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Australia Internationally

Hugh McAuliffe

Serafim Karaiskakis
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NBL Standings
 1. Wildcats 3-0 
 2. Kings 2-1 
 3. United 2-1 
 4. Taipans 1-1 
 5. Bullets 1-2 
 6. Hawks 1-2 
 7. Breakers 1-2 
 8. 36ers 1-3 
Full Standings
State Standings
Big V
 1. Ringwood H. 17-5 
 2. Eltham W. 16-6 
 3. Waverley F. 15-7 
 4. Hawthorn M. 14-8 
 5. McKinnon C. 13-9 
 6. Casey C. 13-9 
 7. Knox R. 13-9 
 8. Hume City 10-12 
 9. Keilor T. 8-14 
 10. Werribee D. 6-16 
 11. Blackburn V. 5-17 
 12. Corio Bay S. 2-20 
Premier League
 1. Southern T. 16-2 
 2. W.Adelaide B. 14-4 
 3. Norwood F. 13-5 
 4. N.Adelaide R. 12-6 
 5. Forestville E. 12-6 
 6. Sturt S. 7-11 
 7. S.Adelaide P. 6-12 
 8. Woodville W. 5-13 
 9. C.District L. 3-15 
 10. Eastern M. 2-16 
 1. Mackay M. 15-3 
 2. Townsville H. 15-3 
 3. Logan T. 14-4 
 4. Sunshine CR 13-5 
 5. Brisbane C. 11-7 
 6. Cairns M. 10-8 
 7. Gold Coast R. 9-9 
 8. Rockhampton 9-9 
 9. Ipswich F. 8-10 
 10. SW Metro P. 8-10 
 11. Toowoomba M. 7-11 
 12. Sunshine CP 6-12 
 13. Gladstone P. 4-14 
 14. NGC Seahawks 3-15 
 15. SD Spartans 3-15 
 1. Geraldton B. 24-3 
 2. Joondalup W. 21-5 
 3. Perth R. 19-7 
 4. Perry Lakes H. 18-8 
 5. Lakeside L. 15-11 
 6. Stirling S. 14-12 
 7. Willetton T. 13-13 
 8. Rockingham F. 12-15 
 9. Cockburn C. 11-15 
 10. Kalamunda E.S. 10-16 
 11. East Perth E. 9-17 
 12. SW Slammers 7-19 
 13. Mandurah M. 5-21 
 14. Goldfields G. 5-21 
 1. Nunawading S. 15-5 
 2. Kilsyth C. 15-5 
 3. Geelong S. 13-7 
 4. BA CoE 11-9 
 5. Mt Gambier 10-10 
 6. Albury W.B. 9-11 
 7. Sandringham S. 8-12 
 8. Canberra G. 0-20 
 1. Hobart C. 15-5 
 2. Ballarat M. 13-7 
 3. Bendigo B. 11-9 
 4. NW Tasmania 10-10 
 5. Dandenong R. 10-10 
 6. Melbourne T. 9-11 
 7. Diamond V.E. 7-13 
 8. Frankston B. 4-16 
 1. Newcastle H. 17-3 
 2. Norths Bears 16-4 
 3. Hills H. 15-5 
 4. Manly Warr. 13-7 
 5. Sydney Comets 12-8 
 6. Cent.Coast C. 9-11 
 7. Maitland M. 8-12 
 8. Sutherland S. 8-12 
 9. Penrith P. 7-13 
 10. Hornsby S. 3-17 
 11. Bankstown B. 2-18 
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Avg: 32
 1. Trimble, Taipans32.0 
 2. Randle, Kings22.5 
 3. Goulding, United22.5 
 4. Cotton, Wildcats21.7 
 5. Johnson, 36ers21.7 
 6. Kennedy, United21.0 
 7. Sobey, 36ers19.7 
 8. Wesley, Breakers18.5 
 9. Gliddon, Bullets17.7 
 10. Conklin, Hawks17.0 
Rebounds Per Game
 Andrew BOGUT
  Avg: 13
 1. Bogut, Kings13.0 
 2. Ogilvy, Hawks11.0 
 3. Boone, United10.0 
 4. Newbill, Taipans10.0 
 5. Johnson, 36ers9.7 
 6. Loe, Taipans9.0 
 7. Kennedy, United9.0 
 8. Wiley, 36ers8.3 
 9. Coenraad, Hawks8.0 
 10. Kay, Wildcats7.3 
Assists Per Game
 Nathan SOBEY
  Avg: 5.7
 1. Sobey, 36ers5.7 
 2. Lisch, Kings5.5 
 3. Martin, Wildcats5.3 
 4. Cadee, Bullets5.3 
 5. Hall, Taipans5.0 
 6. Newbill, Taipans5.0 
 7. Jackson, Hawks4.5 
 8. Ware, United4.5 
 9. Randle, Kings4.5 
 10. Bogut, Kings3.5 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 3
 1. Newbill, Taipans3.0 
 2. Kennedy, United3.0 
 3. Martin, Wildcats2.3 
 4. White, Hawks2.0 
 5. Lisch, Kings2.0 
 6. Gliddon, Bullets1.7 
 7. Wesley, Breakers1.5 
 8. Webster, Breakers1.5 
 9. Ware, United1.5 
 10. Norton, Wildcats1.3 
Blocks Per Game
 Andrew BOGUT
  Avg: 3.5
 1. Bogut, Kings3.5 
 2. Boone, United3.5 
 3. Newbill, Taipans2.0 
 4. Long, Breakers1.5 
 5. Moore, Breakers1.0 
 6. Ogilvy, Hawks1.0 
 7. Smith-Milner, United1.0 
 8. Ili, Breakers1.0 
 9. Young, Taipans1.0 
 10. Jervis, Wildcats0.7 


Next Round Schedule

Round 3 (Regular Season)

United 72% Oct.29 Hawks
Breakers 72% Oct.28 36ers
Kings 64% Oct.28 Taipans
Wildcats 76% Oct.27 United
Hawks 69% Oct.27 Bullets
Taipans 77% Oct.26 36ers
Bullets Oct.25 Wildcats 89%
Ben Madgen's 31 points make him top Australian player abroad of the week - Oct 1, 2018

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Traditionally, every week we bring you a list of the top performances of Australians who are currently playing abroad.

Ben Madgen
Ben Madgen
   #1. This week's number one is an experienced former international swingman Ben Madgen (193-85, college: Augusta, currently plays in Germany). He could not help Crailsheim Merlins (0-1) in their last game. Despite Madgen's very good performance Crailsheim Merlins lost 80-93 on the road to the much higher-ranked (#4) Eisbaeren Bremerhaven. He was the top scorer with 31 points. Madgen also added 6 rebounds in 33 minutes on the court. It was his first game for Crailsheim Merlins this season. But this is still an early stage of the season and everything may happen. Madgen played for the Australian senior national team four years ago.

Joshua Wilcher
Joshua Wilcher
   #2. Second place goes to former international point guard Joshua Wilcher (178-91, college: Cent.Wyoming, currently plays in United Kingdom). Wilcher was the major contributor in a Plymouth Raiders' surprising victory against the fourth-ranked London Lions (2-1) 95-88 in the British BBL on Sunday night. He recorded 26 points (!!!) and added 7 assists in 36 minutes. Plymouth University Raiders (1-2) is placed tenth in the BBL. But the season is still in it's first stage and everything can happen. Wilcher has relatively good stats this year: 13.7ppg, 2.0rpg, 4.7apg, 3FGP: 27.8% and FT: 75.0% in three games he played so far. He has a dual citizenship: Australian and British. Former Sandringham Sabres starter played for the Australian national team in 2009.

Duop Reath
Duop Reath
   #3. The Australian player who performed third best last week abroad was University international forward Duop Reath (211-96, college: LSU, currently plays in ABA League). Reath managed to help FMP Beograd to win against the 16th-ranked KK Zadar (0-1) 99-86 in the ABA League last Monday. He recorded 5 points and blocked 2 blocks. It was his first game for FMP this season. His team is placed first in the ABA League. Reath is another player who holds two passports: Australian and South Sudanese. He played for the Australian university national team one years ago.

Xavier Cooks
Xavier Cooks
   #4. Swingman Xavier Cooks (203-95, college: Winthrop, currently plays in Germany) was not able to help s Oliver Baskets in their game against Brose Baskets (1-0) in the German BBL. Cooks recorded only 4 points in 10 minutes. It was his first game for s Oliver Baskets this season. s Oliver Baskets lost 80-84 in Bamberg to the higher-ranked (#5) Brose Baskets. Cooks used to play for the Australian university national team last year.

The list of other players, who all have Australian passport but never been selected to any of Australian national teams:

   #1. Josh Duinker (209-F/C-89, college: Richmond, currently plays in Japan) could not help Kumamoto Volters (1-1) in their last game on Sunday. Despite his very good performance the fourth-placed Kumamoto Volters (1-1) were defeated 88-81 on the road by the higher-ranked Shimane Magic (#3) in the West group. Duinker recorded a double-double by scoring 15 points and getting 11 rebounds. He also added 3 assists. But the season just started, so everything may happen. Duinker has relatively good stats this year: 14.5ppg, 8.5rpg, 2.0apg and 1.5bpg. He has a dual citizenship: Dutch and Australian.

   #2. Adam Thosby (198-G/F-91, agency: Players Group, college: Georgia SW, currently plays in United Kingdom) was not able to help Worcester Wolves (1-2) in their last game on Sunday. Despite his very good performance Worcester Wolves was defeated 91-83 in Chester by the higher-ranked Cheshire Phoenix (#3). Thosby was the top scorer with 23 points. He also added 3 assists. But there are still lots of games to play and it's a long way to go. Thosby has individually a very good season with high stats. He averages: 16.0ppg, 2.0rpg and 2.7apg. Thosby is another player who holds two passports: Australian and British. Worth to mention Thosby played also at Eurobasket Summer League, which helped him get the job in pro basketball.

   #3. Tony Tolovae (196-G-92, currently plays in Norway) was the major contributor in a Gimle BBK's victory against one of league's weakest teams Nidaros Jets (0-3) crushing them 90-57 in the Norwegian BLNO last Sunday. He scored 17 points and grabbed 9 rebounds in a mere 17 minutes. Gimle BBK Bergen (4-0) is placed first in the BLNO. So far his team won all four games in the Regular Season. It's Tolovae's first season with the team. Tolovae has very impressive stats this year: 17.5ppg, 6.5rpg, 1.8apg and 2.5spg in four games he played so far. He has both Australian and New Zealand nationalities.

   #4. Jock Landale (211-C-95, college: St.Mary's, CA, currently plays in ABA League) led his Serbian team Partizan to a 3-point victory against the 14th-ranked Cedevita (0-1) 87-84 in the ABA League on Saturday night. Landale recorded 11 points and grabbed 4 rebounds. It was his first game for Partizan this season. His team is placed third in the ABA League.

   #5. Venkatesha Jois (202-F-93, college: E.Washington, currently plays in Germany) was not able to secure a victory for SC Rasta Vechta (0-1) in their game against BBC Bayreuth (1-0) in the German BBL. Jois recorded 7 points and grabbed 5 rebounds in 21 minutes. It was his first game for SC Rasta Vechta this season. SC Rasta Vechta was badly defeated 83-67 in Bayreuth by the much higher-ranked (#3) BBC Bayreuth.

   #6. Timothy Kearney (201-F/G-86, currently plays in Sweden) couldn't help BC Lulea in their game against Koping Stars in the Swedish Basketligan. Kearney recorded only 4 points in 8 minutes on the court. His team was edged 80-79. This year Kearney averages: 3.0ppg and 1.3apg in three games. He also holds two passports: Australian and Swedish.

   #7. Dominic Gilbert (198-G/F-96, college: UBC, currently plays in ABA League) couldn't help Cibona in their game against Crvena Zvezda in the ABA League. Gilbert recorded 6 points. It was his first game for Cibona this season. His team was defeated 78-68.

   #8. Julian Pesava (193-G/F-95, college: Wayland Baptist, currently plays in Germany) led Rendsburg to an easy victory against the eighth-ranked Bergedorf crushing them 80-56 in the German Regionalliga (fourth division) on Saturday night. He scored 16 points, had 6 rebounds, passed 5 assists and added 4 blocks. This season Pesava has very high stats. He averages: 16.3ppg, 6.3rpg, 3.0apg and 1.3bpg.


John Rillie
Interview with John Rillie - 4 days ago
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Melo Trimble
Trimble's 32-point game gives him Interperformances Player of the Week award - 6 days ago
MELO TRIMBLE 23-year old guard Melo Trimble (190-G-95) had an amazing evening in the last round for second-ranked Taipans and receives a Interperformances Player of the Week award for round 1. He had the game-high 32 points adding five rebounds and three assists for Taipans in his team's victory, helping them to crush Bullets (#3, 1-1) with 18-point margin 88-70. The game was between two of the league's top four teams. Taipans is placed at 2nd position in Australian league. But it's just...   [read more]

Lakeside acquire Armour; Barrow joins Willetton - 7 days ago
The Lakeside Lightning have acquired the services of stalwart SBL guard Kyle Armour(183-G-89, college: Augusta) for the 2019 season, reuniting with him for the first time since 2011. Armour made his debut in the SBL in 2006 with the Willetton Tigers as a 17-year-old. He next played in the SBL in 2011 with Lakeside, before playing for the Tigers again in 2012 and 2013. In 2014, he made the switch to the East Perth Eagles, where he won first and so far only championship. He returned to Will...   [read more]

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