7 
 4. BA CoE 11-9 
 5. Mt Gambier 10-10 
 6. Albury W.B. 9-11 
 7. Sandringham S. 8-12 
 8. Canberra G. 0-20 
 1. Hobart C. 15-5 
 2. Ballarat M. 13-7 
 3. Bendigo B. 11-9 
 4. NW Tasmania 10-10 
 5. Dandenong R. 10-10 
 6. Melbourne T. 9-11 
 7. Diamond V.E. 7-13 
 8. Frankston B. 4-16 
 1. Newcastle H. 17-3 
 2. Norths Bears 16-4 
 3. Hills H. 15-5 
 4. Manly Warr. 13-7 
 5. Sydney Comets 12-8 
 6. Cent.Coast C. 9-11 
 7. Maitland M. 8-12 
 8. Sutherland S. 8-12 
 9. Penrith P. 7-13 
 10. Hornsby S. 3-17 
 11. Bankstown B. 2-18 
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Avg: 26
 1. Trimble, Taipans26.0 
 2. Cotton, Wildcats24.0 
 3. Randle, Kings19.3 
 4. Johnson, 36ers18.2 
 5. Gliddon, Bullets18.1 
 6. Wesley, Breakers17.5 
 7. Newbill, Taipans17.0 
 8. White, Wildcats16.8 
 9. Sobey, 36ers16.7 
 10. Ware, United16.5 
Rebounds Per Game
 Andrew BOGUT
  Avg: 12.4
 1. Bogut, Kings12.4 
 2. Boone, United9.8 
 3. Kay, Wildcats9.1 
 4. Long, Breakers8.3 
 5. Johnson, 36ers7.8 
 6. Newbill, Taipans7.6 
 7. McCarron, United6.3 
 8. Hodgson, Bullets6.3 
 9. Brandt, Wildcats6.1 
 10. Barlow, United6.1 
Assists Per Game
 Nathan SOBEY
  Avg: 6
 1. Sobey, 36ers6.0 
 2. Trimble, Taipans5.0 
 3. Martin, Wildcats4.6 
 4. Cadee, Bullets4.5 
 5. Randle, Kings4.4 
 6. Jackson, Hawks4.3 
 7. Bogut, Kings3.9 
 8. Ili, Breakers3.7 
 9. Lisch, Kings3.6 
 10. Wesley, Breakers3.5 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 1.8
 1. Newbill, Taipans1.8 
 2. Jett, Hawks1.8 
 3. Martin, Wildcats1.8 
 4. Trimble, Taipans1.7 
 5. Lisch, Kings1.7 
 6. Kennedy, United1.6 
 7. Blanchfield, Hawks1.5 
 8. Gee, Bullets1.5 
 9. Gliddon, Bullets1.4 
 10. Kay, Wildcats1.4 
Blocks Per Game
 Andrew BOGUT
  Avg: 3.3
 1. Bogut, Kings3.3 
 2. Boone, United1.9 
 3. Long, Breakers1.5 
 4. Hodgson, Bullets1.1 
 5. Wiley, 36ers1.0 
 6. Ogilvy, Hawks0.9 
 7. Pledger, United0.8 
 8. Wesley, Breakers0.8 
 9. Johnson, 36ers0.6 
 10. Pineau, Kings0.6 


Next Round Schedule

Round 6 (Regular Season)

United 74% Nov.18 Bullets
Kings 54% Nov.18 Breakers
36ers Nov.17 Hawks 63%
Taipans Nov.17 Wildcats 93%
Breakers 58% Nov.16 United
Top Five Most Important Aussies in the NBA Playoffs - May 8, 2018

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The NBA playoffs are an interesting time to be a fan of Australian basketball. For one thing, the best games each night tend to be on at a time where Australians can watch them thanks to most of the talent in the league playing in the Western Conference. But more importantly than that, the NBA playoffs are a chance for Aussies to cheer on their countrymen as they try to help their teams reach the glory that is an NBA Championship.
These five players, in particular, will play a huge role for their teams in the playoffs, and will help decide how far their squads go. If they play well, there is a very good chance that any of them can make a deep run in their respective conferences, or even find a way to get to the Finals. With all of Australia cheering them on, expect these five players to make huge impacts all postseason long.

1. Ben Simmons - Philadelphia 76ers

While the end of his regular season has turned into a battle of semantics in arguing whether or not he is deserving of the Rookie of the Year award over Donovan Mitchell, Ben Simmons is ready to announce his presence in the playoffs for the first time. The dynamic Sixers guard has been a brilliant passer this season, a skill only matched by his ability to get to the basket seemingly whenever he pleases.
Simmons has been one of the focal points of a truly resurgent season for the Sixers, who have finally seen Sam Hinkie's much-maligned Process turn into some tangible results. Simmons has been great at setting up teammates, including the incredible big man Joel Embiid and the extremely versatile Dario Saric. Whether or not you think Simmons qualifies as a rookie, it is clear that he is one of the better young guards in the NBA and that the Sixers will be a threat in the Eastern Conference for years to come thanks to him.
In their first-round series, the Sixers took on the Miami Heat. This matchup was a great one for Simmons, as he was able to take on a Heat team that had to get creative if they wanted to defend the Aussie point guard. Miami's starting point guard is Goran Dragic, who is undersized and not a particularly great defender. Putting the smaller and slower Dragic on Simmons was a recipe for disaster for the Heat, who are searching for playoff success in the post-LeBron James era of the franchise. Instead, Miami had to find a wing defender that could play Simmons, and hide Dragic on one of Philadelphia's wing players in hopes that they did not take advantage of the mismatch. Fortunately for the Sixers, this did not work very well.
This is an interesting postseason for the Sixers beyond just the first round. It is the team's first playoff appearance in years, as the team has been mired in losing in a big way over the last few seasons. If the Sixers can find a way to get some wins in the playoffs and advance to the Eastern Conference Finals, Simmons would be a part of a team that would become Philadelphia sports legends for turning around a truly awful situation.

2. Patty Mills - San Antonio Spurs

Patty Mills feels like Australian basketball's version of Old Reliable. He is by no means a flashy player, and brings very little to the table in the way of game-changing plays, but he is consistently one of the best players on the floor for one of the best teams in the NBA. And while he should have his hands full in this series whenever he is on the floor, his veteran presence is going to be extremely important for a Spurs team that will be a rare first-round underdog this season.
This is a result of the Spurs falling down to the seventh seed in the Western Conference due to the extended absence of Kawhi Leonard from the Spurs lineup due to an injury that he does not want to return from. As strange as that situation is, the Spurs are back in the playoffs and have a chance to make yet another deep run.
For Mills, the assignment will not be easy defensively no matter who he is put up against. Being a more experienced player means that defense is tough enough as it is, and without a true rim protector it is only going to be tougher. That is especially true when you lose an elite perimeter defender like Leonard who could have provided some much-needed help defense.
Mills and the Spurs come into this postseason as a team with no pressure, as they understand that they aren't expected to beat too many opponents without the presence of Leonard to help them. For Mills to shoot well in any series would be a huge help, as his ability to do so could make things difficult on the teams in the West looking to take advantage of the absence of one of the NBA's best players.
The Spurs, by the way, are a strong value pick to win their first-round series given the coaching prowess of Gregg Popovich and the experience that the Spurs bring to the table. With the betting public lining up to doubt the Spurs sans Leonard, using an NBA playoffs bonus bet from Oddschecker on the Spurs as a rare underdog in a series could be a smart move in the long run.

3. Thon Maker - Milwaukee Bucks

"Michael Redd Free Throw" by Jeramey Jannene (CC BY 2.0)
Thon Maker had a coming out party of sorts when he played so well for the Bucks in the first round of last year's postseason defeat to the Toronto Raptors. The seven-footer carried that momentum into this season, but has not been able to sustain it throughout the year for a Bucks team that has survived plenty of turbulence en route to another playoff appearance.
Now that the playoffs are here, Maker and the Bucks will look to recreate the magic that they captured in their first round exit last year. To do that, Maker has to get more time than his 10 minutes or so per game that he averaged in the regular season. Against a Boston Celtics team that is undersized and overwhelmed against true big men, Maker could be a real difference maker in this series if the team allows him to be.
Boston has not had a dominant big man since Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Garnett took turns using their physicality to patrol the paint for them. Now, the team boasts Al Horford as its best big man, a player who has evolved into a finesse perimeter player over the last few seasons. Horford is undersized for his position and not fast enough to keep up with the more agile big men in the league at this stage in his career.
All of this sets the perfect stage for Aussie Thon Maker to have a field day in a spot where he has a clear advantage against his matchup. With the Celtics lacking a truly dominant big to contend with the likes of Maker and Giannis, it could be a big series for yet another Australian here. And what a sight it would be to see Thon Maker and the Bucks get out of the first round after firing a coach in the beginning of the season and dealing with the number of injuries that they have.

4. Joe Ingles - Utah Jazz

Until late last season, Joe Ingles was really a nobody in the NBA, as he had yet to make much of a tangible impact on the league. But late last year and into the 2018 campaign, Ingles has been irreplaceable for a Jazz team that is relying on some great play from the Australian to keep their hopes of making their best playoff run since the Deron Williams era alive.
Ingles has been playing excellent basketball as of late too, as he has been a great facilitator and scorer for the Jazz as they secured their berth in the postseason this year. This has been especially valuable for a team that lost their best player in Gordon Hayward after last season when he left to join the Boston Celtics. Now Hayward is in Boston recovering from an injury suffered on the first night of the NBA seaosn, while Ingles is healthy and playing some of the best basketball that he has ever played.
Against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Ingles will need to play at that high a level if the team is going to advance to the second round of the playoffs. Ingles will more than likely have to play one of the Thunder's great players on the defensive end at times in this series, whether that ends up being Paul George or Carmelo Anthony. Both would be extremely difficult matchups for Ingles, but could be another way for him to solidify himself as one of the up and coming players in the NBA. For him to do that would make all of Australia proud.
Of course, there is a decent chance that Ingles and the Jazz do move on in the first round, as the Thunder have had trouble getting their all-star core of Russell Westbrook, Paul George, and Carmelo Anthony on the same page for prolonged stretches over the course of the season. If nothing else, it wouldn't feel like an upset if the Jazz were to get the job done in round one.

5. Matthew Dellavedova - Milwaukee Bucks

Matthew Dellavedova spent the majority of the 2017-2018 season dealing with injuries, so it is great to see him back on the floor and healthy in time for the playoffs. Dellavedova will be one of the key players for the Bucks in their first-round series with the Celtics, as the undersized Aussie point guard will have his hands full with the many offensive options that the Celtics have to offer at that poisition.
Of course, it could be worse for Delly, who would have had to guard Kyrie Irving for parts of this series had Irving not gone down with a season-ending injury before the end of the regular season. Instead, Dellavedova can avoid guarding his ex-Cleveland teammate and will enjoy his competition against backups who are learning how to be a starting NBA point guard on the job at times.
As always, it is a given that Dellavedova is going to bring a ton of intensity on the defensive end of the floor for a team that could certainly use his brand of fire when the games count the most. As long as Delly can avoid the types of plays that earned him a reputation of being a dirty player when he was with the Cavaliers, the Aussie faithful can be proud that their guy is back in the playoffs after a departure from playing alongside LeBron James in NBA Finals games.
For the five Australian players mentioned here and their four teams, the start of the NBA Playoffs is a great opportunity. And they are not just an opportunity to endear oneself to the fans of the teams they are playing for at the time. Instead, these players know that big time performances against the best players in the NBA can yield adoration from the Australian basketball fans that will be watching the playoffs with great anticipation this year with there being so many teams prominently featuring Australian players.
Dellavedova is a perfect case of this, as he went from being a player who had a nice college career and not much else to becoming one of the top Australian sports heroes in recent memory thanks to his productivity against those dangerous Golden State Warriors teams. Now, Delly and the rest of the players on this list will look to become Australian basketball royalty all over again.

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